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Russell Westbrook Talks Trash With Courtside Hawks Fan (VIDEO)

Things got a bit heated between Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and an incessantly yapping Atlanta Hawks fan. After the OKC Thunder’s 101-92 win on Tuesday night, Westbrook had to be yanked away before things escalated. Per the Oklahoman: “Maybe he was going to talk to 2 Chainz, a famous rapper who was in attendance. Or possibly Durant, the NFL fan he is, was going over to pay respect to Kordell Stewart, the former Steelers quarterback who was also spotted at the arena on Tuesday. Nope and nope. As it became clear moments after Durant reached the sideline, he was searching out a particular fan who seemed to be annoying both him and some of his teammates throughout the game. [...] Kevin Durant, in a clear sarcastic tone: ‘He really respected how we played the game. He just wanted to tell all of us one-by-one.’ Russell Westbrook, when asked if the fan was chirping at him: ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Kendrick Perkins on the fan: ‘Sometimes they can get a little disrespectful.’”

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  • Dfrance

    I understand it can be tough to listen to a jerk mouth off all game, but Durant needs to chill with the fan confrontations. You killed their team on the court, maybe make a quick comment and take it to the locker room. But you can’t stand there having a debate with the guy.

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Funny how Wes was going to walk away until Durant stayed there. Glad perk pulled him away. Could have gotten ugly with Westbrook’s temper.

  • Enigmatic

    Consider it’s Atlanta, the “Hawks fan” could very well be a Lakers fan, or Heat fan, or Spurs fan, or Grizzlies fan, or….

  • swill

    you have to be better than that, russ. grow up.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    maybe that fan is a food critic, and was just trying to list all of the great restaurants in the Atlanta area? that’s what i’m choosing to believe. it was a culinary conversation, and Russell Westbrook was just mad because the guy wouldn’t stop suggesting seafood spots, and Russ doesn’t like seafood after games.

  • Brett

    I don’t see what the drama is…I would’ve whooped his ass just for wearing that ugly yellow vest. Some people just need a good beating.

  • TTN

    Fans got learn that their dollar don’t give them to right to talk crazy to these players they are still people and as most people would they will respond. Tell them to go talk to Artest.

  • charles cohen

    He was probably a paid actor to fill up some of the empty seats, and make it look like the Hawks have some sort of fan base.

  • hubristick

    Someone’s about to get Artest-ed.

  • kayakfreshwater

    The fan is Garrish Green Shirt Guy (with Yellow Vest) and he is known to help NBA guys out albeit they don’t take it very well (Lebron was upset last year but look at the results?).

  • kayakfreshwater

    His feedback to players is extremely effective. I heard him yapping at Lebron but note he doesn’t curse or anything. His verbal feedback indicates he is probably a coach or former player.

  • kayakfreshwater

    Brian Windhorst labelled him Garrish Green Shirt Guy when he had a discussion with Lebron last year