Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 9:40 am  |  39 responses

Troy Hudson Sucks … at Rap

by Marcel Mutoni

Say you’re a pro athlete. I figure you know more than 100 people. I’d say that at least 75-80 of those people you consider to be your friends. You know, the kind of people who offer you support, have a kind word to say after a tough game, are willing to fend off the unwanted groupies…and will probably buy your rap album when it comes out. Not if your name is Troy Hudson.

Timberwolves guard Troy Hudson’s first rap album, “Undrafted,” sold 78 copies in the first week after it was released on July 17.

That’s gawd-awful. 78 copies?! I’m no celeb and I bet I could sell more copies if I came out with an album. OK, that’s a lie, but still…78? Terrible. Especially for a guy who takes his rap career so seriously.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with his (lack of) skills in the booth, but the Wolves have bought out T-Hud’s contract.

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  • Ron

    Welcome back Mutoni

  • Ron

    Damn I forgot the obligatory… First!!!

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    thanks. good to be back…from the dead.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    “Blech.” That’s what you sound like, Mutoni.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Also, since I’m guessing all of T-Hud’s family/friends/groupies/etc got free copies, I’m actually surprised he sold that many.

  • http://www.clutch3.com The Spin

    T-Hud’s album was due to be terrible. On the other side of things, he’s still a great ball player. He was in a bad situation the past couple years in Mini, but could be a great backup for anyteam. The guy is capable of being that key guy off the bench. I’d take him.
    Check me at http://www.clutch3.com

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Instead of the T-Hud getting $6 million for that first buyout year, he should have made the Wolves buy 500,000 copies of his CD.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Spin, I’d rather have him here in Miami than Smush Parker. Trust.

  • http://whitehoteboysworld.blogspot.com white hot eboy

    Is that any worse than Ron-Ron’s CD?

  • http://whitehoteboysworld.blogspot.com white hot eboy

    Cheryl, were you jilted by Smush or something on a Laker’s road trip here or something? Damn, I know he ain’t sh*t, be he’s better than Quinn or Grandpa Gary.

  • http://whitehoteboysworld.blogspot.com white hot eboy

    Or something?

  • Keith

    Q: What sets you aside from the other NBA rappers?
    A: I am in the streets in every city and hood promoting my album.
    Which hood is this you’re promoting it in? Little Red Riding Hood? *count it*

  • Silky Slim

    T. Hudson needs to pull a Shaq Deisel and buy large volumes of his own CD to inflate his CD sales!

  • Ron

    T-Hud will end up in Boston.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Sammy

    Troy Hudson to Boston

  • Kracka

    troy hudson…….troy smudson

  • whooo!

    somewhere, shaq, allen iverson, kobe, chris webber, ron artest, and tony parker are all laughing at hudson.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    As somebody might have noticed I’m from Finland(Go Petteri Koponen!)and I have this friend who is launching a new album…The Rosary by The Gambit!Here is a sneak peek…(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=73437897) There’s even a guest appearence from Psycho Les. From The Beatnuts in the album…(remember where in Finland so this is BIG!)And I bet he sells more than Mr.Hudson…Peace.

  • Sanchez

    Hey, the first album i ever bought was the Diesel’s “Shaq Fu Da Return”. Can i get a mic check?

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    NBA rappers should make deals with each other to buy hundreds of thousands of each other’s albums during the first week of sales.

  • Ron

    There should be no such thing as NBA rappers. Rappers are ballers, ballers aren’t rappers. End of story. The best rapper to ever step on an NBA court was Percy Miller, and he never made an opening night roster. So much for his NBA career, and he wasn’t much of a rapper, so much for his rap career.

  • Bryant Reeves

    Is there any chance that KG allows Hudson to join the Celts? The Cs should pickup Brevin Knight and try to get some young athletic big man (not Big Baby) to learn behind KG.

    As a Raps fan I am devastated by the KG trade. The Atlantic division has become a little less of a joke over the last few months…

  • Mo Charlo

    “You ain’t gonna sell two copies if you press a double album.”

    Russ has an idea here. And then, they can send all the excess albums to Italy, so Steph will have something to listen to over there.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    t hud to boston. why not?

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    album sales aren’t always an indicator of how good an album is. In this case the sales probably reflect it though.

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Give the man a chance! I bet on everything his next album will sell at least 95 copies. play wit it.

  • Shiz

    Troy who?

  • bigmike407

    Being from Orlando, where T-Hud spent three or four seasons, I can tell you that he was trying to get his music career started then. But the reason he left was when masked men committed a home invasion and murdered a man in his home. Hudson was not home, but it shook him up nonetheless. I wonder does he mention the incident in his raps. RIP Carrick Reid!!!

  • baller#1

    who even knew he rapped?
    and who the hell are those 78 people who dare buy his album

  • mastermind

    seems like a joke obviously, but i just peeped the album and i’d say it’s above average, though i’m only half-way through. production is solid, nothing ground-breaking. his flow is solid too, though at first he sounded just like jeezy, and now he’s sounding like nas, and now his flow is exactly like lil’ wayne’s. it is fairly derivative, and he sounds at least a bit silly calling himself an o.g., but the album is pretty good so far.

  • Jose

    not platinum,not gold, he’s going wood at this rate

  • jdubbs

    one two one two.
    don’t know if I’m a one or a two.
    no skills with the rock but I can shoot a few…
    yeah I’m averagin’ just 9 and 3
    so y’all be hatin’ on me
    but in ’06 i made $5.3…

  • http://myspace.com/mrdyalekt d.Y.

    ha. his rap name is thud.

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Haha jdubbs, is that from his album or you think of that yourself?

  • jdubbs

    ha ha just freestylin’ on some $hit i made up

  • Lazy Lew

    shot out to the big homie Chris Webber. If you haven’t heard his production on Nas’ “hip-hop is dead”, you need to. the track is called blunt ashes.

  • ForzaMilan

    With all the press his album got from media laughuing at how few albums he’s sold, i’ll bet his sales have quadrupled since the numbers were announced.

  • Mark

    I love the album

  • jay sample

    the passion for music and sports come natural. People think just because they play sport that’s all the do or ever done. Some these ball players come from the same hoods as these rappers. They also got more street cred. But the general public doesn’t understand that because they are on the outside looking in.