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Joe Johnson Hits Overtime Buzzer-Beater Vs Suns (VIDEO)

Mr. Clutch strikes again.

Joe Johnson bolstered his impressive tally of game-winners on Friday against the Suns. JJ corralled a tip-out from KG, took it the length of the floor and finished with a floater over the arm of Channing Frye, giving Brooklyn their first road win of the season.

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  • Smits#45

    Talking about excellent time management. Didn’t panic, didn’t rush or force anything, that’s being a clutch player. Does surprise me though that the Nets needed a buzzer beater to defeat a team like the Suns. Sure, the season has just started but I was really expecting the Nets to be better than this.

  • Max

    Joe Johnson has regressed to just being a clutch player lol.
    KG gotta stop having these 4 point nights.

  • Smits#45

    Let’s hope it’s just early season chemistry issues. If only Deron Williams would somehow become the player that he once was. No matter how good you are as a 4 or 5 you’ll always need a point guard to make sure you’ll get the ball were you want it.

  • Shifty

    That just looked to easy

  • spit hot fiyah

    he just rolled his ankle in this game so no d will for a while i would assume. the good news is that livingston has looked REALLY good.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i wouldn’t say he has regressed that far. he is one of the premier clutch players in the league though. i think his “regression” has more to do with having to share the ball with a lot of other guys that can actually play.

    KG’s regression is real though i think. it is painful to watch right now. hopefully for them he can regain his form and reggie evans and ak47 can hold it down at the 4 until then

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  • Max

    My fantasy team would love the 20 and 10 Dwill..

  • ATL dynamite

    If you watched the game you would know how beastly Brook Lopez is, he has hit almost like 7 out of his last 8 shots. Cool Joe by the way hit like 3 floaters at the same spot to keep the nets in the game. Shaun Livingston was also nice. The rest of the squad…. er….

  • davidR

    did anyone else notice the clock pause for a bit at 2.8 seconds?

  • Max

    Reggie hasn’t been getting alot of burn tho, only playing 12 minutes a game.

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