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Jason Kidd Thinks Team Spain Got Off Easy

by Marcel Mutoni

Jason Kidd thinks Pau Gasol, Jose Calderon and the rest of the guys on Spain’s national hoops team should have to do more than simply give a ridiculous explanation of their slanted-eye photo. Kidd knows that if Team USA had made such a bone-headed decision, there’d be hell to pay.

From Yahoo! Sports:

“We would’ve been already thrown out of the Olympics,” he told Yahoo! Sports. “At least, we wouldn’t have been able to come back to the U.S. …There would be suspensions.”

And for his European peers, well, Kidd suggested, “They won’t do anything to them. It’s a double standard.”

I don’t know about Kidd’s belief that he and his teammates would’ve been thrown out of the Olympics, but suspensions (or at the very least, some kind of slap on the wrist) from the League would have been handed down.

Feel free to step up at any time, Mr. Stern.

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  • http://www.nba.com/celtics/ Moose


  • http://www.nba.com/celtics/ Moose

    a little biased there, mr. kidd.

  • Pve84

    I whole heartedly agree that they got off too easy. Aside from the fact that it was a jack-*ssed idea to begin with, I can’t imagine any opponent of racism, let alone an Asian person not being offended by this act of idiocy. Fines and/or suspensions should be slapped on them. If players can get slapped for trivial public urination, why not overt racism on a global stage?

  • WhaHuh

    I dont see how you can only punish the players that are in the NBA, if it was a team/Spanish olympic association descision

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    FIBA should do something about it. Funny but very, very racist.

  • Mendel

    Where in all this did people miss that it was done for an advertisment for Li Ning or what ever there called basketball appreal. They sponsor the Spain team and had produced that advertisment. A CHINESE company them selves directed the shoot! The blame should be on the appearal company which is chinese. The players did what anybody else would do for advertisment and sponsorship, aqnd that just ask how high. He’ll the whole american contingincy would have slanted there eyes while walking in the opening ceremonies if Ralh Lauren required is as part of the style need to set off his ensamble.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I agree.

  • Justin

    Man this world is so sensitive. Blacks, chinese, spanish, white, dumb polacks. I mean, so what?? Everybody knows Chinese people have slanted eyes. John Wayne would have never stood for this queerness.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    It’s not about personal beliefs, Justin, it’s about double standards. If Lebron, Wade, and Kidd did it, they’d be fined 10,000 dollars by Stu Jackson and suspended for five games. The Gasols, Calderon, and Fernandez? Nothing is going to happen to them.

  • http://alphonseha.blogspot.com Alphonse Ha

    Do not step up, we need Calderon! :D

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    Please take all “sensitivity/racism” crap to the other thread, please

  • USA 4 LIFE

    i hate spain go USA jason kidd is exactly rite i agree with him

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I once cried during a sad movie.

  • http://nyer.sosblog.com/ Be A Real Fan

    Thats kind of pompous and arrogant of Kidd to think that the US team would be treated any differently. He should be fined and/or suspended for saying the Euro team got off easy. Man Up Kidd

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Co-sign Justin (although John W. was a horrible racist). I can’t really see the problem in stating the obvious either. I mean show me one member of the Chinese Olympic delegation who doesn’t have slanted eyes.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    Justin’s post was hysterical. He’s like “so what if people point out blacks, whites, chinese…” then immediately goes racist and refers to the Polish people in the nicest way possible.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    I think, the next time Spain plays a game, the entire stadium should pretend their sleeping. To represent the entire country of spain!!!

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    Chuck D’s take on John Wayne is similar to mine.

