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Tim Duncan Vs. Joey Crawford: 15 Rounds

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble

by Marcel Mutoni

If you happened to miss yesterday afternoon’s Mavs-Spurs tilt, it would have been understandable. I sure didn’t watch. With hardly any playoff implications, and with everyone waiting for the regular season to mercifully end, it was hard to get excited for the showdown. Even if it featured two of the best teams in the Association. Judging from the highlights, it was a pretty good game, but the real story was the Duncan-Crawford beef.

Initially, it looked as though Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan for basically laughing. Sitting on the bench, Timmy was assessed with his first technical for criticizing an offensive foul call. A little over a minute later, with Duncan still on the bench, Josh Howard drove into the lane and lost control of the ball after grazing Fabricio Oberto. Crawford called a blocking foul on Oberto, and Duncan did the only thing he (or anyone else) could do at the moment: he laughed at the absurdity of the call. The emotional Crawford was not amused and threw Tim out of the game.

In the postgame press conference, Duncan claimed that Crawford – get this – challenged him to a fight:

“He looked at me and said, ‘Do you want to fight? Do you want to fight?”‘ Duncan said. “If he wants to fight, we can fight. I don’t have any problem with him, but we can do it if he wants to. I have no reason why in the middle of a game he would yell at me, ‘Do you want to fight?”‘

Crawford’s side of the story:

“And then he went over to the bench and he was over there doing the same stuff behind our back,” Crawford said. “I hit him with one (technical) and he kept going over there, and I look over there and he’s still complaining. So I threw him out.”

“That’s his opinion. He said nothing when he was walking off the court and he called me a piece of (expletive). Is that nothing?”

Obviously, this is awesome and I love that some of Duncan’s gangster has finally surfaced after all of these years. If there’s any justice in the world, the League will assign the hot-headed (and possibly senile) Crawford to a Spurs playoff series. Someone should probably alert Don King.

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  • http://threeinthekey.wordpress.com/ Sebastian

    That was just silly man. Joey Crawford always tries to be the show of every game he refs. That’s not right.

  • CoreyMelo15

    Crawford is an awful ref. When you try to be the story of the game and you’re not wearing a Spurs or Mavs jersey – Thats a problem.

  • Not a Spurs fan

    This is the most ridicules call I have ever seen. I watched the game and saw both call. Crawford should retire before the game.

  • Mike

    Crawford is ridiculous!! I cant believe he actually asked Duncan to fight him! That is just pure gold… I hope HBO gets a hold of this so we can have a little pay-per-view action in the summer

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Joey Crawford needs to go. Seriously. You throw out the visiting team’s best player while he’s on the bench? For laughing? Way to make yourself bigger than the game, Joey. How such a damn hothead has managed to be a referee for this long is beyond me. Time’s up. I’d love to see him at least suspended for the playoffs, but we all know that’ll never happen.

  • Drolfe

    Joey Crawford reminds me of my girlfriend. Just a raw ball of emotions with no rationality. My girlfriend and I are having problems..

  • Eoin

    I…CAN’T FREAKIN BELIEVE Crawford challenged Duncan to a fight.Ordinarily I’d pay to watch this fight, but I have a feeling Duncan would just absorb Crawford’s pathetic punches for ten to fifteen minutes until Crawford was on his knees, sweaty and cose to a heart attack.Then Duncan would push his face into the ground with his little finger, like a cartoon character.I’ve put too much thought into this…

  • namik

    I really want a player to punch JCraw in the face. just to see the look on his smug little face when he finally gets what hes been asking for. he acts like a hardass and always manages to pull some stunt. This takes the cake tho. Ejecting a player on the bench. Tim Duncan at that. Damn. The NBA will review the play and fine Timmy as usual.

