Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 at 12:16 pm  |  8 responses

Mario Chalmers Videobombs Dwyane Wade’s Interview (VIDEO)


After the Heat’s easy win over the Jazz on Monday, Mario Chalmers continued Miami’s videobombing tradition with this leaping grab of Dwyane Wade.

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  • D

    This is getting old , it was mildly humorous the first 30 times

  • emmalynnnil321

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  • Dfrance

    Leave the videobombing to Bosh you amateurs!

  • LLC#12

    Off topic, but everyone remembers when Monta said he was just as good as Wade? We all laughed it off, but now….pretty close?

  • davidR

    monta needs to be in the right situation to even be close

  • Tarzan Cooper

    dallas looks pretty right for monta. ive always been a big fan of his.
    but to be fair, wade is kinda creaky now.
    without doubt, monta has a brighter future.

  • Solito

    This is all kids stuff… they should start pantsing each other on live TV.

  • underdog

    This team is annoying as fu_k.