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The Indiana Jailpacers

Why wasn’t L’il Dunleavy invited?!?

By Sam Rubenstein

Oh boy. The Portland Trailblazers players stopped getting into trouble, so we can’t call them the Jailblazers anymore. Thankfully the new team of mischief has a similar name. The Indiana Jailpacers! The latest episode of the team that had a player shooting his gun in the air after getting hit by a car, can now add another fun night to their list of accomplishments.

Before I go any further, I’ll take this time to say yes these kind of things are reported more in the NBA than other sports and a bigger deal is made and race plays a factor and all of that. All that being said, this did happen. Allegedly.

The two facts that make this story even funnier/sadder.

1. Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels are among those alleged participants.

2. It happened after the game against Golden State. The very same team they traded Stephen Jackson to.

You really can’t make this stuff up. Unless you believe Jamaal Tinsely, who claims “I’m upset that I could be involved in something like this. I had nothing to do with it.” Hmmmmm… it’s possible this is all made up and these guys are targets for this kind of thing. But then again, you’ve got veteran leader Darrell Armstrong weighing in “Any time we go out, things can pop off at any moment. As players, we have to be a little more smarter, not only my teammates, myself included. You are in spots that can cause some drama. You never know what might happen. Every time we go somewhere, we try to go out and have a good time, and things happen.”

Without getting too judgmental, let me just say that if any of the Pacers are around when we’re out in Vegas, I’ll be ready. I don’t know what for. I’ll just be ready for whatever.

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  • Wizfan

    first, even with WHOOOOOO and the dog starver gone, the pacers can’t stay out of trouble.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    A little more smarter, indeed.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    And McCleod hasn’t even been a Pacer for a month yet! They learn fast in Indy.

  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    One of those guys needs to build a bar in their basement. Or have Larry as a chaperone when they go out. No one in the state of Indiana would even look at him cross eyed.

  • Chris

    Sam is stupid… LOL… funny ass dude for real.

  • http://the-seed.net/suns Maha10k

    I always assumed millionaires had exclusive parties at their houses. Why even bother going to night clubs when you can afford to get DJ Clue to play in your den? Too many athletes getting shot, ran over and in fights. Avoid the drama, have a house party.

  • Matthew

    What they need to do instead of having DJ Clue is have Immature come over and tell them to invite/bring all the girls and then it would be on and poppin!!! Now that’s a house party.

  • Mike

    Maha10k: I think Chris Webber and Juwan Howard tried that idea when they both played for the Bullets. They ended up getting charged with rape. Not such a good idea.

  • Calvin Byrd

    House Party?!?! Ever hear of Jayson Williams?

  • Clockwork

    Could Jamaal and Marquis be crazy enough to pull this stuff twice in less than six months?It’s like they saw Jackson that night and said to each other :”Remember that night at the strip club with Stephen? That was pretty fun, let’s do it again for old time’s sake!”God bless the NBA.

  • Bryant Reeves

    Maybe Daniels, Tinsley and McCleod just want to get traded. Why pout on the bench and bad mouth your coach when you can just kick the crap out of people and fire guns in the air?

  • Jpolk


  • Danny W. UK

    these kind of things are reported more in the NBA than other sports and a bigger deal is made and race plays a factor and all of that.

    In the UK the paparazzi (?) are all over our celebrities and Soccer stars.

    I don’t recall ever hearing a report of an athlete kicking a disabled man whilst he was down, and then shooting a gun 5 times.

    It’s probably the marijuana, every other mother fucking smoker suffering Paranoid Schizophrenia. Why else would you carry a gun and beat up little disabled people when they’re lying on the ground?

  • c1

    danny, you sure you ever actually smoked mj?

  • Dblizzy!

    Why are you implying that these guys smoke marijuana?

    And the man was not a “little disabled person” I don’t recall the article saying that.

    The fact of the matter is that when these guys go out, like it or not, they are gonna be targets for haters and gold diggers.

    Should they be smarter when they go out. Of course. But I don’t think it’s fair to say they should stay in the house either.

  • http://the-seed.net/suns Maha10k

    I’m assuming that the house parties wouldn’t involve felonies.

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Jailpacers. Very good name. Corey Mag. could go here too. play wit it.

  • LordGefroh

    speaking of lil dun, please please please check out his pics on drunkathlete.com.

  • John

    LOL!!! a little MORE smarter…LMAO.

  • bja

    Danny W. I don’t say this lightly, but you’re an idiot. I live in UK, and
    1) I remember newly capped England football representative Joey Barton attempting to put out a cigar in a teammate’s eye.
    2) As much marijuana is smoked here as the rest of the world. And if you’ve ever actually smoked pot you’d realise you’re far less inclined to fight stoned than when drunk.

  • FLUD

    This Danny W character is off the charts. What are you talkin’ about man?? Racist abuse/beatings, Rape, embezzlement, cheating/bribery, drugs/alcohol… the only thing football in england is missing is guns. When’s the last time england fans DIDN’T riot??… When they were playing away in portugal and they were all stoned and ‘reggae happy’! SNAP OUT OF IT KID!!

  • http://slam tyler crompton

    well you cant call the Blazers the jailblazers anymore, because we dont have shawn kemp, damon stoudemire, or the worst attitude guy that has been in the Blazers orginazation in years in rasheed wallace, and tohe guys mentioned prior are gone and the rose city fans are back and watch us next year battling for a mid seed in the playoffs.