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Attitude: Why J.R. Smith (And Others!) Won’t Get Paid

These seven young, talented players don’t deserve big-time contracts.

by Ryne Nelson

There’s nothing wrong with paying a young, talented basketball player more than $3 million per year. Hell, this happens all the time in the NBA.

So when you’re as talented as J.R. Smith, and no one (including your own team) is even considering paying you, something’s up.

I would be lying if I said Smith doesn’t possess absolutely mint skills and seemingly endless talent. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a fan of his game since he was drafted in 2004.

Smith is one of those guys you cry about. Literally. You cry when he posterizes Jannero Pargo and proceeds to shy away from the ball for the rest of the game. It hurts when Smith lights up the Bulls for 43 (in 33 minutes), and his team still loses.

The guy has range, hops, size, speed…and attitude problems.

He’s a painfully inconsistent player who will never have a winning moxie. He acts like he could care less about the game, and it’s true.

So when teams take a good, hard look at free agents like J.R. Smith (as the entire league assuredly has), they tell themselves, I wouldn’t pay a guy like that, either!

But the (Past) Prodigy isn’t the only young cat who has big-time game but doesn’t deserve a big-time contract. Oh, there are plenty more, and some are making headlines right now. Let’s take a gander…

More young, talented head cases

Shawne Williams, IND

I might be wrong on this, but I’m probably right – Shawne Williams not only doesn’t deserve NBA dollars, he doesn’t deserve to be in the League.

Dude possesses more than enough talent to be a starting swingman, but he, plain and simple, has the common sense of a snail.

The Indianapolis Star reported one of Williams’ boys was arrested for marijuana possession Friday night. The car he and Williams drove was pulled over for a seat belt and window tint violation…and the car didn’t even belong to them!

This is only five months after a man wanted on murder charges left Williams’ home in Williams’ truck.

Larry Bird’s got this guy gone, and don’t be surprised if he’s playing in Europe or Keon Clarking sometime soon.

Sean Williams, NJN

There was a time when Sean Williams was dope. That time was short, very short, but it did exist.

The question surrounding Williams was how can a man play like he’s the sh*t for half a season, and play like a deadbeat for the other? Coach Laurence Frank benched Williams after All-Star because he began to royally suck. Just look at the statistical difference:

There’s a reason for this: attitude. Williams has a superiority complex, and if he feels like he’s being slighted, he won’t perform. If he’s benched, he’ll make good buddies with Stromile Swift. When playing in summer league, you wouldn’t know he existed. It’s embarrassing to watch this guy in Orlando and Utah, and I’m not even a Nets fan.

Regardless, Williams proved he can be one of the best game’s defenders. But his stuck-up attitude will prevent him from getting those dollars.

Gerald Green, DAL

I read Green’s feature in SLAM’s Punks four years ago and started to believe the hype. He disappointed on draft night, falling to No. 18 when most draft experts had Green as a Top 10 lock. I called it a major heist and Green Destiny for the Celtics.

Now, I’m trying to decide who will be more valuable to the Mavs next season: J.J. Barea or this 6’8” athletic swingman who, by the way, has a more than decent shot. Really, this should be a no-brainer. There’s no reason Green can’t be a NBA starter. He has more physical tools than 90 percent of the NBA.
But it’s time to give up on the thought that Gerald Green and the NBA will work things out someday. It’s a cold, hard fact: no one wants the talented Gerald Green.

Make no mistake, this guy will sooner be catching oops from Brandon Jennings than Jason Kidd.

Adam Morrison, CHA

It’s never too early to call Morrison a bust.

We called him a bust when he was drafted No. 3 overall by Michael Jordan (who else?). We did it again when we was demoted by an obscure Argentinean called Walter Herrmann. We called him a bust when he flicked off some fan for calling him ‘white trash.’

We knew he was a bust when he sat out his entire sophomore campaign, displaying less interest in his job than even a laundromat owner.

Sure Morrison proved he could put the ball in the hole a ‘lil bit during his rookie year, but what’s that mean now that his coach thinks he’s just a ‘kid with the long hair, I didn’t know his name. He wasn’t dressed like a basketball player’?

If you look at Charlotte’s roster, they don’t have a place for Morrison. He’ll certainly be a bench player as long as he remains a Bobcat, and there’s nothing indicating that he minds this in the least.