  • Slobodan Chutzpah

    Every time someone ends up comparing their girlfriend to Joey Crawford, you know something has gone terribly wrong along the way. Still, I can symphatize…

  • jon rocka

    the NBA is rigged. This stunt by the idiot crawford is just setting the table for a crucial playoff game to go in the direction of letting the refs control the game.I can hear hubie brown already “crawford and duncan have had bad blood,lets see if it plays into tonights game” BS who does Crawford have to answer to for this??NO ONE

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    The ironic thing is that over the summer a point of emphasis was refs taking control of the league so the hotheaded fan-alienating players would stop humiliating them with their whining. Hot heads like, you know, Tim Duncan. Although on the surface this is a funny event, Crawford needs to sit out the playoffs at least.

  • hoopshypeisbetterthanslam

    This same crap went down when Sheed was in Portland only it wasn’t Crawford it was Steve Javey (probably not spelled right) I remember him teching Sheed for looking at him. The refs need to policed just like the players are. If Kobe can be sat for actions that weren’t called fouls then refs should be fined or suspended for overzealous T’s or blown calls.

  • awaiting change

    Everyone should have expected this type of behavior when they made ref’s a part of the game…As fans we see so many emotionally charged calls by the ref’s…this has become a game of ref’s with no reason…..he looked at me!! he laughed at me!! he yelled at me!!TECH!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/russellkeewatin Chief

    What a joke. I’m glad that there are moments like these that let me know Tim Duncan is only human. Not a basketball robot bent on taking over the league.

  • Silky Slim

    Tim Duncan needs to (Pedro Martinez) Joey Crawford! Joey Crawford resembles a younger looking Don Zimmerman.

  • Boing Dynasty

    Just for the record, were talking about a 50 year old man, named Joey.

  • Hot peas and butter

    If Jo Jo wants to fight he can make his way to Sac Town. I’m sure Ron Ron would be up for something to let him be suspended.

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    This Duncan-Crawford battle is gonna be good. David Stern will have a huge problem in his hands.

    This is the next big NBA drama that everyone been waiting for.

  • maio

    Joey needs to go ref some games in Greece or Turkey.

  • RudX

    And don’t forget the foul called on Oberto right after ejecting Duncan. Just ugly, and embarassing. Such as Howard right now, the guy’s a joke. Can’t wait to see the Mavs go down in the Playoffs. Please let it be against Nellie’s Warriors.

    (maio: damn right)

  • Slobodan Chutzpah

    The fans would in all likelihood kill Joey to death if he went and reffed any games in Greece or Turkey. I’m serious: those fans don’t play…

  • FLUD

    Joey Joey Joey…. Man..if there’s a roster spot anywhere I’ll take just so I can knock the s*** out of him, get banned from nba events for life, and get inducted into the hall for services to basketball. You’d never ever have to buy a drink again for the rest of your life.

  • Redrum

    @maio: it is a pretty big chance that if he pulled that off in Greece, he would need 15 coppers in full riot gear to take him of the stadium. Have seen in happen quite a few times….

    Maybe this is good for TD. maybe this will fire him up so much, that he will put in display much more fire and poise, and fight his way back to another ring.

  • Menudo Terremoto Williams

    Enough of the compensating for your shriveled yellow pennis, Joey…we get it already!

  • http://threeinthekey.wordpress.com/ Sebastian
  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Like everything else in the world that’s not George Bush’s fault, this is David Stern’s fault.

  • Mike

    Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabbadoo.

  • allenp

    That was some straight bull. Yeah, Duncan was laughing at Joey, but be a man and suck it up. Ejecting Duncan for something minor like that ruins the whole game, and it was a good game. Both teams looked good and then you get rid of the Spurs best player.

  • Andres David

    Its about time someone did something about that Tim Duncan. He has been a terror in the league for years. I see him talking on the bench sometimes and its obvious by the way he is looking towards the court that he is attacking the refs. Also, you have to remember he is from the virgin islands or something. Voodoo is no joke, I bet shady ass Tim took some courses in that. Joey knows what he is doing, the NBA doesn’t just hand out whistles to anybody. Players should know their role. You jump only when the ref says its ok to jump… bitches.

  • Jeanette

    I think Joey is a jerk. He had no reason to eject Tim Duncan. Maybe he’s in Mark Cuban’s back pocket! The ref’s were one side in this game.

