Thursday, September 14th, 2006 at 6:21 pm  |  13 responses

The T-Wolves want to lose

Oh boy. McHale and Babcock together? What other conclusion are you supposed to draw from this?

By Sam Rubenstein

I just saw a headline on our AP News feed on the right side of the page that reads “Wolves name Hoiberg, Babcock, asst. GMs (AP).”

Um…. uh…

Well, I’m happy for The Mayor. The T-Wolves are doing the right thing. His career as a player ended because of a freak heart condition. He deserved better and his team is handling this with class.
But Rob Babcock? Working for Kevin McHale? ROB BABCOCK!!! Do they have some kind of pent-up vendetta against KG for paying him all that money over the years? Are they trying to get him to go out with 2 playoff series wins to his name? Last year Isiah went after the title of worst GM with the same determination he went after NBA championships in his playing career. I guess McHale realized he can’t compete with that, so he’s calling in reinforcements in the front office battle for tragicomedy of the year. Sure, it’s better that Babcock is an assistant than the guy calling the shots until he proves himself again, but what happens if/when the T-Wolves fire McHale? That’s right, Babcock could be back already and KG would become the new Vince.

Going home.

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  • M.K. Petrik

    As long as he’s not in Toronto, I don’t care where Babcock and his dark cloud is.

  • albie1kenobi

    just a great pic of babcock. completely moribund.

  • Boing Dynasty

    Minnesota is way to close to T.O, i would feel much more comfortable with him in Houston, or Switzerland.

  • Rome

    KG shouldve forced a trade to them Lakers like I prayed to God he would. People always call Lamar Odom a poor mans KG, why not trade for the real KG and let him do what Lamr is doing. dude needs to get outta Minn ASAP or he’ll end up like Nique’.

  • DBlizzy

    KG is my main man and i’ll always defend him to the death when ppl try to hate on him. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that he has to shoulder a lot of the blame for the Minny situation. I really can’t blame him for taking the cash if they were willing to give it and no one was looking at the future consequences, but when he re-upped that first time and became the highest paid basketball player in NBA history it crippled the franchise. Even though Kevin Mchale has made some mistakes, with that contract he has been very limited in what could be done. They weren’t able to resign Steph (even though he claims he left cuz it was cooollld.. pussy)or sign any big name free agents to play with KG.
    And like I said I love him as a player but he’s not the dominant force that you can build around with role players, the wolves need another superstar, but at this point its too late.
    And I hate that whole trade him to a conteder crap. I thought barkely and malone and GP were suckers for trying to ride someones coatails to a ring. The fact of the matter is you really only get one or two chances to win a ring and if it doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t happen. Bill Wennington has like 3 rings, does that make his career better than Pat Ewing? I don’t think so. ok i’m done now, i’m going back to work.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    When the Dolans inevitably fire Isiah, the Wolves can hire him, too. Maybe this is just their way of saying “see, there ARE worse front-office types out there!” Or it’s just further protection for McHale—they’re not gonna fire him if Babcock’s in the wings.

  • albie1kenobi

    KG, my hero, the tragic warrior. seemed like the wolves were poised to become yearly title contender, then he took the money, and everything fell apart. the marbury trade, the joe smith disaster, the spree/cassel non-reupp fiasco (if the team had re-upped them before the start of the 05 season, they wouldn’t have become the bad blood that eventually killed the team). ARGH. it’s f-ing frustrating to root for KG and the wolves. looking back, it seems like drafting KG was the only positive thing their front office did. no wonder they can’t make playoffs now. oh, i just remember, chauncey played well for the wolves for a while too. ARGH^50.

  • niQ

    lol..i agree lots with the first guy.. as long as he aint in toronto.. s’all gravy

  • Paolo

    The Wolves next step is to hire Isiah Thomas. So they can trade Garnett for Marbury, Steve Francis, Jalen and Crawford. That way, they can save David Stern’s beloved Knicks.

  • Tim Dogg

    Garnett’s contract didn’t help, but what killed the T-Wolf franchise was when the Joe Smith fiasco cost them two years of draft picks (if I remember correctly.) And when they finally were back on the board, they proved why that didn’t matter with a history of strange and underachieving draft picks. (Woods, Ebi, McCants). Let’s not forget this is also the team which took Luc Longely with a seventh pick, and Christian Laettner with a third. Surely we can’t blame that all on KG. In fact, it could be argued that the only good move this franchise has ever made was locking down the one great player it has ever had.

  • Gord

    That picture is PRICELESS lol…and I really feel sorry for KG…and don’t understand why everyone blames him for the Wolves’ problems…they need to build a supporting cast around him before time runs out…also I love how Mike James and Babcock are reunited in Minnie…I’ll be surprised if KG doesn’t knock James out before season’s end for jacking up 3′s on every possession

  • Sarral T

    people in Minnie better pray they dont fire McHale cause man Babcock will mess up like he did with the raptors thank heavens the raptors fired Babcock and got Brian Calangelo

  • Chris O’Leary

    Rob Babcock runs into McHale’s office one day, gleefully out of breath…
    RB: Kevin, I’ve got a blockbuster for us.
    McHale: Really?! What is it, Robbie?
    RB: Okay, get this: Stacey Augmon, Tony Battie, Pat Garrity and the contract of Grant Hill…
    KM: Yeah….
    RB: For Garnett!
    KM: For KG?
    RB: I know! Oh yeah, and this *tosses him a tub of vaseline*
    KM: DONE!