    As for this incident, it needs to be thought about seriously. All I’ve seen so far is the ad and condemnation, but we have to understand why things are offensive, and why there exists a possibility of legitimate double standards. There is a history in the US of anti-Chinese racism, dating back basically to when Chinese immigrants came in as cheap labour at the turn of the last century (incidentally, this is also true in Canada, so this would apply to us too). Examples of this even sprang up in popular culture, which if viewed today would make most people uncomfortable.
    I don’t know if this is true in Spain or not, but I have a feeling there isn’t the same history of it, otherwise someone on the team may have said something before the ad was created. If it does, I suspect it’s not as pervasive (if we were talking about anti-black racism, then it would be different, as there are contemporary problems with that in Spain).
    I think the thing we have to consider is both history and current intentionality. The act of altering your features in such a way isn’t inherently offensive: I think the ad was trying to say look, we’re becoming Chinese. The reason we in North America understand it to be offensive is because when it’s been done here, it was done to harm people. It can be thought of in similar terms to the black experience in the US.
    The N-word is offensive, not because of what it means (it means in itself almost nothing, having derived from either negro, which means black in a couple of languages, or neger, which is Dutch for black) but because the word was backed up with other insults as well as violence, its now highly offensive. Same with same can be said with painting your face brown to imitate someone from India or someone African or black (or Sri Lankan, etc.). It’s not the imitation that’s necessarily bad, its an imitation or caricature used to inflict pain at someone else’s expense. The whole blackface persona was about making black people look highly inferior for white people’s amusement, at a time when white people were beating up on black people. For that reason, its still a sore issue (though it can be done tastefully, like in Tropic Thunder). I do think that the movie white chicks would have been received negatively if roles had been reversed, but not because it was overly offensive, but because of the history.

    The problem Kidd (and others) is making is that he is viewing it from an American context. I think that the total ignorance of the Spanish team to the issue, combined with the Chinese companies role in creating that ad should give critics pause, and cause them to examine the issue. The only problem is that issues like this are never dealt with intelligently but in a reactionary way, fuelled by know-nothings on television news that refuse to do any investigation into any issue, other than to report the outrage.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    I agree with Jukai on the fact that Justin is a racist. And i agree with Ason Kidd on what He said. What day is today? I never have never agreed with either of these 2 on the same day.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    James is a smart man.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    Thanks BET.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    James is “THAT” guy.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    James is running on 4 hours of sleep (as usual) so excuse the flow issues in the post.


    they did get off waaay too easy… they’re frown men and had no idea that this would cause controversy?!?!?! cmon!!! lol. what kind of explanation is that?!?! As far as I know (and no offense) but Spaniards are in fact quite racist. Look at all the things that have happened in and out of the sports world.. and they always respond with a but I had no idea its was such a big deal!” like when the crowd painted their faces black to show support to a black soccer player or a coach being overheard calling one of his players a “black peace of sh!t” I mean this are the same people that killed off most of the native people in the Americas… and I guess if you would have told them back in 1543, that killing off all the native indians would cause a stir I’m sure they would have just replied… “really?! wow, we had no idea it was such a big deal!”

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com H to the Izzo

    John Wayne’s real name was Marion.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    We need James back to do another piece for us again.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    I’m busy at work TAD

    As for truth hurts, it looks like you read part of what I had to say. It’s called nuance. Of course they have a problem with racism in spain (its a universal problem), but they may not have understood that this act was offensive, and so far i haven’t seen anything from the chinese media to suggest that there is widespread outrage there. your sense of nuance isn’t as great as your sense of outrage.

    As for the Native issue, a. these people aren’t responsible since they had no say in stopping it. b. these aren’t natives who were being characitured c. They did it for an ad for a chinese company. Send your letters of protest to the company in question.

  • underdog

    It seems like American people is more offended by the advertisement of the Spanish basketball team, than the 2.5 billion people of Asia.

  • http://indianz.com R3Z

    Yea, Kidd has a point, but not a complaint. USA has a very racist history & in order to heal that or fix that, requires US Americans carry ourself in a polite but very confident manner. We are a super power, there is a time and place to play bully, but for the most part we still neeed to come off as cordial. Otherwise Americans can be viewed in the same light as NAZI’s. As a Native American, I have more faith in my country, esspecially since I haven’t ever seen or heard of any Country in the world come to our aid or support the last 600 years. From the worldview I believe my country has made progress, while the rest of the world has still drug thier feet when it comes to human rights.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    As am I James. Well, as busy as I can be.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    James had a good point when he questioned whether the Spanish have the same historical history with the Chinese that Americans have. Somebody should check on that because given the Spanish response to offensive behavior regarding black people I’m not willing to just give them the benefit of the doubt. However, is somebody can offer some information that shows that the Spanish have had very little interaction with the Chinese and don’t have a history of subjugating them, then I’ll rethink my stance on this issue.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    R3Z, or you comparing Americans to the Nazis because of the atrocities committed against Native Americans or because of our actions in the global arena. I’m just curious about that point.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    I think against the Natives there is a stronger point. The U.S. behaves more like Rome globally. Its not about extermination, its about control.

