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Kobe Bryant Assists Jordan Hill With Pass Off Serge Ibaka’s Back (VIDEO)

Perfect angle.

Kobe Bryant managed just 4 points and 7 turnovers in the Lakers’ 122-97 loss to the Thunder on Friday, but Kobe did register 13 assists—including this one, where he found Jordan Hill with a pass off of Serge Ibaka‘s back.

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  • Saleem Rainman

    Right. like that was completely intentional lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    if that was on purpose it was a sick pass

  • Saleem Rainman

    impossible that was on purpose. If he wanted to give it to hill he coulda easily just handed it off to him without having to have passed it off someones back, hill was open under the basket. Kobe didnt see him at all and was looking to pass out to -presumably- pau, as he was caught in the air with nowhere to go.

    Luck is on ur side sometimes though, good highlight.

  • spit hot fiyah

    yeah that’s the first thing that crossed my mind to. just dump it of too him. the pass he was trying to make to whoever was terrible though


    funny how Lobe didn’t see him. He was wide open under the hoop. I’d say it’s one of the most embarrassing dimes in history. :-)

  • Jacoobus

    I don’t think it was entirely accidental. The way it looked to me was that Kobe drove thinking to score, saw Ibaka and knew he had no chance, then bailed himself out. He was lucky but that kind of luck takes skill to pull off.

  • Duh

    Oh bullsh1t. He was looking right at Pau!

  • shockexchange

    You know how many decisions your mind has to make in order to (i) jump into the air to shoot, (ii) decide the shot’s not there, (iii) look for Pau, but Pau’s not open, (iv) look for Jordan Hill, but a direct pass is not there, then (v) bounce it off Ibaka’s back for the assist?

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, that may be the dopest play of the year so far.

  • LLC#12

    Kobe left his feet, the pass he wanted to make wasn’t there, he had to get rid of the ball before he travelled, so he threw the ball off Ibaka, probably intending to get it back/bounce it off Ibaka and out of bounds. Luckily for him, it bounced right into a wide open Jordan Hills hands.

    Kobe had 7 turnovers this game, and with slightly less luck, this would have been the 8th.

  • Britt Lewis

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    ▲▉▲■ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲■ ▲■▲▉▲■▲■ ▲■▲▉ ▉The way it looked to me was that Kobe drove thinking to score, saw Ibaka and knew he had no chance,

  • Max

    There goes that role player again!!

  • RKJ92

    LOL Max <3 Btw Kobe is one of the best of all-time, but when me or Shock tease it's nothing serious; we're just joshing people. This pass by Kobe was amazing, it will be a sad day when he retires.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange totally agrees. This pass by Horry Jr was amazing.

  • RKJ92

    lol! dkm

  • Cortez Mack

    “impossible that was on purpose…”

    Wow, you went off the rails in the first sentence.

  • Ugh

    Impossible is a stupid word to use there, all you’re doing is showing us your limited imagination. Of course he could see Hill. C’mon.

    Anyway, he’s done it before. I can’t find the clip on YouTube, but he did this ten years ago or more against some poor scrub. He also pulled a similar move passing to himself (surprised?) off a player’s back when he played at Rucker.

  • Ugh

    God, the more times I watch it the more obvious it is he’s actually looking for Hill, WHO IS FILLING THE LANE.
    He doesn’t even have to be able to see Hill to put the ball there, it’s a routine move to fill the lane to receive a pass when the driver has drawn a double (or triple) or to push in for the offensive rebound. If Hill WASN’T there the video guy would be making a highlight of “things Hill f&$#ed up tonight” with that on it.

  • Saleem Rainman

    wow…did the fact that this WASNT an omg play that genious kobe bryant planned on doing on the spot upsetting to some Kobe slurpers? It seems like ur feelings are hurt lol.Chill. Its pretty obvious it wasnt on purpose.


    It’s pretty obvious you’re overdue for an ocular exam.

  • Ugh

    1) I’ve been on Slam six years and the only person I pay out more than Kobe is LeBron. I’m not a ‘Kobe slurper’, don’t be an idiot.
    2) You don’t actually know what ‘filling the lane’ is, do you?

  • Mike From Spain

    IMO it was a pass intended for Pau gone wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it