  • thomas

    the sad thing is..if joey does get fined or get a small suspenion it wont be made public.. the nba makes those decisions in private..so unless we dont see joey until november than we probably won’t know what happened..

  • http://Salmonline.com Donz

    Joey crawford doing his best Joe Pesci impression…You laughn at ME! So what Do I make you laugh.. Go F**K yourself!

  • Roger

    This is one of the reasons why the NBA is a faltering product. Officials such as Dick Bavetta, Steve Jaffey and Joey Crawford think they are part of the show and want camera time. Can you imagine this happening in the NFL?!?! An absolute embarrassment.

  • paul

    Crawford should be fired. His technical calls on Duncan were completely unacceptable.

  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    Maybe Crawford’s stupidity was for the best. The officials had to have been put on notice after that, and perhaps it will prevent future repeats?
    If not, well, damn. Ill still keep watching the NBA.

  • ref hater

    That was soooooooooo stupid i mean what a bogus call those two never liked each other its time to retire Joey

  • whooo!

    clearly this is why the robot is programmed to show no emotion whatsoever. fix the glitches!

  • jdFlash22

    2003′s Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year, EJECTED for laughing! David Stern’s definately driving this league to the ground. If Karl Malone can give David Robinson a concussion, and not get called for a foul.(I wonder who made that call) Then why is Timmy getting teched for laughing. I put all the blame on Stern.
    Andres Davis. Joey called and said you left your panties in his bed.

  • ALX8725

    I was watching the game on sunday too. When Joey T’ed up Duncan for the second time and threw him out, I was hella laughing. Then Joey T’ed me up.

  • Texasphase

    The NBA and David Stern won’t do anything about Joey Crawford and his anger management problems because Stern knows he needs a ref that makes an example of players on national television. But you don’t go after one of the all stars like that unless they are really out of line, which Duncan was not. Why won’t Stern punish Crawford? They’ve been in bed together since Stern reinstated him in 1999 for stealing from the NBA……here’s the details –
    In 1998, Joe was one of 10 NBA referees charged with filing false income tax returns. An Internal Revenue Service investigation was the result of cash being pocketed by referees when airline tickets provided by the league were downgraded. At the conclusion of a four year investigation, Crawford pleaded guilty on July 1, 1998 for falsely stating income of $82,500 from 1991 to 1993 and resigned from the NBA effective immediately. He would be reinstated by NBA commissioner David Stern in 1999. Joey Crawford is not NBA Ref material, he’s a crook and a scam artist who has his own demons to work out of his past and he’s doing right in front of us on national television. Maybe that’s what set him off, Duncan must have brought up Crawford’s scheme’s from the past and Joey could not control himself.

  • whooo!

    oh, and didja hear what t-robot said to jeoy as he left? “fuck you! you’re a piece of shit!” haha, TIM freakin DUNCAN!

    oh, and joey, if you wanna fight a player, maybe you should give a call to this european ref for some tips. you do not want it like that!

  • Dennard C

    That shit Joey pulled is like a guy at a club wanting to fight because someone stepped on his shoe. Obviously, the dude has some personal issues that need to be addressed.

  • Ryu

    If there was a Barkley VS Dick Bavetta footrace, it’s time to make a Timmy VS Joey Crawford wrestle match. What Would Rasheed Do?

    Anyway, Kobe deservs the nickname, ’50′ rather than Curtis Jackson.

  • whooo!

    oh, and that punch was by a basketball player from the virgin islands! man, could you imagine t-robot knocking joey crawford unconscious for 3 hrs and being banned for life!?

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    When he calls a T, everyone will now blame Crawford, even if the player is at fault. So now a player can say whatever he wants to him without fear.
    Or Joey is so full of pent up rage he won’t back down from being the tough guy ref, and we’ll have another fun playoffs full of ejections.

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    if stern is smart – and i have no reason to believe that he’s not – he’ll slap joey on the wrist with a fine or something, but make sure he’s assigned to a few spurs playoff games. after all, this is the entertainment business, right? i demand to be entertained, dammit!

  • peteb80

    That should have been a technical against Crawford.