    Allenp, I like you argument better than Truths, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove they don’t have the history. Don’t assume racism either but don’t assume innocence. That’s a philosophical point I can heartily endorse.

    TAD, these psychologists won’t hire themselves, so I have to make sure they get paid as much as they can (I work for the School Board in the summer, and we have trouble getting enough school psychologists).

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Now that sounds like a sweet job. Reagrding ya’lls points: I agree with both sides of the coin and it is a very interesting topic when considering all the variables involved. My stance? If China was quick to forgive them, then it is time to move on.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    Yao did the same to Shaq. I have a feeling if the Japanese team did something to offend the chinese though there would have been riots.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    I’ve worked here since I was 19 (8 years ago). I could have a job here if I wished to, but I prefer to slave away in university.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Nothing wrong with that. And co-sign your point about the Japanese.

  • rav

    re: nba suspensions – the nba have no jurisdiction to suspend the spanish nba players, surely only the IOC and FIBA could do such a thing?

  • Jeronimo

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t take a reported wife beater (that’s Jason Kidd in this case) talking morals. Having said this, I agree that Spain’s basketball team should probably get a fine.

  • god below

    What applies in the USA does not necessarily apply to Spain in the way these kinds of issues are viewed. They are two different cultures with two different histories. Coming from a wife beater who got off rather lightly himself, he should be the last to be throwing stones.

  • Captain America

    Such b.s. The Chinese are not complaining. Only the hyper sensitive race baiters are complaining. Even J-Kidd admits it…in the US, they would have caught hell.

  • rav

    about the whole racist aspect of it, i don’t think it was intentionally meant as racist – if the chinese players did a ’round-eye’ gesture that wouldn’t be seen as racist would it?

  • Jeronimo

    @ rav 12:15 – LOL great point!

  • ciolkstar

    public urination?

  • Bryant Reeves

    Has an American NBA player ever been suspended for his actions while representing his country and not the NBA? I can’t think of a single time. ason Ki needs to shut the hell up. It isn’t his job to worry about it and it isn’t America’s job to determine if Spanish people are being racist towards Chineese people. Let them figure it out for themselves.

  • http://washedupplayer.blogspot.com/ RiseKing

    Jason should stop worrying about the Spanish team and become more concerned with the fact that his legs might spontaneous combust at any moment he has to play defense.

  • http://www.talkaboutsport.blogspot.com Sanjeev

    Spain did get it off easy. Its simple to say you didn’t mean something like that. On my blog I have had several people debate about this…However, I think it was a rude, insidious gesture that the Spanish team made. Normally Kidd isn’t the brightest chap, but he is correct about one more thing. If Team USA were to do something like this – the whole world would jump on them and pester the crap outta them. The Spaniards need some sort of punishment for this childish act.

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    Sanjeev, read the context. Chinese company asked them to pose like that. Where is the insidiousness there?

  • http://DCtoBC.com modi

    if thta was the case, then homeboy j kidd should still be in jail for beating the BREAKS off his wife! oh boy! i did just say that!!!!

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    Hold up guys: there’s a lot of stupidity starting to spread rampant here. First off, Spain actually has serious racism problems in their country, and a lot of it are against asians americans. Secondly, it was not “the sponsors” idea that the Spanish do this. The sponsors said that Spain’s basketball team should all wink or something to that effect… Spain took it a step farther and did the Chinese eye thing. Sponsors found it funny, but it wasn’t their idea. Thirdly, did someone say David Stern has no power over Spanish NBA players? He can suspend anyone he wants from the NBA. As well he should.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    And enough with people saying everyone should “get over it.” If the Chinese did a photoshoot for a Spanish company and they all drank tequila or took a nap, should we tell the Spanish to “get over it?”

