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Kyle Lowry Delivers Shoes to Fan Who Had Them Stolen (VIDEO)

A Toronto Raptors fan had freebie kicks jacked in Chicago on New Year’s Eve, but Kyle Lowry personally made it up to him. Per the team website:

The night started well enough for (Alan) Vale, a Toronto native who decided to travel to Chicago to see his favourite team on New Year’s Eve.

“I went with my girlfriend and we just wanted to go to an American city that we hadn’t been to before. So we decided on Chicago and conveniently enough, the Raptors were playing on New Year’s Eve, so I wasn’t about to miss that.”

Good call, as the Raptors pulled away late to defeat the Bulls 85-79 for a solid road win. The couple had shelled out a little more to sit in the lower bowl near the tunnel on the special night and were even able to high-five a few of the players on their way out.

Lowry was the last to leave the court and Vale kept the shout outs coming.

“I think I yelled at him ‘I came from Toronto and you played a great game, that was awesome,’ just kind of non-nonchalantly,” said Vale. “He turned around and started to untie his shoe and I was thinking ‘is this really happening right now?’”

Unfortunately, someone else clearly understood what was happening and wound up with the equivalent of two “pick sixes” at Soldier Field. But thanks to a little sleuthing on social media, Lowry was told about the incident and decided to make it right before the Raptors game against the Bucks on Monday.

Vale, along with his friend Francis, was invited to take in pregame warmups courtside on Monday. He was then taken to the players lounge for what he thought was an interview about his story, only to have Lowry arrive to personally delivered a pair of his shoes.

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  • spit hot fiyah


  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Wow, that guy who took both kicks was such an ass. He even stared at Vale for fun after he got both of them. Good job on Lowry for doing this even though he didn’t need to. Pure Class.

  • pposse


  • Dfrance

    Stay Classy Chitown!

    The power of social media is crazy tho. Kudos to Lowry!

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    Had to be the Chief Keef lookin boy.

  • LouisVuittonDon

    lmao @ the way the dude that stole the shoes tip toed away like the grinch

  • MFFQ

    Mad respect to Lowry for doing this

  • Lloyd

    The Raps looking good on and off the court lately!

  • TTN

    It’s good to see people in position to do good actually do it.

    Another note. They should have worked it out for him to stay in Houston, he thrived in that system.