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Iman Shumpert Downplays Shouting Match With Carmelo Anthony (VIDEO)

The New York Knicks have lost nine straight, and tempers are flaring. Cameras caught Iman Shumpert and Carmelo Anthony screaming at each other on the bench following yet another blown defensive assignment—Shumpert said it was just a “miscommunication.” Per the NY Post: “A shouting match with Carmelo Anthony and rookie Tim Hardaway Jr.’s breakout game may have pushed Iman Shumpert closer to the door. Hardaway is fighting for playing time with Shumpert, who got into a heated rant with Anthony on the Knicks bench during a third-quarter timeout. Anthony didn’t look at him as Shumpert raved. Shumpert, who was then benched for the fourth quarter of the 103-99 loss to the Pelicans, called his tiff with Anthony ‘a miscommunication’ on defense. ‘Of course I wanted to play,’ Shumpert said. ‘Tim was making shots. J.R. [Smith] had it rolling. We were just trying to get a win.’ Hardaway had his career night statistically (21 points), but said he didn’t have a good performance. [...] Anthony declined to talk about Shumpert, who has been on the trading block since the middle of last month.”

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  • esosmooth

    theres two options for the knicks i feel will help them be good in the future or now….
    1.future- they trade melo for first round picks and few second rounds and get back a few defensive players and build for a team to get some prospects for 2014 draft and have a solid team sorta like the nuggets where there is so superstar but they make the playoffs this year for revenue.
    2.now-trade and try to get a whole of bunch of defensive players in the post and some more perimeter players…move melo back to his sf position..this will allow him to take all the shots and stop exposing his weak defense. he will be able to worry and have more energy for offense and have the players to help and protect that. p.s yes that means trade j.r smith to do so.

  • esosmooth

    no superstar*

  • underdog

    With all these weak-@ss teams in the east, who would have thought, the Knicks will tank the hardest.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i didn’t see a whole lot of screaming from melo, seems like shumpert is the one that is animated. things that happen when u are the worst team in the conference, oh well

  • Geeemo

    What does melo know about playing D?

  • roundabout77

    Melo saves his loud voice for Kevin Garnett.

    Shumpert, for the most part, tries to play defense..

    Knicks have yet to figure out pick and roll or picking up the other guy’s man on a pick…. Defense is a lot about hustle, and team play… Pretty basic stuff..

  • KSupreme

    mike woodson has got to go. its not hard to see…pick up George Karl

  • Robb Corbett

    Screaming??? Come on man report the truth and get over the drama!

  • deez

    anyone defendig carmelo’s pompous ass in in this situation deserves to watch his team suck for the rest of the year and so on.

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  • Caboose

    Who do they have to trade? The Knicks roster is poison right now. Is there anybody who would realistically give up a solid piece for JR “I will never stop shooting” Smith?

  • Caboose

    And a coach who knows how to guard the P&R.

  • Digita1One

    Melo just let his guy run off him and he didn’t even think about chasing him. Come on Melo make an effort. What happened to holding guys accountable Woodson. Knicks need a real coach. This guy is getting exposed every game by all the other coaches in the league.

  • Boonie K.

    In this play, its Anthony and Barg fault. Shump is following his guy into the pick and Anthony is just too lazy to run at Anderson so basicly Shump has to run back and forth covering 2 players.

    Melo only save his energy for one on one offense.

  • roundabout77

    I like Shumpert and Hardway Jr. for the future. Keep Pablo Prigioni, Chandler, and Bargnani ( coming off the bench). Knicks keep Melo (cause Knicks can’t trade him for value; he likely can choose the team)… I’d trade for Wilson Chandler, but I don’t know what the Knicks have to offer. The Knicks can’t give up any more draft choices. Kenyon Martin could be a good bench player, as well as Beno Udrih..

  • http://2epicbits.com/ theSUBVERSIVE

    Seriously? With all of what happened between Melo and Karl you want it to be repeated? That will certainly not work.

  • http://2epicbits.com/ theSUBVERSIVE

    Melo was playing better as a PF, why did the Knicks went after Bargnani is still a mystery to me. Put Melo, Bargnani and Stat together and your D will always look bad. Melo has always switched on D, even last season, he hates to fight through screens, he always choose to switch, which will only work on a defensive system in which everybody is committed to help D, like strong side D, if not, it will only cause to let somebody open and the team will look lost, just like it happens with the Knicks.

  • mattsg

    Lmao so you basically wanna keep the same team -_-

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  • roundabout77

    I picked guys who I think can play and have some value.. When it comes down to it – Shumpert and Hardaway Jr. can be building blocks with untradeable Melo… Prigoni and Martin are retirement age. Chandler is aging and brittle. Bargnani is a soft big man…