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Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Attacks a Motel Keyboard (VIDEO)

Orlando Magic forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis, in a fit of rage, trashed a keyboard at a Florida motel this past Saturday. Davis apparently lost it when told that there were no more rooms. TMZ reports: “Glen — clearly frustrated — reached over the front desk and grabs a keyboard, which he proceeds to rip from the front desk computer and throw across the lobby. Davis then storms out of the motel in anger. The Travelodge employee immediately called police and moments later, two cops arrive on scene. Law enforcement sources tell us cops took a report but Davis was not arrested. So why was Davis in such a crappy mood? Earlier in the night, the Magic lost to Glen’s former squad the Boston Celtics. Sources tell us the hotel has been in contact with the Magic regarding payment for hotel damages. One source tells us the team has already cut a check. We reached out to the Magic — and a rep told us that while the team is aware of the situation and are handling it internally.”

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  • LLC#12

    “What do you mean there’s no room service!”

  • Guest

    Lmao! Just thinking that.

  • bringbackthesonics

    big baby’s really living up to his name

  • ErnieD

    It must be frustrating him that he’s not playing, and he’s probably hearing a lot of jeering thrown his way, despite him not even being on the court to earn the ridicule. The quickest way he can drop the “Big Baby” nickname, is to act like an adult, but stuff like this seems to keep happening with the guy, and the more it does, the more I think it was a smart move for Danny to trade him for Brandon Bass.

  • speedy

    “storms out of the motel in anger” ?
    He nearly fell over the armchair when he steered toward the exit.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    The lady talking on the phone just had the most frightening moment in her life.

  • jmm

    A motel? Seriously?

  • spit hot fiyah

    Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man”)

    but not to this one

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  • Dfrance

    Doesn’t he live in Orlando? Why is he checking into a motel? Was that the only one in the area? Looks like he’s drunk. This story is stupid.

    Sidebar: I know its hot in Florida, but a cop should never have shorts on while on duty.

  • bigA

    Why sould cops not wear shorts?

  • danpowers

    kinda undermines their authority by letting them look a little funny

  • Avery Smith

    Big Baby’s on his Stewie Griffin.

  • Dfrance

    Just looks unprofessional to me. He walked into the hotel looking like he was on vacation.

  • ratguts

    this had to be some sidebitch shenanigans.. it’s 4 in the morning bro, just call it off and go home.

  • James Benjamin Wales

    If someone pulls that at my hotel, they had better be placed under arrest and I don’t give a care about the dollar value of the item(s) destroyed, they deliberately damaged my workplace’s property and that all I care about.