Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 10:00 am  |  11 responses

Paul George Wins Battle Against Carmelo Anthony (VIDEO)

Battle of the stars.

Star forwards Paul George (35 points) and Carmelo Anthony (30 points, 18 rebounds) put on a show at MSG last night, but it was George’s Indiana Pacers who walked away with the dramatic 103-96 overtime win.

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  • Anthony

    Great game…it was like older cousin vs younger cousin in the backyard…This was some good basketball by those two.

  • Dagger

    Nicely encapsulates why George is better than Carmelo right now. George defended Anthony one on one . . . but the most Anthony could do on George defensively was help on the double team.

  • Max

    I don’t get why Melo isn’t a good defender.
    He has all the tools to be one, he’s strong and big for his position, he’s got quick hands and feet, he’s pretty good at stripping the ball,..
    Does he really just not care?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    well, defense is about effort. it’s hard to be locked in on both ends of the court.

    he is also not that quick moving laterally, and i think he gets sort of depressed when he gets beat. instead of thinking, “nah, f*ck that, you aren’t scoring again” — his defense says, “damn, you took me off the dribble once, you could probably do it again”

  • Matisse

    Paul George shredded the flaccid pick and roll defense of the knicks. Every jump shot out of a pick was sure to go in. Carmelo worked like a horse to get his even if George played stellar D. Both dude ate yesterday.

  • danpowers

    could anyone please explain to me why martin and udrih had to play 38 mins each, why bargs went down with 6 fouls while murry and aldrich were sitting on the bench, healthy?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Carmelo’s meal ended at halftime tho….

  • danpowers

    any suggestion on how many games it will take until his shoulder falls apart?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    No saying honestly. It could last the rest of his career it could fall out tomorrow.

  • MasterSplinter

    Agreed, the percentage defense comes from mind-set. If you are a big man, and your mindset is “This is my paint to protect, and I WILL impose my will.”, you turn in to beast defensively most likely almost regardless of your athleticism…let me put it this way, remember the Dream Team documentary?, when Tony Kukoc was about to play them, and Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan couldn’t wait to absolutely destroy him defensively? Melo is just not built that way…..Melo is like the Michael Jordan of European basketball.

  • danpowers

    if they continue to use him like they do at the moment he will be down with an injury soon, if it wont be his shoulder, then something else