Charlie Villanueva, MIL

My friends are going to kill me for putting Charlie V on this list (including someone here at the Dome…don’t worry, I can take him). However, Villanueva proves time and time again that his name belongs along with this type of company.

The problem with Villanueva is his flaming inconsistency. Most nights he won’t be anything on the court. He’ll be a complete non-factor. Write him off. Forget about him. Pretend he’s from Milwaukee and never give him a second thought.

Then, there’s other nights when he literally doesn’t miss a shot. On these nights, Villanueva looks like Lamar Odom…with much less hair and a game that’s 10 times better.

Problem is, this Villanueva doesn’t show up more then three times a season.

In high school and college, Villanueva wouldn’t miss an opportunity to tell the world he’s better than the other guy. Now, he’s given up on trying to tell anyone.

Tyrus Thomas, CHI

Ah, yet another major mistake by Bulls management. Remember three years ago when the Bulls said they needed frontcourt help? Remember when they drafted LaMarcus Aldridge, you know, the best big in the 2006 Draft?

Well, the Bulls traded Aldridge just as quick as they selected him, and thus were the first to be Pritchslapped. Without Chicago, I guarantee the Blazers would not be in the prime position they are today.

But, Chicago fans, you keep tellin’ yourself how great T2 is…especially you fantasy ‘experts,’ who wouldn’t trade Thomas for anything less than Baron Davis. Yeah, two blocks and four boards in ten minutes is really going to be awesome for your efficiency ratings!

Which teams look good?

New York Knicks

You probably knew the Knicks were going to be mentioned in this column from the beginning, yet probably not in this way. Yes, they’re bad. Yes, many of their players are overpaid. Yes, Stephon has a new tattoo. So much has already been said about this team’s shortcomings, I’m not going to put it all out here.


New York has a secret stash of young competitors. Check this list out, son: Nate Robinson, David Lee, Renaldo Balkman and Wilson Chandler. Get rid of some dead wood, let Danilo Gallinari do that thing he’s supposed to, and they’re right back in the playoffs.

(Oh, and as an aside…Yes, Steph’s still that guy, and he’s going to prove it when he dons the orange and blue next season. Please, I invite you to tell me why he can’t dominate!)

Portland Trail Blazers

We already know Darius Miles was a big mistake, and his contract may still haunt Portland if he plays this season. The Blazers tenured him a grand contract because of (what else) potential and stupidity, and Miles greatly screwed them in the long run. This guy failed more drug tests than a corner-dealing, redhead, late-shiftin’, Jimmy John’s manager…who eats the same No. 5 Vito (with extra mayo!) sandwich at 11:27 p.m. every day.

Still, the Blazers learned from their mistakes, and are turning things around as fast as humanly possible (without miraculously adding Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen).

They’ll be in the playoffs this year, count on it.

Oklahoma City

There’s no better core of young cats than Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green. With hella cap room, hella draft picks, Chris Wilcox booming on people, and a surprise debut of center Mouhamed Sene in a year or two (Sene’s touted to have the defensive prowess of a young Dikembe Mutombo), they’ll soon be back in the thick of the playoff action.


Let me clarify by saying J.R. Smith and the rest of these guys are not necessarily going to become the next Darius Miles, Eddie Griffin or Chris Washburn. Sure, they could, but so could anyone else.

All I’m saying is let’s make sure we pay the real competitors, and let these deadbeats do what they do.

Let them wonder why they’re still sitting pretty at the end of the bench or on their couch.

Who did I miss?

As I wrote this column, the ideas kept coming (I originally set out to write about J.R. Smith…then Shawne Williams popped up on the feed-reader (again)…then I had to make a bona fide list!).

I’m sure there is more to say on the topic of young, uber talented players you’d never pay big dollars.

Who would you add? How many of these type of players does your team have?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas in comments below!

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  • nate


  • C-Mac

    sebastian telfair,eddy curry they have good skills buuut to unreliable, and in eddy’s case just cant play defence
    oh and it too late to say theo ratliff, adonal foyle and darko milicic?

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Bassy’s a good one, but it’s too late for Curry because he already got his money. Lucky man.

  • Benoit Benjamin

    Sorry Ryne, but I would add Marbury to the list, though he already had max money. the guy was a hell of player, now he’s just a pain. He can definitly dominate the ball, but not much else.

