Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 at 3:15 pm  |  5 responses

Player of the D.A.Y.

The real Player of the D.A.Y. logo is coming soon.

By Sam Rubenstein

I’ve got SLAM’s Art Director Stephen Goggi hard at work on an official logo trophy for the winner of the Player of the D.A.Y. He’ll have that logo for us soon.

Today’s winner is Baron Davis, who played all 48 minutes in the Warriors win down in Big D, helping Nellie to a glorious return against the billionaire owner that won’t pay him $6 million. Baron’s numbers were 26, 8, and 7, but the big thing was the win against what should be a superior team that was desperate to get a W on its home floor on banner night. Honorable mention to Ben Gordon for his 37 and 9 in the Bulls spanking of one of their central division rivals. I just felt that the Warriors win was important for their credibility, especially in one of the toughest venues for a visiting team to play.

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  • Dallas J.

    Look.. all this bull about the 6mil Cuban owes Nelson is rediculous. First of all, the deal was made with ross Perot Jr. before Cubes even bought the team. Nelsons lawyer contacted Cuban about the issue and Cuban did the right thing, said let me have my attorneys look at the matter and I’ll get back to you. Nelsons lawyer then took it to the media like it’s a big controversy.

    What’s so controversial about it? The Mavs may or may not owe Nelson 6mil for a deal made by Perot. Of course cuban is going to have his attorneys check it out. No one, not even a billionaire is going to cut a 6mil check for something that happened before he even owned the team.

  • Tom Jackson

    So if you bought the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow, and you didn’t like, let’s say, having to pay Michael Finley 17 million dollars this year to play for the San Antonio Spurs you feel it’d be your right to refuse, because it happened before you owned the team? Where does it end? That’s not a very well thought-out statement.

  • Dallas J.

    HAHA. Get real man. You missed the entire point. You don’t REFUSE. You get your lawyers and accountants to pour over the paperwork and make sure it’s legit. Which is exactly what Cuban is doing.


    DAllAS J go and suck dirk’s balls


    o.k. dallas j and jason terry’s too