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Modern hoop history is on display tomorrow in Charlotte

The Oak Hill alumni game is here.

The nation’s premier high school basketball program, Virginia’s Oak Hill Academy, is putting on its first-ever alumni game tomorrow night at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. The game, which was advertised in SLAM 109, will showcase exactly how big an impact head coach Steve Smith and his program have had on the college and pro basketball scene in recent years. Expected to play in the game will be current and past collge stars including Ben Davis (Arizona), KC Rivers (Clamson), William Avery (Duke), Cliff Hawkins and Ron Mercer (Kentucky), Tywon Lawson (UNC, pictured below), Kevin Lyde (Temple), Ron Slay (Tennessee), Cory Alexander, Junior Burrough, RJ Reynolds, Curtis Staples and Travis Watson (Virginia) and Justin Gray and Antwan Scott (Wake Forest).

A bunch of NBA dudes will be there, too, but the NBA is unfortunately not sanctioning them to play. Of the nine active Oak Hill alums in the League (Carmelo Anthony, Steve Blake, Sagana Diop, Stephen Jackson, Jeff McInnis, Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Jerry Stackhouse and Marcus Williams; imagine that—nine active players from one program), all but Jax and Williams will be in the building tomorrow night, “coaching,” hanging out and signing autographs.

If you live near Charlotte, buy a ticket and check out the game. If you live elsewhere, check Slamonline Monday for a full recap.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Oak Hill Academy is good at basketball.

  • AP

    i’ve bought my ticket for this 3 months ago…its gonna be mint…really excited to see Whoo!

  • tike

    Yea should be very good…Ryan always say the most obvious things!

  • AP

    whose writing the recap?!?!

  • AP

    whose writing the recap?!?!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    AP, a new guy. Rodney White, a Charlotte-based writer (not THAT Rodney White). We got hooked up to him through our man Branden Peters at XXL.

  • AP

    that rodney white did go to unc-charlotte…ill be on the lookout for him

  • bobby stew

    Harold Deane, Corey Alexander, and Curtis Staples were monster players for Virginia. I got Staple-gun going for 30!

  • bigmike407

    Good story here: I played ball at a DIII school in VA for the 1999-2000 season, and the coach agreed for the freshmen & sophomores to play against Oak Hill for some fundraiser they were having. When they announced the lineups, they said their names and what DI the seniors would be attending next yr. I don’t remember who the center was then, but dude blocked a 3 from the paint, barely jumping to do so. Long story short, we got beat by about 40 by one of the best high school teams in the country. Truly a memorable experience.

  • slim

    this is gonna be a good game…Canadians suck @ bball cuz we’re all asian >.

  • Chukaz

    What makes you think we want a recap if the NBA playas ain’t playin’. The only reason the kids mentioned above are playing in college right now is ’cause they weren’t good enough to go to the NBA.

  • h-wag

    I don´t know if there are more people with the name Ron Slay, but there is definately one playing at the Uleb Summer League in Italy on this weekend.
    And Will Avery is/was playing here in Germany, but he and his No.1-seed team got thrown out of the Play-Offs in the first round in Mavs-Style, so he should have a lot of time on his hands…


    Chukaz u r meantly retarded, Ty Law is the Law.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/gilzero Gilbert0

    Melo is going to own the game.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/gilzero Gilbert0

    To bad David Stern wouldnt let him play
    he sucks

  • Chukaz

    What makes you think that Melo would’ve dominated the game? Jeff McInnis would’ve been the best player on the floor.Speakin’ of McInnis, is he still alive? Last time I saw him, he looked like he was 90 years old.

  • sballer323

    I live not too far from Oak Hill! Alot of people are really excited! I’m so mad that I cant go though. I wish that they would televise it, that would be SICK!!! I can’t belive that The Helicoper is gonna be there! I really don’t think Melo will own the game. He is too slow and has gotten really FAT!!!
    Good luck to the participants! I can’t wait, in 2 more years, I’ll be at Oak Hill!!

  • An’Dre Hill from E.C., Indiana

    I read SLAM all the time and I ain’t never seen E’Twaun Moore no love. Tell me this, how does a player thats ranked higher than Gary Johnson and Blake Griffin not get any luv in PUNKS? U didn’t even get em’ a article

  • nothin _personal

    Speaking of Mcinnis, when he was in Greece, he got into a fight with another guy (Mikki Moore?) and was chasing him around the court with a crowbar or something. Needless to say, he got kicked of the team in no time! Two years later, he was running the Clippers offence. Go figure…

  • sk

    chukaz r u an ass or asshole

  • balla4life

    Ty Lawson will be playin against a bunch of old has beens. Who wants to see that.