Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 12:30 pm  |  9 responses

The worst possible news for Knicks fans

No, it’s not the Eddy Curry injury

By Sam Rubenstein

After the debacle of last season, you’d think that the Knicks hit their low point, which for the fans would be their high point since it would force owner James Dolan to take action. You would think that a team with the highest payroll in the league, the highest paid coach who had to be bought out, a sexual harrasment suit against the GM, empty seats, and so on, would be such a money hole that the owner would have to take whatever he could get for such a financial disaster. Apparently not.

The Knicks are still the NBA’s most valuable franchise, with the most revenue even though they also had the greatest financial loss. According to Forbes Magazine, the Knicks value increased 9 percent the past year to $592 million. James Dolan has to be laughing at everyone that gets all worked up about the play on the court. Like he says, the New York Knicks only make up 3 percent of the Cablevision empire. He’s never selling the team.

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  • thomas


  • abelp

    first!!!!! hey sam u might wanna think about switching basketball teams…cuz the knicks aint going nowhere soon….

  • dez

    i’m thinking about switching cities for a better home team. also, i’m betting a minor injury keeps curry out for a long time, cause hes too much of a fatass to rehab quickly. shaq’s gonna eat this team alive, and the crawford offense is the streakiest thing possible.

  • William

    That’s because the Knicks are the only basketball team on the biggest market. Maybe the value will change somewhat if somehow the NBA somehow could allow a second tenant to MSG. Say a team with pedigree like the Nets, or Hawks (kidding Lang).
    I’m not sure the owners would allow that though since inflated values for the bigger teams will also push the values of the smaller teams up.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    The Knicks make millions just on the sale of pretzels at their games. One of the best perks of working here is not having to pay for vendor food at a game.

  • lucci

    yo the knicks are about to go all out, there gonna do it (no homo) i can just tell

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Meanwhile, as I mentioned to Sam this morning, the Ford Motor Company lost $12.7 BILLION last year. Which is something like $24,000 a MINUTE. Hey, wait, I’ve got an idea. Isiah Thomas has Detroit connections, right? WE FOUND YOUR NEXT JOB, ZEKE.

  • lucci

    yo russ, your a bum

  • Frim

    Haha, could you imagine what would happen if Isiah came to Ford Motor Company? Ford would definitely go under. Great player horrible manager. Can one you explain to me how the Knicks have the highest payroll in the league with jus Steph and Steve Francis for super stars?