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Mike D’Antoni Wanted Lakers to Be Angrier About Nate Robinson’s Dunks (VIDEO)

The Denver Nuggets ran into the perfect opponent to help them get out of their funk — the Los Angeles Lakers’ defense was once again atrocious in a 137-115 home loss on Sunday night. Nate Robinson, en route to 21 points, had a blast repeatedly hanging on the rim following dunks, which got under head coach Mike D’Antoni’s skin (though that didn’t necessarily apply to his players.) Per the LA Daily News:

“I coached Nate. That’s Nate,” D’Antoni said, reflecting on his time with the New York Knicks. “You shrug your shoulders and go on. If I was a player I would have some thoughts. Since I’m sitting over there, it’s hard to do anything.”

D’Antoni was certainly livid with Robinson when he attempted a three-pointer on an opposing team’s basket after time expired. But the Lakers hardly reacted much to Robinson’s taunts at the rim. Then again, the Lakers hardly reacted much on defense for most of the game.

“No one is going to feel sorry for us,” D’Antoni said. “Teams are going to come in and kick us. At a certain point, you have to fight.”

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  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange was angry when Pam Grier didn’t return his phone calls, but it didn’t change things.

  • Fat Lever

    I like how after the 2nd dunk he’d rather mean mug the crowd than pick up his teammate who fell.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    if tj ford had nate robinson built

  • brothasdontsurf

    Nate’s athleticism is faaking disgusting!

  • spit hot fiyah

    gotta love nate for throwing down multiple dunks like that. when his career is over his career earning won’t reflect how good of a player he was

  • Biggggg in here

    nasty nate got spring boards.

  • robb

    If Jordan Hill had been there Nate wouldn’t have dunked those, but the great D’antoni played him just 12 minutes,because getting rebounds and hustlin are not his thing

  • tnrc75

    Screw him…he still thinks he’s coaching PHX in 2006 except all the players have taken the jerseys from Marion, Stat, and Nash. We wouldn’t be in this shitty situation if he could adapt his coaching some.

  • The Real

    The what ifs and buts huh? be for real man Jordan Hill ain’t the answer. Lakers down bad right now, accept it, it’s alright happen to every team at some point.

  • Tony two step

    You sound bitter just because u pointed that out instead of giving him his due for being between 5″6-5″9 doing this in the NBA .u must be a lakers fan.

  • Tony two step

    He does have his style which has proven not to bring championship success
    but not all is his fault, this roster looking the way it does is not entirely his fault either. The lakers did this to themselves by not drafting and developing players, their inabilities/unwillingness to sign and pay free agents. Not to mention their undying loyalty to Kobe who a lot of guys don’t wish to play with. If a person knows the game they would know this was coming because the two center pieces of the last two championship teams (Kobe and gasol) are getting older and the league is getting younger/better and the lakers organization has done nothing about their situation except sign over the hill/never on the hill talent. They should have done something to their roster when they got embrassed by Dallas and then OKC.

  • Ugh

    Tired, forced meme is tired and forced.

  • Ugh

    Nick Young: “Man, isn’t there some technique to stop that? Kobe was telling me… blocking up? Bricking in? No, boxing out! Yeah. C’mon, man, box out!”

  • shockexchange

    Trolling someone relevant – the Shock Exchange – in the hopes that it will make you relevant is “tired and forced.”

  • Fat Lever

    It’s not that serious. U must be 13.

  • tnrc75

    The roster they have, they should at least be able to be around .500. D’Antoni hasn’t established a firm rotation. Guys don’t know when they’re expected to be ready. He’s had bigs ready to go and he hasn’t used them in any sort of conventional fashion. The roster is not world-beating, or even the best in their building, but he could play Jordan Hill at the 4, Johnson at the 3, Swaggy P at the 2, and Marshall at the 1, then have Kaman, Kelly, and their backup 2, I forgot his name, coming in. Not to mention Sacre. If D’Antoni had any sort of a plan for his team, he could get them over .500.

  • Tony two step

    The part about the rotation is true to an extent. The lineups have been changed frequently because of the injuries they keep sustaining. They were in and around .500 for most of the season sometimes even a couple games above until Kobe came back and got forced into the lineup throwing off young and henrys minutes and the chemistry of the team. They lost like 6 games during that span Kobe came back they only beat the grizzlies and maybe somebody else. The span of L’s is what dropped them well below .500. They don’t have the most talent but they are still not the worst in the league especially at Staples they are not an easy W. Remember everyone was surprised with how decent they were considering no Kobe for a while, until the last 10 games at least.

  • Tony two step

    it’s a discussion form where fans were admiring some feats of athleticism by a normal sized player and u started talking about how he didn’t help up a able body teammate. Yeah u sound bitter. Hating ass.

  • tnrc75

    Right, but the players I mentioned haven’t been injured. I mentioned them specifically to point out the poorness of D’Antoni’s coaching and to offer an alternative, quite plausible blueprint for how he could have the Lakers playing better. He’s an abomination.

  • watchutalkingabout

    lol he doesn’t sound bitter…I think he just pointed out something amusing

  • Tony two step

    They may not have been hurt but the only guy u mentioned that has experienced any type of success in the league is Kaman and he started out hurt. The reason I point that out is because Johnson, Marshall and hill have been on a few teams in their young careers (almost out of the league too) and u can’t possibly expect to compete in the NBA with young inexperienced talent. Looking at the league and the nameson the laker roster their record is better than expected is all I’m saying. Yes he should adjust his approach based on his personnel but honestly the Lakers have a bunch of older hurt guys and some young ex first rounders who are lucky to still be in the NBA. D’Antoni is not the coach of the year but he has worked fairly with this roster.

    Nice to discuss the game with u man. Most guys on here resort to name calling when someone disagrees with em.

  • Tony two step

    I seen his post on here before he is a Laker/Kobe fan so anything unfavorable in association with them he is not going to be amused by it. Believe me he was happy with what happened the other night. That’s why he commented

  • tnrc75

    Again, my criticism is modest. I believe though, that Phil, Brian Shaw, Pop, Doc Rivers, Mike Woodson, Adelman, Avery Johnson, Lionel Hollins, Spoelstra could get more out of these players. I don’t think the talent in Utah is that great but Tyrone Corbin has them believing now. I don’t believe PHX has such great talent, but a good coach can get guys on the same page. The Lakers should be a few games better.

    Just because players have been with various teams, to me, doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. Wes Johnson showed he was a good three-point shooter and a solid pro in Minnesota. Jordan Hill has always played with energy and never quits. Marshall along with Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson took the ‘heels to an NCAA championship. If you watched him then, you knew he could play. Any of these guys just need a chance. Sometimes they get caught in organizations in which they’re not valued, but I’m never surprised when guys show what they can do. I never like to say guys are “lucky” to be in the NBA though. These guys bust their asses to be in the positions they’re in and I respect that.

    What I don’t respect is when D’Antoni, as he did last year, said he didn’t care much about the Lakers, but most about his paycheck.

    Anyway….I believe the Lakers have pride and they will get together and win some games coz of that. Nice talking with you too.