Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 9:00 am  |  12 responses

DeMar DeRozan Leads Raptors Over the Pacers (VIDEO)

There’s a problem in Toronto.

Toronto kicked off the new year with an impressive bang, beating the Eastern Conference-leading Indiana Pacers. DeMar DeRozan paced the Raptors with 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 steals in a 95-82 home win.

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  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    DeRozan’s shot was butter last night!

  • BlackBond

    always been a Derozan fan shince his days playing for Compton High, his game has improved every year since then. One thing though, I know Paul George can play D but is it really smart to have him guarding the best player every night, he only had 12 points and Derozan (who he was guarding) had 26 points. Im pretty sure the raptors made sure derozan wasnt guarding george all night.

  • Lloyd

    Damn the Raps can’t even tank properly.

  • VanCityBBall

    Terrence Ross really bothered PG especially in the 4th…


    Let’s go Raptors!


    I don’t want Toronto to tank just yet. We are playing hella nice fight now. I’ve watched every game since Chris Bosh left and this is the best our team has played in years! The games are exciting again & everyone enjoys playing together. Good group of guys hope we can build off this.

  • JaeB

    The King wouldn’t let this hapn ;)

  • Mack

    I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! I was thinking about the same exact thing “best our team has played in years.” This is incredible to see coming from the perspective of a long time fan. It seems like ever since Bosh left the team has had almost no direction or ever recognized playing like a unit. Their team play and defense has been impressive. I like this group though I think they need some size off the bench behind JV and Amir; Psycho T is fine for your back-up PF spot but not center lol


    Thank you man I’m very loyal to my Toronto Raptors. And yes I agree having another big man behind Jonas would help but right now we have Chuck Hayes on our bench he’s a decent Center he can prob provide some leadership but I think he’s only played in one gsme for Tonrot so far.

  • Mars

    IF only Demar had some fire, he could be a great Kobe understudy. He might be a better overall athlete. Has all the tools

  • Dagger

    He’s got plenty of fire. What he needs is a more consistent shot, and a much better playmaking ability. But he’s only 24 and, by all accounts, a very hard worker.

  • Lloyd

    This team isn’t going anywhere in the playoffs as it’s built right now. We’ve pulled out a couple of games off pure momentum against some good teams, but there’s no way we’re not beating Indiana or Miami in a 7 game series. To that end, we can win all the games we want but it’s still a first or second round exit. Tanking and getting a good draft pick in hopes of getting a nice extra piece is what this season should be about. not just a couple of wins to amuse fans.