  • Jeronimo

    “Spain actually has serious racism problems in their country, and a lot of it are against asians americans.” Jukai, can you please substantiate this? Not the racism problems against gypsies, Eastern Europeans, people from Northern Africa, black people [no offense meant], those I’m aware of, but the “against Asian Americans” got me scratching my head.

  • Jeronimo

    And just to clarify: Tequila is a Mexican product, and Spain is in Europe (right under France, you know). A botijo and a nap would have been a more appropriate joke.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Cheryl

    You guys make me proud. You know who I’m talking to.

  • Guzman

    This is incredible. It is true that they shouldn’t have taken that pic, but it is ridiculous taking it as racist ofense.
    First, the one of the Chinese authorities said certainly happy and in a funny way that none of Chinese would find that ofensive, but comic and funny. Spain has perfect realations with China plus is the second country in the world adopting chinese kids, so let’s get this right please. Don’t try to find problems where there are not.
    This players is showing how poor culturally he is, same as those who defend him. For example, and taking it the same way, the Japanese could have felt deeply ofended when the American team did the military salute when they won the bronce medal. That was certainly an ofense so it remember the war against Japan during the WW2. And I am not making this up, that appeared on the Media (although I think is as useless as this Spanish pic argue) All of this is just crazy, and players like Kid should have be more classy than that. If the Chinse haven’t considered that pic ofensive… why the f@@@@ the Americans and the British are doing that? Dont they have any memories about their own stuff?? or it is just that they only wnat to remember what is not about them. Remember how did u treated the Chinese imigrants in America? Remember what did u do and what are u doing in your own country with foreign people? PLEASE LETS USE THE BRAIN FOR SOMETHING ELSE THAN OFENSE. Every country in the History has had episodes of racism, but it is not America the one at the botton of that list, so… please, Mr. Kid and those who think alike. Be more respectful and and try to read a book from time to time. It doesn’t hurt, I promise.

  • Guzman

    I am sorry for using the words YOU and Americans and British in my recent post. I was reading that again and in some points sound a bit bad cause my English. I wanted to point that comment on those who support the ideas of this player, who is supposed to set an example for society, and in some Amerian and British journalist who just want to sell smoke by taking things the way they are not. i am sorry If I ofended those who really dont deserve that comment. But I suscribe everything else on it.

  • Beezer

    wow Jason … double standards!! welcome to a white mans world!!

    congrats on now feeling the way a 50 yr old and younger white man feels!!

  • James aka The Artist Formerly Known As Krayzie Bone

    Jukai, thanks for the clarification on the sponsor thing. I don’t agree with the other analogies though (not just because they’re culturally incorrect). the pointing out of physical differences isn’t inherrently bad, only when tied to a culutural context (doing slant eyes here, or doing black face here).

  • Z

    1) Spain does have history of racism in sports (e.g. The way Africans are treated in La Liga)so they don’t get any sort of leeway. 2) The ad was offensive in itself. It doesn’t matter if the Chinese authorities issue a statement saying that it is. 3) A lot of people in here are saying that Chinese do have slanted eyes therefore it’s okay. That is incredibly stupid. I mean, it’s not even an argument. What was the ad trying to accomplish then? Would it have been okay for the Spanish team to sport big fake red lips if the games were held in Lagos? Of course not, get your mind right people.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    Spain has a cultural problem with asians, asian Americans specifically. I read an article on this, the teachers get far less pay and the muggings in Spain are centered around them. Spain is just one of those countries that have some racism problems and don’t like to admit it. Now, to clarify: I DO NOT THINK THE SPANISH TEAM WAS BEING RACIST! But someone (I think it was James, but I’m not going to bother to check) said that because Spain had no history of racism against asians unlike in America, that they had no idea this was offensive. That’s a false statement. A big-ass false statement.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    I hated that logic too, Z. Black people have black skin so I’m going to mock the hell out of them for it. What? It’s okay, they really DO have black skin.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    SLAM has some smart readers and some complete dolts. Sounds about right. And the Chinese have complained about what happened. I guess if you refuse to actually search for articles that document the Chinese complaints you can then say that nobody complained. That’s a smart tactic. Don’t actually look for evidence that disproves your point, and then proclaim that the abscence of evidence is proof that you are right. Y’all are effing geniuses.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    And it’s amazing how to some folks that fact that Jason Kidd is an accused wife beater means that his thoughts on racism are invalid. I wonder if y’all apply that logic to everybody in your lives. Nobody who has done anything wrong can comment on other people’s wrongdoing or on double standards. It would be one thing if Kidd said the Spanish players were horrible people, but all he said was that David Stern and the media are treating the Spanish players differently than they would Team USA. And I think he’s right. Stern loves to bring NBA players into his office for a talk about their off-court activities. This is a proven fact. I don’t think Stern should have the power to regulate players off-court lives, but since he’s already been doing that, he needs to do it for everybody.

