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Dwyane Wade Videobombs LeBron James With Cartwheel (VIDEO)

Nice moves, D-Wade.

Having led the Miami Heat to an easy 107-92 win over the visiting Phoenix Suns, Dwyane Wade interrupted LeBron James’ postgame interview by doing a pair of cartwheels. Wade finished with 21 points, 12 assists and 6 boards (James chipped in 35 points and 5 rebounds).

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  • Enigmatic

    Can we acknowledge the awesomeness that is Jason Jackson? Almost everyone associated with the Heat, from Dwyane Wade to Pat Riley to Tony Fiorentino and his thick a** NY accent to Michealllllllllllllllllllllllll Biamonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnte get on my damn nerves except for Ray Allen, Spo, LeBron James (I was only really mad at dude after he turned down my Bulls, but got over it after that first season), and this dude Jason Jackson.

    Always so chill no matter what shenanigans these guys come up with, and you gotta love the fact he makes them feel comfortable enough to engage in said shenanigans to begin with.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    This is very funny…and I respect it because the Heat need to do stuff to stay interesting. I think for any non-Pacer, Eastern Conference game this season, Miami’s biggest challenge will just be staying interested.

  • Dfrance

    Good try Wade, but Bosh has those postgame interview bombs on lock!

    “Chipped in” 35 points on 11-14 shooting. lol

  • Lloyd

    DWade first, Shane Battier a close second.

  • TBRK

    the first cartwheel was by far the slowest cartwheel I have ever seen done….thought he was walking on his hands…..if I’m a Heat fan I’m a little scared by that lol

  • Enigmatic

    Chris Andersen is up there for me too, but I understand he’s one of those “hate him if he’s not on your squad, love him if he is” types.

    Oh, I forgot, Haslem is cool with me too. Hustle, heart, loyalty, and he doesn’t speak out much, just lays back in the cut. I can dig that.

  • spit hot fiyah

    ha ha me too, i thought he was doing some parkour stuff

  • Shane Battier

    Hatred is an esoteric measurement.

  • Lloyd

    Is it hard to read these comments from the floor? I mean I assume wherever you are, you just fell trying to draw a charge.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Haslem and Birdman are the only players I like on the Heat. Haslem because he’s a true OG the way he just does work and doesn’t talk and Birdman cuz he reminds me of my one white homeboy that was chill but crazy at the same time lol

  • Enigmatic

    I love that you pulled out an old Battier quote that was on here like 2 years ago lol.

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    yea i thought it was corny .

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Let Bosh be bosh

  • Basketball_iQ

    Not related to this EXCELLENT video bomb by dwade ,,, but,,,, why is it “OG” if you play ball and don’t talk? Mj talked during games, shaq talked, barley talked, Webber talked, KG talked, Rodman talked, Magic talked, Reggien talked, ,,, and I know a lot of GARBAGE pale players who didn’t talk,,,
    my point is whats up with this soft generation of people no one can talk to on the court?
    get out ya feelings
    alright,,,, heres the soap box back lol

  • Basketball_iQ

    Uh, Haslem does talk.

  • Ro


    Go HEAT !

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