Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 1:45 pm  |  42 responses

LeBron James Gets In Mirza Teletovic’s Face After Hard Foul (VIDEO)

Teammates held Bron back.

LeBron James didn’t take kindly to getting wrapped around the neck by Mirza Teletovic with 8:37 remaining in regulation on Friday. “He went around my neck, that was my take,” James said after the Nets won 104-95 in double OT. “That was not a basketball play.” Teletovic didn’t share the opinion: “I just tried to make a foul, and he was coming down the court. He shouldn’t be reacting like that. It’s just basketball.”

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  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    MT3 lived in a war zone… he’s not fazed by Lebrons fake antics at all

  • spit hot fiyah
  • spit hot fiyah

    lol at the last replay. lebron almost went into flop mode, then changed his mind and went into hold me back mode

  • Drew

    and this is one of the reason’s why LBJ will never be in the same regard as MJ or hell even Kobe… at least those guys were tough SOBs..whereas lebron is a notorious flopper, never commits a foul (if they called it by the book he’d foul out every 5 days and not 5 years), never gets a technical even when he rushes someone or slams the ball on the floor, has tons of apologists saying he doesnt have enough help even with wade/bosh/ray allen/refs. Cant wait to see this spoiled brat lose in the playoffs this year. And this year, they probably wont have game 7 of the ECFs of NBA Finals with how they’re sitting Wade, and their defense has taken a nose dive imo due to aging of key role players.

  • Tobias Fernandez

    LeBron does not know who he is dealin wiith the dude grew up in Bosnia

  • D

    I like how LeBron doesn’t go hard at him till there’s 3 guys holding him back

  • Dagger

    You’re right, Jordan and Kobe never got any special treatment at all.

    Of all the stupid comments made about Lebron in the last few days, this one might take the cake.

  • Seth

    No one was holding him back. He wasn’t gonna touch Mirza. No one in the L actually wants to throw down.

  • Otis Donald

    This comment, I love it.

  • spit hot fiyah

    since stackhouse retired, u might be right

  • dannyb

    It’s a shame that all of this controversy is overshadowing the brilliant flop by Kirilenko

  • Dagger

    Teletović on his childhood:

    “I was seven years old when the war started. First you start seeing that there’s no food, then grenades come down, the whole city is shaking, and you hear people screaming. Every day, your parents come in and say ‘our neighbor died, our cousin died’. Always somebody dying. One day, I asked my mother, ‘Is anybody alive?’ It was very, very rough for us. It left, I will say, a memory.

    “All my friends and me are playing [basketball] and then you hear the sirens like the grenades start falling down and just run to your house and hide. If I have to die, I die. For basketball, I will do anything.”

  • Nick Holden

    Can you blame them for not wanting to go at it? If you throw a punch in the NBA the suspension will be massive (and the fine). It might be boring that these guys are all faking the will to go at it, but you would really be letting your team as a player if you did something.

  • fruizm

    Why do people think that if you grew up in a certain bad area, it automatically makes you tough??

  • Drew

    They got star calls all right..but lbj takes it to a level even those guys didnt get. and the irony of lebron crying flop is strong…here is a small sample of all the oscar-worthy flops by lebron.


  • RunNGun

    LOL You’re a tough guy when you have to wait 10 seconds for Mason and B-Easy to come in between you to hold you back from a guy who has his arms up.

  • z

    The only people who believe that are those who never came from a tough area. They would likely be the resident punk zzz if they did. Every hood and war zone has them.

  • bigA

    My experience leads me to stereotyped thinking, all the people I know who grew up in civil wars are pretty badass. All two of them.
    A teamate of mine told this hilarious story of him going fishing with his cousin in Serbia in the time of the Yugoslav War and his cousin laughed at him for bringing a fishing pole, his cousins used grenades to fish.

  • nooffens3

    Yeah and the forearm shove (one of lebrons best offensive moves btw) as you cup the ball was a basketball play. Lol. Ballers will respect lbjs game more when he at least picks up one move that we can copy down at the park. Kinda a weird thing to say about the best player in the league (which he is)

  • LakeShow

    Yes. These are mutual feelings.