  • Son of Shawn

    Hello,nice list…eh, wait!!!

    Oh my God!!!, You forget about Kwame!!!, you guys forget about Kwame!!!, he´s not going to get a contract (he doesn´t deserve one) and has a body to dominate in the paint, and he´s one of the most embarrasing top three picks in the draft history (eh, wait, talking about that, what about Darko´s Contract?,is he getting paid?)

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    I just love your title…Well done my man,well done!

  • Ansonpanson

    Does Dajuan Wagner still play??

  • Young Chris #3

    Steph can’t dominate anymore because he sucks.

  • http://www.thredbo.com.au Money Bill Williams

    if you wrote this in 2001 then Juwan Howard would be on it

  • overtime

    great article, dont forget mr zach randolph! Oh and the notorious half-man half-amazing himself

  • Slobodan Chutzpah

    This doesn’t strictly speaking fall under the criteria, but Kwame Brown just has to be mentioned. Bargnani is also a prime candidate.

  • http://www.youtube.com/tripledouble tripledouble

    Dajuan Wagner??? No way. Dude had more ailments than a hospital waiting list… give him a break. I’m stoked I own a Wagner Cavs rookie singlet. . . . . . Also I agree re Steph, I hope he has a great season.

  • Shawn Kemp Child#18

    Article decently written but falls apart in several places.

    On Charlie V:

    “Then, there’s other nights when he literally doesn’t miss a shot. On these nights, Villanueva looks like Lamar Odom…with much less hair and a game that’s 10 times better.”

    This raises several question:

    1) Odom has hair?
    2) On these rare, rare occasions when Charlie V “elevates his game” are we supposed to believe it is 10X better than Odoms? Which Odom, the dominant one who shows up for about half the season, or the Odom who completely disapeared and got owned in the Finals? Either way, Im not buying it.

    Also, I thought this article was supposed to be about players who dont deserve big contracts because of their attitudes. Any attitude related dump over Adam Morrison is, i believe, unjustified. He doesnt deserve a big contract because he is too slow, and not athletic enough for the league. I dont think an attitude adjustment would change either of those problems.

  • aceboon

    I think Adam Morrison will be a bust as well, but to say he “sat out his entire sophomore campaign, displaying less interest in his job than even a laundromat owner” is very misleading. Dude had a torn ACL, did you expect him to play with an injured knee?

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @Slobodan – I *definitely* considered Bargs, but I felt he didn’t have as much talent as the other guys. :-)

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  • riggs

    charlies only problem is that hes playing in Milwaukee alot of these kids needs some damn guidance and a mentor coming into the league ESPECIALLY jr, that dude pisses me off for the same reason you mentioned. they just need a dude like KG to get in their face and MAKE them compete.

  • Justin

    Bassy. Man, SLAM used to ride that boy’s jock so hard he thought he was good enough to go straight to the damn NBA out of hs

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Re: Telfair, Did he *really* have the talent…or was he overhyped (I hear you, Justin)?

  • Captain America

    You missed the standard bearer in this category: Ron Artest. Sure Ron will get a nice SHORT-TERM contract, but no one knows when the tick-tick-tick goes BOOM!

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com People’s Princess

    For real Ryne,good job n all..But Sene=Young Deke?? really?? You wanna put perhaps the only guy (Well,may be ‘Zo but we’ll never know) who could hang with Shaq,in his prime,on D along with a guy who couldn’t get minutes on a lame duck team crying out for a defensive presence in the middle?? And seeing that Sean Williams is still a Soph I would hold off judging him too harshly..My namesake P-Dub entered the Lig with questions over his maturity and the guy turned out pretty well..

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai

    This article started off good, but the fact that Morrison, who has absolutely no attitude problems but just lacks some skill was put on here… and the fact that Bassy is NOT on here… and the fact that someone actually said Malbury was going to play good next year… makes this one of the worst articles of recent SLAM history.