  • http://sdfjkl.com Jukai

    The apocalypse is coming: I agree with two consecutive Allenp posts!!

  • Myung Lee

    I agree with the things the 3 guys (Z, Jukai, and Allenp) above me have been saying. I can’t wait to put this behind us so I can get back to writing biased and unobjective thoughts about my beloved Hawks.)

  • John D

    I agree with J-Kidd. And it’s pathetic that the Spanish team hasn’t sounded contrite at all in their “apologies”

  • Z

    Well said, Myung. Oh and Hawks fans need to get smaked with some sense, Mo Evans + Flip =/= Smoove. End of.

  • Myung Lee

    I’m thinking you meant to write Chill?

  • Myung Lee

    I’m a big Childress fan (homeboy brought a lot of hustle and smarts to the coury), but I’m thinking Murray, Randolph Morris, and Mo Evans can make up for some of the things he brought to the table.

  • ace

    this isn’t racism..

  • Z

    Yes, Chill. Smoove is this other 6’8 guy. Not to be confused that other 6’8 guy either (Marvin). Nor the other guy that’s 6’8 (Joe).

  • maki

    china is laughing at anglosaxons,spaniards are laughing at anglosaxons…and now everyone is laughing at jason kidd too…TRUTH HURTS you are blaming spaniards for something which took place 500 years ago…what if i blame you for killing and stealing and raping the native americans??what about guantanamo?what about irak?what about the way americans behave when you come to europe??so arrogant…so hypocrital…

  • http://fjsdklf.com Jukai

    What’s incredibly hypocritical is how Europeans forget their own blood soaked pasts and blood soaked political apathetic presents whenever the chance to insult America’s history comes up.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    Yeah, Europeans must have forgotten about colonialism. That just slipped y’all’s minds.

  • Guzman

    ###Well, people. I think is time to let the things falling by their own weight. Dont push forward. As I said before every country has had at least an issue with racism, and certainly some of them are facing it now. But that is not the case of Spain with China. Since I am a spaniard I feel deeply hurted by those who say that we are racist, and even that some of them freely scream they hate Spain with no argument further the freedom of speach. Well, then someone else would feel free to call u ignorant. Some also have the idea that we treat the African players bad in LA LIGA (soccer league), That is just absurd and without any reason. I am sorry to hear this fellas, cause that only means how much people like to face the people with other people just watch it from the first row.
    ###We can find idiots everywhere, not only in USA, not only in Europe, etc (just add your country or your city). But is a must for educated and good people try to not to empower the thoughts of those who dont even know what are saying, like this Mr. Kidd in this case (by the way he was my favourite player and I made my sister buy his jersey this year), who sometimes fall into the lake of arrogance, and yet pleased with that, even try to swim a bit just in case someone has not been paying too much attention.
    1. In Spain, taht is a common funy joke to refer to China that has nothing to do with ofense. It is like when somebody give an example about Spain fighting an imaginary bull or dancing flamenco. We just laught at that, the same way the Chinese laught at that, now unfortunated, idea. True that they could have done another thing, but the fact is that they did that witout any intention further than funy marketing, and that is the way the Chinese authorities had taken the issue. Some of then, asked by the Media, anwered with a smile and even a funy comment.
    2. No one but British and American Journalist have given importance to it. Since not so long ago the British Media take any oportunity to talk about racism in Spain. But this an issue that comes from a deeper problem. They dont like at all the Spanish sport institutions. Actually they are clearly faced of. And this, plus the traditional apetite for yellow news, bring us this kind of issues in.
    3. What are the people who are blaming Spain for that trying to get? We are a civiliced country with a deep sense of hospitality and proud History plus a better sense of humor as it looks like. And because of that we are capable of understanding how important are other countries with deep cultural traditions and believes. Sure that we have idiots here, but no more than anyone. And according to the current times, seeing that our country proposed the aliance of civilizations, that our language is spoken in more than twenty countries and that we are concerned about the mistakes our people did in the past (Spanish Empire) we understand what a cultural ofense is. However, just in case we have any other problem with it. The Spanish institution responsible for that matter already affered their sincere apoligies if that pic caused any bother.

