Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 10:00 am  |  5 responses

LeBron James Had Initial Doubts About Playing in Miami (VIDEO)

Here’s an excerpt of an interview NBATV will air the Monday following All-Star Weekend. In it, LeBron James opens up about his doubts and frustrations the season immediately following “The Decision.”

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  • GP

    I remember The Decision as it was happening in real-time on Twitter and NBA websites – just the sudden shift in tension among NBA fans was amazing, in retrospect. Everyone genuinely cared where this guy ended up (the same can’t be said for someone like Dwight). Its almost akin to how the public quickly shifted against Kobe following the assault case + Finals loss in 2004. Its great to see how far along Lebron has come from all of that.

    I used to despise him with a passion, but as he’s grown older, I have come to like him both for his skill set on the court, and his demeanor off of it. He seems more mellow now, and less clueless about how he handles himself, but I guess that’s what winning 2 rings does to you. I think the loss to Dallas in 2011 was probably the best thing to happen to him, both as a person and as a player.

  • JJ Jones

    The doubt was probably about how he would be perceived. At the time wade was a top 3 player in the world and to some Lebron’s equal. Everyone referred to wade as bat man because of his ring and lebron as robin so this really isn’t a surprise. (I guess bosh was batgirl? )

  • pposse

    i remember the decision in real time and i thought he nailed an interview to the tee. He explained himself well and backed up his reasoning. The whole spectacle was fine by me, but then the next day he announced the ‘not 1 not 2 not 7′ and then the hating began..

  • robb

    yeah, I’m with you. To me Lebron was too cocky and I didn’t like how he disrespected others and danced during games or posed with his teammates for the photo when he was in Cleveland, and when the decision happened I didn’t like him, but fortunately I stopped hating the guy and started appreciating his game and the great talent he has.

    Also the fact that he started behaving like a grown up helped a lot, like you said, losing to Dallas was a great lesson. There are still tons of haters which is unfortunate because due to their hatred they can’t enjoy one of the best players ever in his prime. That’s pretty sad.

  • Saleem Rainman

    thats cuz ur crazy