  • Bubba Chuck


  • Bubba Chuck

    but i agree w/u. amazing but lazy

  • blackjack

    I agree with Jukai, those comments on the Knicks are the most ridiculous thing ever written by SLAM

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai

    You gotta call a spade a spade. Malbury has some of the worst attitude problems in the history of the NBA… The Knicks are just where these players go to get max money.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Sebastian Telfair had one of the best prep careers in New York City history and is the only guy I ever saw outplay LeBron James head-to-head in a high school game. That to me implies “talent.” Also, based on the guaranteed contract he got for being a first-round draft pick, Sebastian Telfair apparently WAS good enough to go straight to the NBA out of high school.
    The reality, of course, is that he’s 5-10 and has never been a great jump shooter, and thus his NBA potential was always somewhat limited. But he did average 9 ppg and 6 apg last year (with a better assist-to-turnover ratio than Nash, Kidd, Hinrich and Parker, among others), and he’s STILL only 23 years old, which would seem to imply he’s still worth a contract. Was he overhyped? Absolutely, and Slam is probably more guilty than anyone on that count. But questioning his talent is absurd.

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai

    100% true, Ryan… YET, Telfair is a restricted free agent and barely anyone is throwing money at him. My god, this man would have been perfect for this article.

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai


  • http://myspace.com Bryan

    Barely anyone is throwing money at ANY restricted free agents.

  • ciolkstar

    Damn Ryne. You went hard at these guys but I think you’re mostly WRONG. I’d rather have JR and Greald Green (AND Sean Williams AND about 10-12 million leftover) than the aging cryptic Marbury. These guys don’t have the beast attitudes but I think a large part of haow they’ve been demonized is the ever present (and always sensational) news coverage. Honestly, If everyone who smoked weed in the NBA couldn’t get a deal we’d have about 9 players on each roster. These young players haven’t shown all their potential, and although NBA GMs have (finally) figured out that potential doesn’t win games.
    Look for Green to be a factor in Dallas (Yeah, I said it) JR will ball wherever he lands and maybe with a (bigger?) chip on his shoulder. Sean Williams’ play was ALMOST as inconsistent as his minutes and he was RIGHT about what his role should’ve been. I say put any one of them on a strong team with true leaders and a front office dedicated to winning (ahem…The SPURS), almost every one of them would have huge success.
    PS: The Knicks will NOT be good this year.

  • ciolkstar

    I even forgot Charlie V. man your sooo wrong about the majority of this list. Seane Williams belongs on it, Tyrus as well (unless he turns it aroung big time) and Adam Morrison had so much expected from him b/c he was so overhyped and got picked too high, but is he can score 12-15 a game and shoot a better percentage, while incrementally improving his D. Then i wont see him as a bus (but the injuries make it unfair to judge so soon)

  • ciolkstar

    And as Bryan (above) just said, Not many teams are going for ANY restricted agents and many teams are way over the cap. ALso, if you look at those teams to see which players are dragging them down with oversized contracts, most are guys who were hard working players wityh good “attitudes” who cashed in and promptly fell off. Brian Cardinal…Kenny Thomas…Malik Rose…The list goes on.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    What’s Morrison’s attitude problem?Is looking like Jim Morrison’s even more heroin addicted cousin really THAT bad of a thing?What is he supposed to look like?Anyway I think it’s more about him not being that good anyway,I still he’ll be good,but not 3rd pick in any NBA draft good.
    Oh and Shawne Williams was never that good anyway,to me he was always going to be a rookie-contract-then-Turkey type guy.

  • ciolkstar

    Sorry for piling on but, I just read some more comments and Jukai is right, one the worst SALMonline articles in recent memory. Throwing rocks from a glass house man.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    i forgot all about adam morrison, and i hope to do it again in about 2 minutes

  • Captain America

    Bassy doesn’t clean up at the dish, enuf said.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @Izzo – Shawne Williams has a lot of game, you just never get the chance to see it. His off-court escapades prevent him from getting more burn.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Nothing like stirring it up early in your tenure huh, Rynocerous?

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    Ryne:I disagree,I think he’s at best a lesser Rodney Carney.

  • B. Long

    At first I thought that Slam hired Charley Rosen to write for them but then you predicted a big year out of Steph. If Gerald doesn’t pick it up in Dallas, THEN label him a bust. He has been in horrible coaching or personel situations since he arrived in the L. T2 has been in similar situations as well the circumstances just haven’t been as brutal to him as they were to Gerald. I’m not saying these guys are do no wrong choir boys but if you leave Kwame and Bassy off the list you should definitely back off these dudes too.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Stephon Marbury has a New York approval rating somewhere between David Berkowitz and Osama bin Laden. I’ll be shocked if he plays another game as a Knick.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    that granger guy has something to do with shawne not getting minutes.