    Some of us(the rest of the world)aren’t unstoppable freight trains who use that 90% of the time as our “go to move”.

    I get it… smart efficient basketball…

    It’s boring to me.

  • LakeShow

    Slow Clap

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    Stupid, Stoopid, World…

  • Dagger

    Oh, he flops. It’s sad to see. But of course, Kobe flops too, and worse: he used to flail his elbow so many times (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUxsK_2imYI) that the league suspended him.

    As for Jordan: flopping was only just entering the game towards the end of his career. Hardly a fair comparison.

    For me, toughness in basketball is really about playing through pain, coming through in pressure situations, and even supporting your teammates. By that criterion, Lebron is as tough as they come.

  • robb

    Yeah but did you see AK? man THAT is a flop Lebron didn’t even touch him

  • JJ Jones

    Lebron is a hypocrite. First he promotes flopping as a way to get a competitive edge and than cries like a bitch when ak does it to him. Great player but entitled af.

  • thebossman15

    lmao, elbowing a player is a flop? Pretty sure thats called playing agressive/dirty trying to get an edge any way you can which is something every real competitor would do and something the majority of coaches preach, nevermind the fact there was really only one or two intentional elbows in your video, but nice try though..pretty funny you hold that to the same level as this:


    S M H

  • redbeard

    Teletovic would probably eat Bron for dinner. You don’t mess with Bosnians.

  • Ugh

    LBJ does cry a lot more than MJ did, though. The above foul isn’t particularly hard. It’s not around his throat, it’s over his shoulder. I watched MJ get punched in the face on a drive against the Knicks in the ’93 playoffs, walk to the line, take his free throws and go back at it. I mean it was a deliberate, closed fist punch.

  • Mack

    Wait until the playoffs my friend. Not a Miami fan at all but you can’t tell me they won’t turn it on in April and beyond; they’re clearly coasting through the season trying to stay healthy. Wade isn’t going to be sitting much in the post-season unless he’s injured or it’s a blowout. Bosh is still in his prime (and criminally underrated) so don’t be so quick to count out the 2-time defending champions.

  • guest

    You guys hit it on the head. Dude has no style. He’s awesome, he’s amazing, and he has no flavor at all.

  • Guest

    I think people are just saying that a person who grew up in a warzone of any sort is not going to be shaken easily. Doesn’t mean they’d win a fight, just means they probably have been involved with or around some level of violence and they have a different disposition when it comes down to it.

  • Mars

    What was Kirilenko trying to do? That looked like a planned assassination for the king.

  • backboard

    interesting point. there is no such thing as a signature lebron move, is there?

  • Ugh

    Yep. Meet people who grow up in those places and you usually meet f**ked up and severely damaged people. And about half react extremely badly to violence or threats, actually.

  • Karl

    Lol more sh*t from thebossman15 about Lebron. We get it dude, Kobe is your main guy.

  • thebossman15


  • http://elevatedsportstalk.wordpress.com/ theDankerNuggets

    I don’t know if they’re faking it necessarily as much as they have to let a guy know what he did is not cool and he’s not going to pull ish like that. It’s exactly what all these 90′s guys like Shaq and Barkley are always talking about.

  • house

    In the 90′s NBA game this would have been a no issue. A foul sure, but none of this fake-tough guy drama would have been present.

  • house

    Half these people that frequent these forums won’t have come across that clip, nor would they have remembered it if they did. Versus the Pistons Jordan got hammered on the regular, as did Pippen and the rest of the team as well. It was part of ball and it was accepted as such. Nowadays people give a hard foul, (and lets be honest Teletovich’s foul was pretty soft) and he is instantly made out to be bad for basketball etc. It’s laughable.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Awww it must really bother you that the Heat are 2 time champions in a row. Hope you complaining and bitching about LeBron helps you get through the day.