Sunday, December 29th, 2013 at 9:36 pm  |  12 responses

Kevin Durant Dunks Over James Harden (VIDEO)

Harden didn’t jump to contest, smartly.

The Thunder breezed past the Rockets by a score of 117-86 on Sunday, a game that can be wrapped up with the above highlight, in which Kevin Durant (who finished with 33 points and 13 boards) drives right to the hoop and yams over his homie James Harden.

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  • Fav

    Best D Harden’s played all season..

  • Jay Cutler

    To be fair, I don’t think James Harden has ever played any defense in his life. Definition of a one way player.

    It’s not that he’s even bad at defense. He just can’t be arsed to even pretend to give a you know what.

  • Fav

    Best D Harden’s played all season..

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    I’m a big Harden supporter but haven’t seen too many Rockets games this season. When I did catch one, I noticed what everyone here was talking about.
    It was as if every player in the league had to score on him once before he could believe that they were capable of scoring.
    I don’t remember too much of this while he was on OKC, but sheesh there has got to be an explanation.
    Maybe Dwight ? Maybe conserving energy ?
    I hope he doesn’t continue to become the NBA’s most hated player into the postseason. He’s too gifted athletically and IQ wise…

  • Mell Murda

    He’s like T-Mac. Offensively it’s god given talent, but they are lazy. Even on offense he seems lazy. Just get him the ball and allow him to do what comes naturally

  • Will Lee

    Nowitzki got a champ like that. I believe he’s a unique offensive player that needs to be surrounded by the right supporting class to get a champ.

  • sim888

    Yep, its at the stage where it seems like every time you watch him on D he’s aimlessly doing nothing or someone is blowing right by him. Another 2-9 night tonight without the FT’s to bail him out.

    As for his OKC days, i’d have to go back and watch some games – maybe it was the lesser minutes, coming off the bench v’s other bench players, or maybe he was just always this bad. Harden is not going to get you to the finals let alone win and as the games roll on OKC are looking smarter and smarter for letting him walk that’s for sure.

    The most hated part stems from the way he plays in general more than his D, or lack thereof. (well, thats mainly why i don’t like him :P )

  • Max

    James Harden became a diva!


    Seeing where he tried to take that charge, he might also have TMAC’s lazy eye

  • playa

    Harden must be a super smartass,cause he’s to smart to ever tries anything on defense.

  • bobby

    people thought i was insane with my criticism on harden before the season now everyone realizes how awful this dude is on defense

  • abet

    You nailed it! tmac and harden are almost the same. Though offensively I think tmac is on a legend level. on the defensive end, its a twin baby… Also, I did noticed that harden seems to have that mentality of turning a switch on and off. Again, same as Tmac. I love them both though. Hope harden becomes a tmac with 1st team defense.