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics/ Moose

    forgot kwame brown! first overall pick, but was (and is) a total bust.

  • AC

    I was gonna post, but Jukai seems to have said everything I needed to…

  • Jess

    Ok I agree with all the guys in this article except for Charlie V. I mean he had a solid rookie year in TO and then has faced injuries ever since. It isnt his fault that he has been hurt. I dont tihnk him being injured means he has attitude that will keep him from making money in the L. Maybe if he had a chance to play healthy he would prove you wrong, also a change of scenery wouldnt hurt. Oh and Bargnani cannot be considered a bust – yet. He had a good rookie year, but that wasnt the case last season. However, you cannot judge his game based on one bad season – and I know you are thinking he was the #1 pick – and thats not his fault. Has he played up to his draft pick – as of today no, but watch out next season. Bargnani will not be a bust on the NBA.

  • http://slamonline.com Holly MacKenzie

    My JR love runs deep, Ryne. I still think he is going to figure it out. He is too talented for me to think otherwise.

  • Jess

    I agree Holly.

  • pablo (from Argentina)

    Obviously your basketball knwoledge is a bit short. Walter Hermann is a pretty solid baller and he´s shown it time and again. Our entire country is calling for your head Ryne. As a matter of fact, as a sportswriter, you are just like those dudes you mentioned above: anything but winning

  • don thomas

    the only positive to starbury his shoes are sold cheap… but the knicks have to be sorry they spent the money. and (pacers shayne williams) drop your agent happy walters he was a cancer in the music biz and now he brought it to the managent game… he will work your wallet dry.. watch bird put this guy on the bench and wait til he can send him eleswhere the dude can hardly stay out of trouble (ron artest 2.o) lol

  • http://thedimemachine.multiply.com/ Chou

    I hope JR and Gerald pull off a Chauncey and find their way into the L. Such talents shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  • don thomas

    j r smith j r rider any questions oops i spelled shayne not shawne wont matter pacers will drop him like some concrete at construction site

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai

    In fairness to Ryne, Walter Hermann is a pretty sub-standard basketball player NBA-wise.

  • tike

    Jones i agree with you Bassy got game i just really hope he steps it up that way people can stop blaming SLAM for his overhype….JR Smith is fine to me needs an attitude adjustment but the skys the limit for the kid….oh Ryne did you about Sheldon Williams how about JJ. Reddic?

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @pablo – Sorry to hit a bad vein with you. Why, after an entire season on the bench, should Walter Hermann be consider a solid NBA ‘baller?’

  • Rob

    Are you kidding me? Charlie Villanueva is on this list. That is just wrong man. Dude, get your facts straight! Charlie was ROY runner up behind Chris Paul. He faced injuries when he landed in Milwaukee, which right before the injuries, he averaged 22/10 the first month of the season. And this past season sucked for him due to bad coaching, bad management, and behind door promises to the Chinese’s nation Yi Jianlian. When CV was placed as a started in the second half of the season, right after the Vegas All-Star break, he averaged 15p/8r – those aren’t scrub numbers my friend. And when CV played more than 30min+, he averaged 22p/12r – those sound like All-Star numbers to me. Dude, I know CV has had a bad rep on his defense and efforts, but the kid got All-Star type of talent. And now with the new hard-nose coach Skiles in Milwaukee to stay him and a solid starting role at the PF, plus add better players in the lineup, a big contract year, ohhh boy, I will guarantee the best is yet to come. This is Charlie’s first injury-free off-season. Wait and see. You will be the first to witness Ryne Nelson.

  • http://housethatglanvillebuilt.blogspot.com Joe B

    Steph can’t dominate because he hasn’t dominated in like 5 years. Since he proclaimed himself the best point guard in the league, about half the teams in the league have point guards they’d never trade for Steph in million years, even if the salaries weren’t an issue.

  • Boing Dynasty

    Talent: Why J.R. Smith (and others) will get paid anyway.

  • Skillet Forilla

    If Artest an get paid, then if any of these guys put up big numbers, they’re set. I think you would have done better shortening your list, and having avoiding the “Which teams look good?” section. Seriously.