  • Guzman

    I have been doing my homeworks and here you have some things.

    1. That pic was taken to promote a Chinese brand under their allowance and I must say they were also pleased with the idea cause it is trying to show the simpathy the Spanish people have to China. The brand is Li-Ning.
    2. The Spanish Basketbal Federaton was the first international institution that signed a deal with teh Chinese brand, so the relations are very old and good.
    3. The basketball federation also said in his official reply, that they will take legal actions against those who, wthout any reason, have tried to make an issue of this damaging the image of Spain and its Basketball Federation.
    4. The Chinese Government has assured that there is no issue with that and says that they dont see any ofence.

    Here is the Official response from the Spanish Federation.

    La Federación Española de Baloncesto ha publicado un comunicado para zanjar la polémica causada por algunos medios anglosajones en torno a una foto publicitaria de la selección en la que imitaban los ojos rasgados de los ciudadanos chinos “de forma cariñosa a ciudadanos asiáticos en general y chinos en particular”, como señala la FEB en dicho escrito.

    En tres puntos, el ente federativo da por zanjada la cuestión:

    “1. Que, tal y como afortunadamente ha entendido la inmensa mayoría del público español e internacional y ha corroborado la embajada de la República Popular China en España, el único significado de dicho gesto es de cariño, simpatía y reconocimiento, que es lo que siente esta federación por el pueblo chino y su país.

    2. Que la FEB mantiene una ya larga relación con el baloncesto de la República Popular China, con cuyo desarrollo está comprometida y que se refleja tanto en la estrecha colaboración en la formación de árbitros, jugadores y entrenadores, como en la regular visita a nuestro país de los diferentes equipos de la Federación de Baloncesto de la República Popular China para competir y preparar sus competiciones internacionales, invitados por la FEB.
    3. Que además de las relaciones deportivas, la FEB ha sido una de las primeras Federaciones del mundo en mantener también relaciones comerciales con instituciones y empresas chinas, como la firma de ropa deportiva Li-Ning, cuyo contrato suscrito con la FEB es el más antiguo de sus acuerdos. Molten y Lenovo son otras de las empresas asiáticas con las que colabora la FEB, la primera de las cuales ya contribuyó decididamente hace dos años en el mayor éxito de la historia del baloncesto español, la medalla de oro del Campeonato del Mundo, conquistada en 2006 precisamente en Japón.

    Por todo ello, la FEB considera que esta polémica, del todo gratuita, se ha generado desde la mala fe por parte de unos medios que han querido dañar la imagen no sólo de la propia FEB sino también de nuestro país y nuestro deporte, por lo que se reserva las acciones legales pertinentes para salvaguardarla”.

  • Kevin K

    If that was an american WHITE team inflating their nose and making their lips big… hell would break lose with guys like al sharpton and jesse jackson screaming their lungs about racism… double standards indeed.

  • maki

    ALLENP isn’t irak a case of colonialism?what the hell are you doing there but looking for oil?are you looking to free irak’s people?mass destruction weapons?JUKAI hiroshima,nagasaki,irak,vietnam,korea,afghanistan are you talking about blood soaked past??why don’t you talk about blodd soaked present?