  • Earl

    It is MY opinion that when Crawford asked Duncan to fight he was probably not talking about an all out fist fight. He probably meant arguing. As in,” Youre arguing with my call. I can give you a technical, do you want to FIGHT about this? If you wanna fight lets fight and I’ll throw you out of the game.” He meant fighting over the officiating.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Mutoni, I’m not joking — this sh*t is Stern’s fault. Those refs don’t take a dump without a directive from Dave. Those refs enforce Stern’s will, and any who don’t are out of a job.

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    i’m about to take a dump myself. anyone got stern’s digits?

  • Matt VW

    While I hate crawford, I loved what took place yesterday. this was a game that should have meant nothing to the mavs, but in the end it was the Spurs treated it like an exhibition, and came away with every psychological edge going into the playoffs.
    #1 they probably ridded themselves of being reffed by Crawford in the playoffs, that is huge, he hates the Spurs.
    #2 the mavs ended up playing their aszes off in a game that shouldn’t have mattered, the spurs are in their heads
    #3 and the spurs still outplayed them for the duration of the game that wasn’t decided by Crawford

    that game made me feel really good about the spurs in the playoffs

  • freazyfreaky

    Tim Duncan’s “gangster” what are you talking about – because he is black he is a gangster. The ref asked him if he wanted to fight not the other way around. All whites shoot innocent people, huh? (VTech).

  • FLUD

    58-72-90….. just like jerome james.

  • Jack

    Crawford’s head looks like the love-spawn of a hemorrhoid and an anal wart.

  • http://slamonline.com/ sunkist

    crawford went beyond the line, that just pisses me off becuz, refs like crawford are abusing their power, how in the hell can u give a guy a technical for laughing on the bench, that’s fuckin b.s., crawford should be fired. and to challenge timmy d to a fight, that old white guy would get his ass tossed

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    i forgot which post it was, but i think people were making champ predictions, and i said,
    “i’m picking the refs to win it all this year.”
    suddenly i feel like a prophet.

  • rinay

    why did he get thrown out? The game was infact being called terrible.. Tim did say 3 words… he fouled me.. wow..so he stood up for himself and now there is talk about action against #21? is the nba becoming more like the mafia? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR ELSE….

  • rinay

    the refs all hate the spurs and have for years… anyone remember spurs vs lakers .4 seconds? .4 seconds usually means a tip in, but when you catch, turn and shoot with .4 seconds something is really up.. they have had to endure ghost calls and no calls for years…

  • http://slamonline.com Konate

    Ryan, maybe sternbot put some money on the game, and this was his attempt to ruin the spurs chances of winning last nights game

  • Sherri

    no mutoni,thts not how it works, dont you get it??? you gotta wait for stern to hit you up and tell you wht to do when to do, you cant just call him and ask…& seriously out of all ppl they jus let timmy slide with this, because any show of human emotion frm tht guy is rare and a blessing to watch, you see Tim Duncan laughin`, somethinn` seriously hilarious, so out of all ppl they should cut Tim Duncan sum slack.

  • http://slamonline.com Konate

    this just in :”do you want to fight”wasnt the only thing crawford said, he also screamed “Shut up you nappy headed hoe”

  • rinay

    aFter the fact it was tied then howard(fake stripped) fouled ginobili ,no call… what a surprise? spurs should have won the game.. it’s sad how dallas was actually trying hard to win… shameless

  • Daniel Lee

    Seeing as Timmy has overtaken Karl Malone as the greatest pf in league history, maybe he’s now looking to follow in Malone’s footsteps by toying with a bit of pro wrestling when he retires.

    Could you just imagine Timmy ‘The Robot’ Duncan squaring off against Joey ‘shiny head’ Crawford – awesome! Make it happen McMahon!

  • rinay

    more proof the league hates the spurs… remember dennis rodman with the spurs that one year where he first bleached his fro…. He got tossed also for simply looking at the ref while walking away… larry brown it was i think the coach…

  • rinay

    karl malone earned his records on the line.. for what? houndng the refs night in and night out…is this what we should preach to our kids? is this the “right way”?

