Monday, May 19th, 2008 at 3:00 pm  |  56 responses

Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

We have had two Game 7s in the postseason so far. Both involved the Celtics, and some even went as far as to call the last one a classic. I’m not sure I’d place the “classic” stamp on what we saw yesterday, but it was pretty damn good, and hopefully tonight’s Hornets/Spurs battle for all of the marbles can match it for drama.

The Spurs have been written off by many this season, and some of that sentiment is understandable, as the defending champs have at times looked as though they were just about ready to finally keel over. And yet, here they are again, on the verge of advancing to the Conference Finals for the umpteenth time.

For the Hornets, they don’t really know what to expect tonight, as only two guys on their roster (Bonzi and Peja) have ever played significant roles in a game of this magnitude. And we all know how that turned out for both of them.

That being said, Chris Paul is absolutely fearless, and New Orleans has shown enough this year to warrant us not being shocked should they have a highly-anticipated date with the Lakers after tonight’s festivities.

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  • sande


  • sande

    hope that hornets will win… you just never know ’bout them spurs..

  • Rene

    Spurs win tonight.

  • tealish

    I have absolutely no clue who will win tonight and yet I have a feeling, it might not even be a close one.

  • Mendel

    hopefully WEST does not go KG on us this evening

  • Mendel

    hopefully WEST does not go KG on us this evening

  • http://birdmonster.blogspot.com tenorca

    My heart says Hornets, my brain says Spurs. I hate you brain.

  • Captain America


  • http://the-second-coming.blogspot.com The Second Coming

    I’m calling it a double-overtime thriller, with the Spurs prevailing.

  • tealish

    On a Timmy triple, no less?

  • vtrobot

    i want to see timmy doing his patented ball hug, after the spurs lose.

    lakers/hornets will be so much better than lakers/spurs. although i would enjoy watching the MVP torch bowen as he tries to stop him with a variety of kicks. please give me c’s vs. lakers or c’s vs. hornets in the finals.

  • JoeGym

    Barring serious foul trouble/injury tonight, whoever defends the PicknRoll better likely wins. Look for the Spurs to make DWest move on offense and defense, and for more elbows from Chris Paul.

  • B. Long

    Nawlins by 6. Bet on it.

  • shean combs

    CP3 you da real mayor of the Big Easy, son! Chocolate City Remix!!

  • Silky Slim

    Tonight, CP3 will officially end the Spurs dynasty! CP3 will not allow the Hornets to lose tonight.

  • lane

    Spurs by 4 — Ginobili goess off. Peja will be a non-factor tonight. DUncan and Parker play well — Finley hits shots. Those Hornet role players will nut up under pressure – Paul might play well but West is gonna choke. He isn’t ready. – Ginobili will be the difference – and if Lord Byron is smart and plays him enough – Bonzi will be the Hornets 2nd best player on the floor.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I’m more excited by the fact we get another GreyTone production tomorrow.

  • http://myspace.com/mrdyalekt d.Y.

    Right? Horns by 5ish.

  • http://www.ballerblogger.com Brandon Hoffman

    Manu is going to will the Spurs to victory.


    Spurs will get destroyed.

  • http://firemitchkupchak.com Jackie Moon

    Tonight, we dine in hell!

  • The Promise

    hornets win by 5

  • jconn

    good game, i feel the spurs will prevail with their experience and collectivness as a team, wouldn’t be shocked if the hornets won, cuz SA town wins titles every other year lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/hemantsbeats what

    Didn’t the Hornets win the first three home games by like 20 points each? Hornets win.

  • vic21

    unless horry starts setting “picks” someone “accidentally” steps in somebody’s ankle

  • AC


  • Aussie Gus

    Bonzi Wells is the most under-rated player in the NBA… he torched the spurs in the playoffs when he was in sac-town!

  • RV

    why was this game not played yesterday?

  • jdubbs29

    looks like the spurs are going to take it. i guess the lesson here is that cheaters come out on top.
    very sad and depressing. worst playoffs ever so far this year.

  • warr

    if we as fans judge every player on how they perform when their is real pressure we would not have so many acclaim super stars. Great season cp3 missed u in the 4th though

  • http://www.heavyasheaven.blogspot.com DP

    Damn, I really wanted the Hornets to win but hey all the better for the Lakers. I want the spurs so bad because I know that Kobe isn’t going this year and the celtics-lakers final is going to be truly f*cking tastic great.

  • Vortex Knight

    F@#$@ing Spurs. Now I have to root for the Lakers. Crap.

  • thasam

    For the good of the game and the league, the Lakers had better beat the s**t outta the Spurs


    I hate the Scu**s!

  • sab

    great effort, great season by CP3, D-West and all them… but the Spurs are a phenomenal team. the Spurs hate is so ridiculous – they are a perfect example of a great team, but people hate greatness. deal with it.
    oh Vince i see Big-Shot Bob hit a couple ;-) i’m looking forward to Bowen kicking Kobe in the head by accident ;-)

  • lane

    enjoy that fishing trip — you akready got one flopping on the boat… er that is chris paul — new king of flop. enjoy that summer .. enjoy,.

    bring on the rap…st allegedly – -

  • http://www.youtube.com/tripledouble TripleDouble

    The hornets needed a fluffer on the bench to jerk Pargo off so he calmed the f*ck down… dude got them within three by being eratic as all hell but he should have then let Paul make the decisions in that last minute or so… Jacking up another three then wasn’t so cool… I cannot believe the next sentence I will type… GO LAKERS… I just threw up in my mouth.

