Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 10:20 am  |  17 responses

Kevin Durant Tells Heckling Blazers Fan to ‘Shut Up’ (VIDEO)

It was a frustrating night in Portland for Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder — KD loudly asked a heckling Blazers fan to shut his pie hole. Good times.

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  • Dagger

    Are we sure that wasn’t someone from the crowd telling Durant to shut up?

  • mike

    could’nt have been kevin..

  • JML-G

    oh no, now Durant gonna take his time with making sure everybody heard him claiming he is such a humble human being even more…

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    That definitely wasn’t KD’s voice…at all. Saw that after just one listen.

  • robb

    Actually that was the heckling guy. He was the one yelling ‘shut up’

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  • rip city revival

    Kevin Durant got his bitch ass punked

  • spit hot fiyah

    kd has that old white male in his 50′s voice

  • Bob Dobolina

    That old dumb asshole that told him to “go back to texas” deserves to be told to shutup. Plain and simple. KD almost bitchslapped him and he was in the 3rd row!

  • Bob Dobolina

    Humble people can’t tell a drunk asshole to shutup? When’s the last time you donated a million dollars to a relief fund or slipped a multi million dollar contract under your bosses door without making a big deal about it? Not humble?

  • Firestone10

    The man said, “no, you shut up.” I’m assuming KD said something along the lines of shut up to get a response like that.

  • gw

    fool, that was someone else in the crowd telling KD to “at least shut up”.

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  • Draak Grafula

    Definitely. Although after listening to it again I think I hear someone else faintly saying ‘shut up’ before that as well. Whether that person is KD I really don’t know though. Also, I would be completely fine with that if it was.

  • DLW

    I’m a Blazer fan, but I wouldn’t blame KD at all for firing back at some obnoxious fan. People think that just because they buy a ticket, it entitles them to be jerks.

  • Ziggythebeagle

    I was at this game. I was about 6 seats to the left, and I row behind the heckler. I have a red shirt. Durant told the fan to shut up twice, but I could not hear what the heckler said initially, but he did say “no you shut up”, after Durant told him yo shut up.

    Now I want to say something about Durant. When OKC returned from the locker room at halftime, Durant walked up the the heckler shook his hand and said “hey I am sorry, shouldn’t have told you to shut up”. Very classy move by Durant, his momma raised him to be a gentleman. Kudos to KD!

  • Dmac133

    Nah dude. You just exposed your bitch ass. KD has 25 million in his account, lives in a building he owns, drives a Bentley… Obviously it’s your bitch ass that’s just jealous –