Monday, October 30th, 2006 at 5:02 pm  |  8 responses

Freakonomics on basketball and crime

Oh good, more basketball and crime stuff.

By Sam Rubenstein

The Freakonomics blog is linking to someone who knows of someone that put an interesting theory out there. The physical and aggressive nature of playing sports breeds violent criminal activitin kids, and they’ve got the numbers to support this theory. Naturally the title of the piece takes a shot at basketball, the only sport that has any criminals in it. Not baseball, where you hold a weapon in your hands and you throw a ball 100 MPH at someone’s head (Mr. Clemens) to assassinate him. Not football, where the name of the game is to kill anything that moves. Basketball is once again the perceived breeding ground for criminals.

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  • Max Airington

    In December 2005, this sociologist summed up the conclusions of two previous surveys (1999 and 2003). They clearly underlined that “the practice of sport never reduces the number of crimes”. On the contrary, they tend to show that such a practice “can give the opportunity to develop physical abilities useful for street crime: running, how to use impulsive behaviour, how to master the use of force”.

    So apparently you can sling crack rocks AND have a wicked jumpshot. Who knew?

  • Jake Appleman

    The crossover dribble actually means “to cross over” from law-abiding citizen to criminal. In the same way that the offensive player–or offender in this case–crosses up his opponent, these criminals will try and consciously cross the boundary from good to evil, with the specific purpose of eluding the police.
    Ice Cube, your thoughts?

  • http://thehype.wordpress.com Hype

    Sorry if it’s crass, but I can’t think of another way to say it: the theory is just fucking stupid.

  • kingstuffs

    i thnk these guys r hatein on ball
    cus they wer the fags that got picked last
    for a team lol
    this theory is [as Hype said]
    fukin stupid

  • MD Shuai

    Crass or not, it still happens to be a fairly accurate statement.

  • Joel O’s

    That’s bullsh*t; they are drawing a totally wrong relationship between the “practice of sport”, that is, physical training, and “improving crime-skills”.

    By the same reasoning, every couch potato out there is fighting crime by being a slob.

  • Joel O’s

    If practice of sport equips us to be better criminals, doesn’t that make Allen “Practice?” Iverson even MORE of a model citizen?

  • Drolfe

    The People’s Champ archive link is still busted..