Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 9:10 am  |  7 responses

Russell Westbrook Returns to Action (VIDEO)

Welcome back, Westbrook.

As expected, Russell Westbrook made his highly-anticipated return against the visiting Miami Heat Thursday night. Westbrook managed 16 points (on 4/12 shooting) in the 103-81 loss.

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  • the rain

    Russ needs to change the way he plays. Hes _not_ going to last long physically by playing the way he did last night. Whats going to happen to him when he has to get the 4th knee surgery? This will happen if he keeps playing like he just did.

  • JJ Jones

    No he doesnt wasnt happen to him was because of a dirty play from patrick beverly he.isnt dwyane wade with chronic problems

  • JJ Jones

    He looked good out there physically but considering that point guard is the hardest position to come back and play this was the WRONG game to come back to

  • underdog

    Maybe because I have my share of knee surgeries too, but it’s terrifying to see him sprint through the Miami D like it’s no thing. I’m glad he’s ok, though!

  • notoner

    Oof, 4 of 12 shooting? Welcome back Russell and all, but maybe ease your way back into the game?

  • Nigel

    Yes, he’s had three knee surgeries in a year, but two of them were cleanups. The initial surgery was to repair a slight tear in the meniscus. Knee injuries are never good, but his are more minor than they may seem. We’ll see if his style of play is sustainable though…

  • Nigel

    P.S. The first clean-up surgery was to repair a loose stitch. The knee was swelling due to that, but Westbrook said that he was completely pain-free.