Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 9:50 am  |  14 responses

Monta Ellis Explodes for 37 Points in Mavs’ Comeback Win (VIDEO)

‘Lightening all night.’

The Dallas Mavericks survived a huge night from Dwight Howard (33 points, 11 boards), and pulled off a shocking comeback to take down the visiting Houston Rockets 123-120. Monta Ellis led the way with 37 points, and some brilliant play-making.

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  • Anthony

    Gave Sam Dalembert’s the business!…More games like this will win Dwight some fans back!….Just good post work!

  • surety

    James Harden playing that matador PNR defense yet again.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    nobody deserves to say “i told you so” around here more than DavidR.

  • Dagger

    Yeah, I can’t believe how Ellis has played this year. Looks like I was totally wrong about that signing.

  • Max

    Monta has been pretty fun to watch for the start of the season. His stats are looking pretty good right now minus the TO’s: 23 & 6 on 50-34-81 % (4 TO’s).
    Hope he and the Mavs can keep this up.

  • Mars

    Monta was doing this in Golden State before they shipped him off. They didn’t have the luxury of 7-foot future hall-of-famer though, so he took the blame for not being a conventional shooting PG. Guess it’s all about coaching and utilizing skills because CLEARLY he’s doing well in Dallas. It helps that you have a well rounded team too. I would really like to see Dallas mop the floor with San Antonio come playoff time.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’m starting to think he has it all

  • spit hot fiyah

    he can double those numbers if harden defends him every game for the rest of season

  • davidR

    hahaha, nah man he finally is on a capable team. this is the monta i knew, but he just wasn’t put in the right situations. now he has legit teammates with defined roles. he’ll settle in and can focus on his strengths instead of trying to do everything.

    the turnovers should drop once he learns to trust calderon more

  • davidR

    he does, but he just doesn’t have the capacity to do everything at elite levels. once he can focus on strictly offense, team defense, and being the secondary playmaker, he will look like an elite player

  • davidR

    yea man, i mean he was ballin out when baron was still on the team. monta definitely has the capabilities, but putting him into a position where he has to be the leader, the MAN, the main defender and scorer isn’t ideal for him.

    dallas is a great fit the way it’s setup

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    either way, you were definitely right about him. i think you are right on the money saying he was being asked to do too much. the reason i thought it would carry over to Dallas is because i always thought Ellis wanted to do too much…if that makes sense. I think we all have always seen that he has the talent to do this, but i for one, just didn’t count on him putting it together consistently.

  • davidR

    i had the benefit of watching him closely for a long time. i saw the difference in his play when his teams had a bonafide leader (baron, sjax) he can defer to, and when he was asked to be the leader (everything after the moped incident).

    i think he has the mentality that he CAN be the man. i mean he has the abilities, but the truth is he can’t be the man, which goes in line with everyone wanting him to take a 6th man role. he can be the primary wing defender, scorer, playmaker (wont be able to do all at elite levels, but will still do really well), but he cannot be that veteran leader because that weighs too much on his shoulders. and that’s where the problem was: typically your best player is the captain/team leader.

    with this dallas team, dirk is clearly the leader, which allows monta to do what he does, which is score and a little bit of everything else. now that he’s back in a similar situation to the we believe dubs, i fully expected him to thrive, which is what he’s doing (for now at least).

    we’ll see how it goes for the rest of the season, but i’m glad that he’s back. hopefully being on dallas would put him in a stage to correct all the bad stuff that accumulated about him

  • Saleem Rainman

    nbk brought me here