  • rinay

    I knew it right when i saw it happen… already on outside the lines

  • http://mutonisspot mike bryan

    If Ref Crawford is so emotional and “possibly senile”. He has no place in the NBA. You can’t throw somebody out or give them a technical because they disagree with your (bad in fact..)
    calls. If that were the case the gym would be empty!

  • IrvBX

    In the video sebastian posted you can see duncan did call joey a piece of shit watch from about 2:10

  • seppo

    We all know that Joey Crawford is a jerk. But so is Timmy. Off the court he might be a model citizen, but on the court he´s probably worse than Sheed when it comes to communicating with the refs. Instead of arguing calls he´s just standing there gesturing and crying foul. When the dress code was instituted he kept repeating: “It´s just retarded”. Profound argument, Timmy. If you look past his fundamentals and developed skills he´s probably more immature than Andrew Bynum.

  • illydiva

    I thought I saw the “piece of shit” declaration during the game, but wasn’t that while Tim was on his way out? (too lazy to look at the video, thx anyway Bassy) The point is he was ejected for nothing, so calling him a piece of shit (rather than swinging on him) was completely in order. Not like he asked Joey to meet him in the parking lot. And wasn’t Horry laughing at the Oberto call too? Why didn’t he get a tech?

  • rinay

    he’s a former mvp.. 3 time finals mvp.. why can kobe and dirk and phil jackson get away with getting in ref’s faces… everyone bitches and the last perosn to be t’d up is duncan.. absolute hogwash.the greatest player in the nba mind you wanna champion holding never was’s…

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Nice on the Imus reference, Konate — I just hope it’s the last one anyone ever makes ever.
    Also, Stern’s got money on EVERY game. Never forget that.

  • Ned

    lol : “kill joey to death” I completely agree power tripping people generally just need to be killed to death….

  • Tada….

    One Word… SENILE.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Did someone really say that Tim Duncan is worse on the court…than Rasheed? Really?

  • Calvin

    Joey Crawford is insane.

  • LordGefroh

    joey crawford needs to chill. he definitely is no violet palmer.

  • juantaunsoup

    WHAT THE?? Joey I hope you read this.. YOU NEED TO RETIRE OLD MAN!! I can care less if Tim was laughing at you, What were you thinking? You some kind of “tough guy”? Dont forget, You work for the sport, not your ego! Media HOG! You just need to cash out your 401k and find a rocking chair pointed to the west.

  • Scott

    Why was Crawford even watching Duncan – was he that eager to see him do just something little wrong so he could throw him out. Maybe the refs should be watching the game and not the bench.

  • Joyce Harris

    Joey Crawford needs to re-take that anger management class. Ejecting Tim Duncan was uncalled for. Chill, Joey.

  • doctor j

    FCUK JOEY FCUKIN CRAWFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want his head on a platter!!! nobody is payin for a ticket to watch some oompa loompa lookin guy toss T.D for laughing at his btich ass. both fouls called were inconsistent with the game. first, he calls a blocking foul on oberto were id be suprised if J-5 even knew he had even touched him, then J-HOOOO goes and flops like a btich. come on, all-stars don’t do that. anyway, JOEY needs to go ref a first grade game or somethin.

  • hoopshypeisbetterthanslam

    It is funny that anyone could think the refs are in Cuban’s pocket. Did you watch the finals? D Wade shooting more free throws than the entire Mavs squad. Stern hates Cuban, the refs follow Stern.

  • J Crawford

    Why are you all taking Tim’s side? You have to give me some credit for going to anger management classes. Doesn’t matter, David Stern is going to protect me anyway so you all could go to hell. I’m the referee and I control who wins all these games. I’ll turn this into the next WWF before long. Gotta go and collect my money now from my bookie.

  • francis

    Tim walks around like he’s priviledged, with that dumb-ass smurk on his face…he should of got tossed. Dude better save that energy for Amarie and the Matrix.

  • olrayt2142

    that call was completely insane.