    The Knicks, man? That is like hanging out only with 400 lb women for four years, and seeing some 275 lb girl and saying she should have a Maxim spread. That kind of deluded homerism Right back in the playoffs.. heh. Even with that list of guys the Knicks are still no Hawks. (Let alone, Celtics, Pistons, Raptors, Magic, 76ers, Wizards or even the Bucks or even the friggin Nets)

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Damn, ya’ll lit Ryne up! Calm down people, this is NOT the worst article ever written on Slam. Everyone has an opinion, and Ryne just floated his out there. While I disagree with about half of what he said, it doesn’t mean that the article was poorly written or thought out. Actually, I think the opposite is true. But anyway, Marbury will not dominate anything this upcoming season.

  • http://fjkdlzf.com Jukai

    It is not the worst article ever written on SLAM. It’s the worst article written in a long time.

  • http://birdmonster.blogspot.com tenorca

    Hermann’s getting a raw deal. When the BETcats were tanking for the Durant sweepstakes they put him out there and he played damn well, then, in some (very) limited time for the Pistons he was decent too. I think he’ll find minutes somewhere in the league, certainly. Don’t let the horrendous ponytail fool you. And I’m not even from Argentina.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @TAD – Thanks. I’m glad people have something to say about it! :-)

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics/ Moose

    in other news, the celtics are going to sign eddie house and tony allen.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Shawne Williams biggest problem seems to be his friends. If Allen Iverson could overcome it (not to say he’ll become another AI), so can Shawne. Judging guys long-term futures based on one or two seasons is never a good idea—I’ve made that mistake before. See: McGrady, Tracy.Who’s to say that Sean Williams and Tyrus Thomas won’t figure things out? They have all the talent in the world, but are still a little on the immature side. Who isn’t at 21 or 22, especially when they get a couple million dumped in their lap? I think there’s a good chance that at least one of the players listed becomes an All-Star in the next two or three years.

  • J$

    Love the article, but I agree… Marbury dominating again might have been a stretch. And I think the knicks got a shot at the playoffs if they get their sh*t straight…. which is also a stretch. But y’all are forgettin’ about one of the biggest mistakes in chicago history!!! Eddie Robinson’s contract.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Players to whom I wouldn’t give a long-term deal: Patrick Ewing, Oscar Robertson, Rodrick Rhodes, Khalid El-Amin, George Mikan, Dante Calabria, Stephon Marbury, Roy Tarpley, Sean May, Rebecca Lobo, Shaquille O’Neal.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Hmmmmmmm, ok Ryne, I’ll give you a reason why Stephon Marbury can’t dominate because he should be the first guy you mentioned about attitude problems. He WILL have to get the hell out of New York. I like Starbury enough to know that he will not dominate jack piss this season, unless he leaves the Knicks alone. As a major Knicks fan, I’m pretty certain that the Knicks cannot and WILL not win if they have this guy as a player on their roster, simple and plain. I also don’t like how to failed to mention Jamal Crawford when saying all of you “goodness” about the Knicks. Crawford will be the Knicks’ franchise player this season, or at least he should be. The man’s gonna keep improving and if the Knicks play well this season (which I hope, but they need to make some serious changes this summer), it will be largely due to the play of Jamal Crawford.

  • TMT

    How about Ronny Turiaf… wonder why LA didn’t match?

  • ciolkstar

    @ TMT: Cuz he’s undersized and not skilled enough to play the major minutes at the 4

  • http://Yahoo.com Is It The Shoes!!!!!!!!!

    i dont undersatnd y u guy cant see the Knicks making the playoff??? They have a team full of scorers and shoter: and what is mike dantoni system built are shooter and scorers.. Point is they will be way bettere this year than last year under zeke… REAL TALK

  • http://Yahoo.com Is It The Shoes!!!!!!!!!

    i dont undersatnd y u guy cant see the Knicks making the playoff??? They have a team full of scorers and shoter: and what is mike dantoni system built around? shooters and scorers.. Point is they will be way bettere this year than last year under zeke… REAL TALK

  • Bullet

    Man bassy is a good player if he gets a good team he would be in the top 5 for assits. He coulda did better than rondo

  • Skillet Forilla

    ^ I agree, The Knicks will be better but right now they look about as good as the Pacers. Celtics, Pistons, Cavs, Magic, Raptors, Wizards and Sixers are all lightyears better right now. And I would take the line ups of the Nets or Bucks over the Knicks in a heartbeat. Shoot. I wouldn’t put money on NY facing a healthy Miami team next year. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but the East has improved and the NY Knicks are a couple years behind. REALER TALK

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Of course the Knicks will be better—it’s not like they could possibly get worse.

