Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 at 11:00 am  |  11 responses

Skiles Out, Pippen In?

According to Sam Smith, Bulls fans could be receiving yet another Christmas gift from their team following the axing of unpopular coach Scott Skiles: Scottie Pippen could re-join the team as an assistant coach.

(Jim Boylan is expected to assume head coaching duties until the end of the season.)

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  • Jared

    I thought Pete Myers is gonna be their coach? Sounds like a hell of a coaching staff

  • Marcel Mutoni

    myers is coaching tonight, but boylan is being interviewed for the full-time gig.

  • http://slamonline.com Jason Mary

    dude where is eboy i did his mom last night and she squirted all over my thing/ sklies sucks Pippens cool

  • http://slamonline.ciom Simone Lawy

    Are you kidding us ???

  • http://tadone.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Pippen as a coach? I’m sorry, I just cannot see this ending well.

  • Ken

    The way they playing now, I think Pip could help them more by playing than coaching.

  • http://whitehoteboysworld.blogspot.com white hot eboy

    Jason Mary must be another link in the long line of stupid white motherfuc*ers that needed to be stillborn.

  • nick

    yeah that one came out of left field…both mary’s comment and pippen coaching. I don’t really see pip as coach material, but i guess bringing in a legend is meant to placate mobs of angry fans/russ bengston. I doubt it’ll have any effect.

  • Ben

    I say they don’t have a head coach. Hire a few more assistant coaches and just vote every time something needs doing.

  • http://www.blogsketball.com Chris O

    I thought that’s what Sam Mitchell did

  • Harlem_World

    Can Pip be that much worse than Doc Rivers? Not to say Doc is the worst coach in the league (what up Zeek), but Pip has a good all around understanding of every position on the floor having played so many different positions himself. My doubts would be around whether or not he can communicate with no arrogance. I don’t think he’d be that great.