  • A-MoNeY

    First da whole Rashid saga and now this! The NBA needs changes …. can’t the players association do something? I mean for laughing come on, are you serious? What’s next? A T for playing ball and NOT complaining? FYI: I am a Spurs fan

  • trickyricky

    Joey Crawford = Tony
    Timmay = Christopher

  • 萧红

    I can’t understand Joey Crawford’s stupy impose penalties!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    How about Joey Crawford being an idiot earlier in the month (towards the end of the story)?


    Or again with the Spurs/Mavs, only this time in 2003?


    Or what about him just being a general nutbag?


  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    How about the fact that he’s taken anger management classes (maybe time to enroll for another round)? And ADMITS to being prone to throwing Ts by the double handful.


  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    And one more. As the Bucks accumulated 15 techs in five games during a 2003 playoff series with the Nets: “It’s ridiculous,” Sam Cassell said. “I asked Joey Crawford, is this what they want to see? As a fan I wouldn’t want to see 14 technical fouls.”

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    From 2005: “Mutombo was whistled for a technical late in the third quarter after complaining about a foul on O’Neal. After the call, Mutombo held up both arms in disbelief and the Rockets’ bench and fans exploded in protest. “He was mocking me with his smile,” official Joe Crawford explained to incredulous Houston coach Jeff Van Gundy.”

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    From the 2006 preseason: “Referee Joey Crawford was worked up for a preseason game. He gave Rambis a technical foul at the end of the first half and barked at the Lakers huddle to get on the floor for the start of the second half. Remember that it’s Oct. 15.

    Sure enough, Parker was whistled for an offensive foul 40 seconds into the third quarter, shot a look that said he was upset at the call, and was hit with a technical immediately. I guess that’s what the NBA wants this season.”

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    From 1999: “And, there have been classic moments of frustration, like when Reggie Miller was ejected from the Miami game by referee Joey Crawford with just under 2 minutes remaining after applauding a call that had gone in favor of the Pacers. Less than a minute earlier, Miller had been hit with a technical for disputing a foul call against him. Then, when Miami’s Alonzo Mourning was whistled for a foul, Miller earned his walking papers by sarcastically clapping in Crawford’s face.”

    OK, maybe Reggie deserved that one.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    I should have just made a new Joey Crawford post. Dammit.

  • K

    What amuses me the most about this is the fact that if it was another team, people would already be over it. This was probably karma coming back to bite him in the ass after arguing practically every call that wasn’t in San Antonio’s favor during the playoffs last year. Either way, it’s amusing as hell.

  • 1hush D

    I don’t like the spurs and I know I don’t have any good reason but I don’t like Timmy either. And Joey Crawford IS A PIECE OF SHIT.

  • 1hush D

    By the way, we need to get some talk rolling on FireDavidStern.com. And I own DumpDavidStern.com….does someone from Slam want this site? It needs content and I don’t have time for ALL of my hate. RJ, why don’t you fill my site with some Stern hate?

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    at least we now know what russ does between 4 and 5 am.

  • J in SA

    The league needs to step in and check their refs when things like this happen. But like always they won’t and guys like Joe Crawford and Steve Javie will continue to stick their fat heads and influence the course of games instead of officiating them. Last time I checked it was still 5 on 5 and we paid to watch the players on the court. Hey Crawford, keep you fat head, no neck-having ass out of the games. Or better yet, call it a career.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    Tim Duncan should be kicked out of every NBA game he’s involved with. He should be kicked out of the NBA period and slapped with a restraining order preventing him from going within 50 feet of any basketball game that involves spectators. And joey crawford is the personification of the pussyisation of the NBA. This story captures everything wrong with the NBA; Tim Duncan and the Netball officiating of corporate bitchness. Someone needs to lead a revolution!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    “Mocking me with his Smile” would be a great name for a song, most likely one by a sh*tty emo band.
    And hush, I don’t actively hate Stern. The NBA is a business, and he’s the CEO, and he’s running it as he sees fit. It’s annoying, but I try to save my hate for people who really deserve it. Like Oprah.