  • AI4Prez

    one word:

    Bassy aka Sebastian Telfair

  • Liazer

    Non Milwaukee fan here but Charlie V is the truth! I saw him killed CBosh in TOR with 39pts, he had 27 in the 1st qtr! DAMN! I can’t front… Charlie V has always had the effortless attitude but that’s just his attidude, laid-back & humble. He’s a good personm among the community and a heck of a player. You need to check urself b4 you wreck urself.

  • Z

    JR’s talent is mind-boggling. Seriously, I believe deep down in my heart that this guy could be a perrenial all-star if he ever figures out the game of basketball. Dude can just create with the ball in his hands. Every drive to the hoop, every pull up J is a thing of beauty. He’s just so frustrating to watch, his talent should belong to a guy like Anthony Parker or something.

  • http://lmao.com LMAO

    Wow… The Knicks are “looking good”… I hope you meant looking good for the lottery.

  • B. Long

    Imagine Ronny Turiaf with J.R. Smith’s talent. Yikes!

  • Wizardsfan

    Charlie V shouldn’t be on this list!

  • rav

    bargnani’s got far more talent than 3 of the guys on that list…

  • bennieblancoh

    JR is pure comedy. When I used to live in CO we’d go out and see this character and a few other Nuggs in the clubs. Whether he was spraying a chick with champagne, snatching one up by the arm, spitting in a face, or grabbing an ass and saying “do you know who I am?” The craziest part of it was it was usually after a loss at the Pepsi Center.

  • Justin

    marcus liberty

  • pablo (from Argentina)

    He should be an all-star by now if those stupid people in the NBA wouldn´t be playing to tank games. you american prefer showtime, we from Argentina prefer winning!

  • B Deezy

    i wouldnt give charlie v no money to watch him play ping pong, much less basketball…i’d take candace parker over his lame-ass anyday

  • The Frozen 1

    Bassy or in this case Sabby.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Its hard to play well if your Villanuva if a rook comes in plays 25 minutes a game and he’s nowhere near your skillset/abilities. I would be disheartened too…

  • mike

    anthony roberson who was looking pretty good in the summer league for the knicks too maybe he’ll fit in good with the knicks new run and gun o.

  • mike

    and i like the portland prediction too, they’ll be coming out of no where, and cause some problems

  • Jeter

    Talent-wise, Stephon Marbury can still dominate. He just doesn’t have the heart for it.

  • Son of Shawn

    G-GREEN …Make no mistake, this guy will sooner be catching oops from Brandon Jennings than Jason Kidd.

    About this, it will be very interesting the fate of Jennings, both in Europe and in his first year in NBA, ´cause this can hurt very badly the NCAA (if he demonstrates that a talented 18 y.o. player can win money overseas and then is well prepared for the NBA at 19), …unless NBA blacklisted him and no one draft him next year (I´m excited to see the fate of this kid, because that can change a few things… or not)

  • Rip

    @ Shawn Kemp Child#18.

    1) If you new what you were talking about, you would know that Villanueva has a disease where he can not grow any hair on his entire body, and that is why Odom definately has more hair than him.

    2) Are you actually taking the “10x better than Odom” thing seriously lol? Of course he isn’t 10 times better than Odom, but he is a better played than Lamar when he’s on.

  • matt the jazz fan

    better than odom ain’t easy – just cause he didn’t dominate at the 4 position against the defensive player of the year doesn’t mean that he’s so bad…

  • ADAM


  • http://thoughtindustry.blogspot.com CRAIG

    Great post, made my day!!!

    It doesn’t surprise me that you could create a list of young talented headcases and omit Darko from your list. Yes the man needs only one name to conjure up the flop of all flops. Sure the Pistons parlayed the Darko pick into Rodney Stuckey but that in itself isn’t enough fan retribution to justify the pure bitchassness this Euro-stiff caused Piston fans worldwide.

