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Russell Westbrook and Nene Ejected for Shoving Each Other (VIDEO)

Scuffle in OKC.

Despite Nene barely moving after Russell Westbrook retaliated with a shove of his own, the refs decided to kick both players out of the OKC Thunder’s 106-105 win on Sunday at home. Per the Oklahoman: “Washington held a five-point lead when Nene initially took aim at Westbrook. It happened with 7:50 remaining in the third quarter. Nene and Wizards point guard John Wall sandwiched Westbrook at the rim, blocking his driving layup attempt into the crowd. Nene, acting as if he was retrieving the ball, then walked up to Westbrook on the side of the goal and chest bumped him while popping off. Westbrook, surprisingly, kept his cool. He looked to the nearest official in protest over Nene’s actions. He appeared to say ‘If that was me …’ [...] Westbrook, who played in only his fourth game Sunday since April 24, has admitted to being rusty and says it will take time to knock off the cobwebs. There was no clearer proof of that than Sunday’s run that never was, or the revenge that Westbrook never got. ‘He doesn’t make excuses. He comes to work every single day,’ Kevin Durant said. ‘And those games happen. But a great player like that bounces back and makes the best out of those mistakes and learns from them.’ Westbrook after the game declined to discuss the two dust-ups with Nene. ‘Did we win?’ he asked. ‘All right.’”

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  • pposse

    nene probably didn’t even feel that push from westbrook

  • spit hot fiyah

    i would also act tough if i knew 4 guys were about to hold me back every time.

    and if i knew i had steven adams on my team i would act psycho, that’ the guy you want in your corner. i think he eats elbows for breakfast

  • Slick Ric

    lol at eat elbows for breakfast.

  • jaceking

    i like how nene just smiles after westbrook pushes him… or.. well.. at least.. tries to push him.

  • Slick Ric

    Literally didn’t move, it was like a baby pushed him. You would think he would be a little off balance helping his teammate up. lol

  • burnt_chicken

    Westbrook is pretty aggressive and tough in his own right. Bet he can hold his own and does not just posture up for the sake of looks. Against Nene, that might not be the wisest course of action, though…

  • Max

    Nene is a brick wall in this clip lol

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Great veteran move by Nene by getting in Westbrook’s head, knowing he’s a hot head. If only John Wall made the potential GW layup. Good fight by my Wizards.

  • D

    Westbrook even stepped into it and just bounced off him and Nene just smiles LMAO

  • shockexchange

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, it was much ado about nothing. Nene didn’t want Westbrook standing over his teammate and Westbrook was acting tough for the cameras.

  • Enigmatic

    It was like a gnat running into a rhino lol

  • Cortez Mack

    “i would also act tough if i knew 4 guys were about to hold me back every time”

    Do not insult yourself like that.

  • uqk

    punk move by westbrook…he just frustated with his game, & keep recklessly go to the rim, expecting to go to the line

  • JibbsIsBallin

    West brook pushed Nene as hard as he could and Nene moved a big 0 inches.

  • Tobias Fernandez

    No wonder a lot of other sports fans call the NBA a p…. sport.

  • idk

    Westbrook kind of slipped before making contact so he lost all leverage. OKC does not have the biggest dudes lol