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Tony Wroten With the Big Rejection on Derrick Rose (VIDEO)

Wroten ignites the 76ers.

The Sixers won their third straight game last night, somehow defeating the Chicago Bulls and deflating the hopes of some Philly fans who want nothing more than decent Lottery positioning. Here’s the game best highlight, in which Tony Wroten rejected a streaking Derrick Rose.

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  • i_ball

    DRose went 1 on 5. I didn’t watch the game but in the previous ones it seemed like he was trying to do to much

  • JibbsIsBallin

    I don’t think his team can keep up with him. DRose knows one speed and thats fast as hell. Also, SLAM, Thank you posting on Sundays.

  • spit hot fiyah

    derrick rust

  • Dagger

    Awesome drive; better rejection. Hope Rose finds his form soon.

  • Tobias Fernandez

    I just had to watch all three games from the 76ers and they play team ball. Coach Brown has instilled the Spurs offence in the system and he got his players to play their roles, no selfish player doing isolation the ball keeps moving.

  • Cortez Mack

    This is not specific to Rose but more to what seems to be modern basketball philosophy in general.

    Look at this play from the beginning. Rose effectively goes 1 on 4. He does this in the hopes of “drawing a foul” by jumping into the defender(s) clearly waiting there for him. I am 99% certain that the Bulls coaching staff encourages this in general (or he is the dumbest basketball player in existence, which is not the case).

    Why else would he do this? They were up 18 and there were 20 seconds left on the shot clock and he had NO ADVANTAGE WHATSOEVER. Why would he not simply probe the defense for an opening, then pull back out to allow his teammates to get back into the play where, at the bare minimum, he could go one on one with the chance to beat one defender or draw and dish?

  • 3Chainz

    It’s funny watching how many people seem to forget how good DRose is. Dude didn’t play a full year and is rusty that’s all. I give him another week or two then he’ll regain his form. He still shows flashes and the ability to take over. Any TRUE athlete (who’s not just a online blogger nerd) in here that has taking time off knows, IT TAKES TIME TO GET THE MUSCLE MEMORY BACK. Even doing something basic like lifting weights can take a good couple of weeks to regain yourself.

    He shot %50 from the 3 point line during preseason. The 3 point line doesn’t change during regular season but the speed of the game does. He’s already super fast. I think this is just a good time for all the Rose haters to take jabs while they can. Oh what little time they have!!

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    To his credit, Tony Wroten will probably be in that MIP player discussion and hopefully have a breakout year…. Michael Carter Williams looks to be the front runner for ROY and there’s a new “coach brown” in town. Brett for COY. Philadelphia starting out of the gate strong hey?? Its early but early looks awesome.

  • Lloyd

    Have you never watched DRose play? Dude is ALWAYS in attack mode. He drives in and actually tries to finish, not just draw fouls. He’s not just jumping into defenders and throwing his arms up in the air a la James Harden or Kobe Bryant. Dude is trying to finish and is strong enough to do so.

    But your observation correct where coaches are obviously going to encourage trying to get to the line. It’s easy points, just not very entertaining.

  • The Fury

    Forgotten his basketball IQ on that possession.

  • took

    No one said anything about his physical abilities. The rust is skill related, not physical. Muscle memory is not an issue for him because he is physically in a better place. He drives slightly more explosive than before. Critics are talking about him forcing the issue as it relates to decision making. Going one on four isn’t smart. Neither is tossing the ball into the stands during crunch time. Rose needs to slow down and let it come to him. Running and jumping around is not playing basketball. He can do better than that.

  • 3Chainz

    If he’s in a fast break situation and goes 1 one 4 it’s okay because he’s been able to do it in the past. I think too many fans think just because he’s athletic he goes 110 mph all game a la Westbrook. Rose is actually a player who picks and chooses when to turn on the jets.

    When I watch the Bulls games I don’t think Thibs does that good of a job running the offense through Derrick. 90% of the time he has to make a pass at the top of the key then set a off the ball screen to free someone else up. It’s usually a Bulls big man who’s playing point at times. Until everything is broke and its 5 secs left on the clock, then Rose gets the ball back and they rely on him. This is last years offense that was just as useless.

    Personally I think Thibs is a defensive guru but his offense and decision making for playing time is suspect. I’d much rather have more screens set FOR ROSE BY BOOZER and then let Rose make a decision from there. I HATE Rose setting screens for other players. I hate the FACT majority of Rose’s shots have to come with 5 secs left on the clock because the offense is not structured for stars who can create their own shot…..

  • Dfrance

    Attack mode doesn’t mean go 1 on 4 tho. You can be in attack mode and still make a smart play. He could have pushed the ball up, drove the paint a little and then when he saw he had no help vs 4 defenders, back the ball out. That’s still an attacking mentality, you just have to realize that nothing is there.

  • Lloyd

    DRose has never been a pass first guy though, this is his attack mode. He’ll drive it on the whole team, against 7-footers, guys that are bigger and stronger than him, it doesn’t really matter who’s between him and the rim.

    I don’t agree with it and I think his biggest flaw is that he takes too many shots, a lot of them like this one, but that’s what you get with DRose. It’s just that when he’s hitting these shots, no one will complain.

    Honestly, I think Chicago plays more like a team when he’s not playing, but they can’t win in the playoffs without DRose and his killer instinct.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Wroten made a great block…Rose does this SUCCESSFULLY very often, so I don’t have a problem with this. he thought he had an advantage, maybe he wanted someone to pick up another foul, who knows….You wanna get the other team in foul trouble, in general. Its not some new era philosophy.

  • JR

    It still isnt smart for him to go 1 on 5. If he keeps doing that he will get manhandled going to other powerhouse teams. And he needs to do a better job of picking and choosing. He had Deng and Butler spotting up wide open. Thibs knows what he is doing. He made that team come together last year that went to the Semis. They had offense and defense. Rose doesnt play team ball yet. He needs to let the game come to him or they will lose early in the playoffs.

  • Cortez Mack

    “DRose has never been a pass first guy though”

    Have YOU ever seen Derrick Rose play? His low assist numbers are a product of the system he is under. It has nothing to do with him not being a pass first guy. He has been the same pass first guy since high school.

    In fact, I have rarely seen someone with such a high skill and athletic level be more of a team player.

    …besides LeBron James that is.

  • Lloyd

    Regardless, the result is still the same. DRose is more likely to shoot than pass.

  • 3Chainz

    Rose plays team ball!! Dude do you really watch Bulls games or are you just placing Rose in a group of gifted scorers like Melo who never pass? Rose ALWAYS passes the ball and matter of fact sometimes he shouldn’t. HOW MANY TIMES DOES ROSE PASS THE BALL TO A WIDE OPEN DENG OR BUTLER AND THEY DON’T SHOOT?? They put the ball on the floor and try to blow pass defenders. Deng dribbles WAY too high and is probably trying to get paid….

  • Jr

    I never said he doesn’t play team ball. I said he needs to make smarter choices by passing it. It doesn’t matter how great of a scorer you are, you have to get the best shot possible. I’m not even comparing him to Melo! That’s okay if they put the ball on the floor eventually they will shoot. Yeah deng is out of there next year.