    Darko isn’t just a headcase, he’s in the hall of fame of hall of fames of headcases. Remember the footage of him going off post-Serbian loss a few years ago? Yep, Darko is in a company of one.

  • anand

    to the guy who said zach randoff can’t plya you are completely wrong. NY coaching sucked, down in portland he was a beast, and the best garbage man i’d ever seen! NY makes good players bad, i bet Stephon still has game left, just will never work in Phoenix. people will think i’m crazy but hes got game. JR Smith is not inconsistent! are you kidding me, only thing inconsistent about JR Smith is his playing time, and half the time 20 minutes is good enough for 20 points, the guy is a scoring machine

  • Coque420

    Adam Morrison doesn’t care about basketball?

    the same guy who made a fool of himself crying his eyes out when they got eliminated from the tourney?

    wow, i understand having to put a white guy the list but come on dude…even the birdman would have been better considering he was suspended for 2 years for drugs

  • Armor

    LMAO, Knicks looking good? They are the worst team. At least the other team in the league have superstars who can A)Help them win game or B)Be trade for young guns. Knicks best player is like Crawford? Randolph? C’mon, this team sucks and you know it.

  • http://www.havefunskateboarding.com wil

    Why so much hate? Just let the players play and if they suck the coach will realize it and kick em off the team. Not worth writing a post about :)

  • Caramel Tony

    Saying someone “could care less” means that they could actually care less. It’s “couldn’t care less.”

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @Craig – Darko’s not on the list because he’s not talented :-)

  • B. Long

    This article sounds like Skip Bayless wrote it. (throws up in mouth)

  • Matt

    Ryne welcome to NY, we all hate Steph and know the knicks are going no where with him. The Knicks will always be a troubled franchise because there is too much pressure in NY and they never let the team rebuild, constantly trading away talent for players that do not fit. I hope Donny Walsh and Co can change that. Also I have not been a fan of Charlie V ever since he decommited from Illinois, but he is putting up decent numbers while sharing time. He had over 11 points a game and 6 boards a game in just 24 minutes a game. Now that Yi is gone his minutes will go up, and I think his production will too. Check out his numbers by month last season, and you will see an increase every month. He is getting better and will get paid, but still should have went to Illinois, ha.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    if nobody wants sean williams the cats will take him. Fu(k the haters

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    and Ty Thomas is nasty as hell…in NBA live

  • qing

    Andrea bargnani ..enough said

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  • Yung B

    The knicks also have a star player in Jamal Crawford Who doesn’t get the looks he deserve. He’s a young talent with hella potential. Look for him this season, Because the draft pick is shaky, and Stephon Marbury is going to have another temper tantrum

  • Young Man

    Great Article!
    I really think Blazers and Oklahoma City will be playing in Playoffs.
    B-Roy and Aldridge were best sophomores in 2007-2008 season. If they play a little better, and Greg Oden shows what he can do, Blazers surely are in the Playoffs.

  • http://www.myspace.com/starbo2 Marcus ‘The Hoodlum’ Browder

    T2 is a bust. Bulls shoulda kept Aldridge. Darko has something the rest of these guys don’t have…. a championship ring. Andrea Bargnani was the worst #1 pick. He goes to Toronto and I never hear anything about him or his game. CB4 and Jermaine O’Neal are gonna take his shine.

  • ciolkstar

    Why the hell is this post still the feature? All but about 25% is totally wrong.

  • Rob

    J.R just go come to Europe, look at what snakbar and childress got paid

  • chris eibl

    terrible piece of writing… thomas was drafted as a project and outperforms aldridge in every per minute statistic except points by about 4 per 48. if aldridge were in chicago he would be the one mindlessly placed behind joe smith in the lineup.

    the knicks? decent? good one… and stephon marbuy can’t dominate because he has no concept of team ball and has been a loser everywhere he has been.

  • Fastbreak

    The Nicks in the playoffs ??.. you got to be the Nick’s biggest fan. Nicks and the Nets will reside in the basement of the league.

  • http://www.espn.com ESPN Scott


  • Mr. Brown

    Good article yea J.R. is in consistant, but i did light him up at the Eastern Invitational. What ever happened to J. J. Reddick?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basketball Yowza

    I see black people….

    noone beats Larry Byrd – especially in doin a ‘bein-gay’ commercial !