  • thasam

    sab – no one ever said that the Spurs were not a great team and contrary to what the media tells you, people KNOW and appreciate Duncan’s greatness (if they didn’t, he wouldn’t have started 8 or so All-Star games), what I and many others despise about the Spurs are the constant whining from Duncan, Ginobli, etc., the rampant flopping Ginobli, Bowen, and Parker (even Eva said publicly that Parker does it to get calls) which, as so many said, has left a huge s**tstain on the game, and the dirty play of Bowen and now big shot Bob which would earn an a**whipping if you did that in a pickup game. Detroit may not always play a crowd-pleasing style of ball, but at least they play like men, which is why they get some love and a lot of respect.
    As for this game, two things stood out – DWest didn’t get many shots in the second half, and Peja again bitched out in a Game 7.

  • B. Long

    Damn……..GO LAKERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    The Spurs don’t whine or flop anymore than any other team. How exactly is Rasheed Wallace b*tching like someone stole his bottle at 98% of calls against him more manly than Tim Duncan doing the same thing? Chris Paul flopping on every other play, including a dead ball situation, is hailed while Manu is bringing down the game? The Spurs get the hate because they win more championships, period. I can somewhat understand it though. I rooted against the Patriots this year, too.. but damn, at least they actually tried to cheat. The Spurs just play the game with the same tools and tricks in everyone else’s repertoire. The main difference is: they usually do it better. Go Spurs.

  • Vortex Knight

    Of course the Hate has to do with them winning, especially since it comes at the expense of the teams that are actually fun to watch. I’ll admit, I rooted for the Spurs the first couple of championships. Now I’m just tired of them, I want them to lose so we can watch someone else in May and June for once.

  • jconn

    Spurs = back to back champs in 07 n 08

  • http://www.nba.com Hursty

    boring fu(king game except the 4th.

  • Krishan


  • Krishan

    Goddamnit, I HATE THE SPURS.

  • RV

    CP was being manhandled everything he got the ball late in the 4th, he wasn’t getting anything easy and had 2 or 3 guys flying at him, Pargo did a good job of being aggressive, otherwise it turns into Lebron trying to do too much while everyone watches (this time being Cp and the hornets), the mistake that cost them a true chance at winning this game was that those 2 straight possesions where they jacked up 3 after 3 with like 4 mins left. Their inexperience kicked in, they were trying to hit home runs instead of singles with plenty of time left and they were only down 7 i believe.

  • tealish

    It’s too bad NO is out. They’re fun to watch. Chris Paul is fun to watch. But at the end of the day, there’s something to hold onto because the Spurs have a much better chance of knocking off the Lakers. I do not like Showtime.

  • Tekno

    If manu and TP were more ‘American’ – I wonder if the flopping would be as exaggerated in people’s minds. Seriously, did the Spurs flop anymore than what CP, Nash or countless others do? Do they complain in excess of Sheed and the other Pistons?…All of this irrational Spurs hate…Oh well, I guess it’s better for the game when people ‘hate’ a certain team rather than exhibiting nothing but apathy. But still…irrational.

  • krod

    Lakers win in 7

  • marcgar

    damn spurs haters… i understand why yall hate the spurs but grow up… their a damn good team and duncan’s class is top in the league. the hornets, pistons, lakers, and other teams complain, wine and flop just as much as the spurs do. cp3 damn good talent but flops and is dirty just as much as ginobili and bowen. last night he swung at finley and nobody said anything about it being dirty. everyone over looked it like it was a good tough play. he gets away with alot

  • lane

    Spurs in 7 over the LAkers and if the Lakers do win — it is because David Stern ordered it.

  • Diesel

    @Sarah – When you add manu’s flopping, to Bowen sticking his foot under people while they’re in the air and snapping ankles on the regular, and Horry’s shoulder checks and forearm shoves…That’s why people root against the Spurs and hate them. Having to hear about Eva Longoria every time the Spurs are mentioned doesn’t help either.

  • marcgar

    damn eva… i agree with you on that one diesel.

  • Diesel

    All that being said, I’m rooting for them to beat the Lakers. It’s just not the Lakers time yet.

  • Diesel

    This game really was a matchup of experience vs inexperience. Clutch game, down single digits, you have 2 All-Stars on your team, and JANERO PARGO is the man dominating the ball and taking the shots??!! He may have made some shots, but he completely took the rest of his team out of the game.

  • Sarah

    Not all Spurs fans enjoy hearing about that woman every two seconds either. I would love to see her show get cancelled, only problem is that then she’d probably make it to more Spurs games… and the “dirtiness” is exaggerated as well. I remember when the Spurs were considered the soft choir boys of the league, and now they’re supposedly more sinister than Heath as The Joker. But it’s cool, I won’t write some big rebuttal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And as for Pargo, as a Spurs fan, he was my favorite Hornet all series long. I think he thought all that MVP chanting was for him…