  • Shiz

    Ryan: You hate Oprah? Like Hate, hate? I must admit she is pretty opinionated about, well, everything…but damn that broad got cake!! I can respect that. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

  • Jdollaz

    I hate david Stern, that little excuse for a man is the one who has taken all the fun out of basketball. Name one other commissioner who loves the limelight like Stern? First the dress code, now the NBA players look as if they are playing for a Soviet team. No emotions will be allowed on the court unless it is the emetions of a little girl named David Stern.

  • I’m a Moron

    From that referee.com article posted:

    “It’s about the game. The more I’m around this, the more I’m figuring this out that it’s just not about the officials, us in our little world.”

    So, it’s taken Crawford 30 years for realization to begin to dawn that “it’s just not about the officials”? Wow. Maybe that should be part of orientation on day one. Call the section “Fans Come to Watch the Athletes.” I can chair, if necessary.

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  • 2y4life

    Haha, Joey Crawford has just been suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. Lol, he deserves it.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    I’m totally making a separate Joey Crawford post anyway. For those who may not have clicked on the comments from this one.

  • Mike

    At last we have see someone put into check for their abuse of powers. I wish this happened more often in this world today. Crawfords action towards Duncan reminded me of Crawfords actions towards Nelly in 2003 when the Mavs were agains the Spurs in the playoffs. I think Stern had had enough of Crawfords abuse of powers and had to put him into check. I dont think Crawford can return after this. My guess is that he will retire and will never step foot on an NBA court again.

  • http://dougchristie.com smoke

    Could you imagine if this was game 7 of the western conference finals instead of a semi-meaningless reg season game? How can Joey be considered to ref another game, when the spotlight will be on him like no other ref? Did you guys know what Joey did for a living before becoming a bad ref? That’s right, he was a postman. At least he’s not going off at work like that chinese kid at virginia tech, he’s only tossing crybaby duncan out of a game.

  • http://yahoo bingobanks

    My humble opinion is that Crawford is an arrogant prick (no offense to other nice pricks). Send him to enroll at kindergarten.

  • bwood

    Way to go Joey! Have you guys lost your heads. There’s no laughing in basketball!!!

  • Ready Eddie

    Two guys who got tired of each other’s sh!t imo. But Tim going crying to the public has to be the biggest wuss around!

    “Daddy Stern, the ref said a mean thing to me. Is that right?”

  • http://philcarillo.wordpress.com/ steelparade

    ok. im not the oldest guy around here, but i started watching the NBA with my father when i was a kid. im 40 years young now, and i pretty much stopped watching the NBA about 5 years ago. it just became too painful for me to watch…..specifically, the officiating. for laughs, we started turning off the sound during games and tried to follow the game with out any commentators, audio, etc. it was almost impossible to figure out what the refs were calling, and not calling. so much has changed over the past decade or so. the game seems like a one on one game, while others stand around. maybe a pass or two, but mostly standing around the outside and shooting or driving one on one. when you add the often absurd officiating, it becomes one big mess. joey just seems like the creation of a long-time problem with the NBA. giving a T for laughing on the bench…….what the hell is that? ridiculous. anyway, im sure the game is till great in its own way. i just have been a bit jaded since i used to watch the game when it was played by a “team” and the officials were there to assist, not take-over…

  • bill

    crawford is a pussy!!!!!!!

  • clint

    I think it’s time that the NBA needs a whole new look, from the refs to the commissioner. And rememember Stern, you started it with the clothes. I’m from Portland, Or. I witnessed refs giving R.Wallace techs and out games for a simple look. Im not saying Rasheed didn’t deserve all the ones that he got, but that’s what you want a player to do if they think there is a bad call. Laugh it off or give straight gaze. Better than yelling back or punching them in the face. Refs have a average of 18 thousand yelling and screaming at them for a bad call. If you can’t handle a player for laughing off a call, it’s time to go. The refs need to keep their punk ass feelings out the game and stop being emotional like a bitch.

  • bc says


  • JFlo

    I know right it pissed me off to good thing i Crawford got fined 2,500 dollars and got suspended for the rest of the playoffs.