  • maki

    i have more to say…who do you think you are to tell the rest of the world what is right or what is wrong?talk about your country and let the others laugh at you…that’s the way china and spain are behaving this moment

  • The Frozen 1

    J-Kidd…. man, he’s old school. This is the olympics! Let our comrades have a lil’ bit of fun.

  • mike p

    his isn’t racist. people are too quick to play the card. in spain it has a different tone, which doesn’t come from hate or derision. learn about other cultures before you tell other cultures to learn themselves. hypocrites.

  • Bruno

    maybe Ason is right, but thats all cause the whole world hates american people cause of their attitude, arrogance and of course, because u guys elected that guy…

    its funny. everybody has american friends and i do have a lot of them and all of them, very nice people, but when it comes to the mass… people just hate u guys


  • LAN

    spain r all crackers omg hate spain

  • Will Lee

    spain has always been racist. They changed so many names in African countries to spanish. Force south american to speak spanish, killed every original indians in america in 1450′s.

    Let’s start WW3

  • Everyready

    Pau Gasol plays in LA.. last time I checked there are not a lot of Asians living there.. what an idiot.

    Jose Calderon plays in Toronto.. last time I checked not a lot of Asians living there either.. what an idiot.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Guzman: Ok so you don’t think chanting “monkey” to black soccer players is racist? You don’t believe that having one of your team players spit racial slurs at Henry to make him lose composure is racist? You don’t think that willingly posing in a picture that demeans the appearance of Asians, when you are playing in the Olympics hosted by CHINA isn’t even the slightest bit racist? Hmm… You must be messed in the head or just another ignorant Spaniard (not all Spaniards are ignorant), same difference.

    @ Jukai and Allenp: I agree. What’s funny though is how countries like Britain and Spain tried to rule the whole f*cking world in the past, then jump on China for the slightest issue, like Tibet and such. Bullsh!t.. Then the Spaniards try to make up some lame excuse for the photo, also bullsh!t. They knew exactly what they were doing. J Kidd has a point.

  • Winslowalrob

    Ok, does anyone hear speak Chinese? Or can read it? Go to baidu, look up the story, and see what the Chinese press thinks about it, which, by the way, LOVE to throw foreigners under any bus they can (just like the American press likes to badmouth China). If this was a big deal, Li-Ning would not have sponsored it, the government would not have allowed it, and the press would have just UNLOADED on Spain. Oh wait, that never happened, because for a lot of Chinese people it was not a big deal. Some did not like it, but then again those are probably the same fans that threatened to stop being fans of Yao Ming because he was rumored to have been dating a black woman… hyper-nationalism can be a !@#$%.

    This goes back to a classic question of conciousness-raising: can somebody be oppressed if they don’t know they are being opressed? Personally I think J-Kidd is just starting stuff, but its whatever. And in all seriousness, if ANY top-flight NBA player took a photo like that, a ton of Chinese people would not care. Chinese fans love a mercurial rapist in Kobe, an arrogant whiner in Lebron, and an oft-injured guy who can never get over the hump in T-Mac. A slanted eyes picture? Who cares…

  • maki

    Will Lee hey you are an illitirate man…1450??hahaha…spaniards arrived to america in…1492 and OMG there are still descendants of those indians that were all killed according to you!!!!they only had 2 colonies in africa:guinea and sahara…they changed many names??what does that mean??their names were endengue and after that they were called manuel…ups…what a crime

  • maki

    LAN says:
    spain r all crackers omg hate spain

    make a global survey…ask what is the most hated nation around the globe…the answer??usa…sure

    take a look at the image of the usa basketball team receiving the bronze medal in the last world championship in japan (2006) well…wasn’t it offensive for the japanese veterans of WWII?was it or not humilliant for the japanese people?

    you want to hide you have a really serious racial problem attacking others for such a thing like that pic…chinese are not ofended…even the chinese government is laughing at you now…well the whole non-anglosaxon world is doing that this moment

    j-kidd shut up and play…you better think about yourselves,have a lot of things to improve in your homeland to even think about giving moral lessons to others

  • Bruno

    thing is, everybody plays with the whole slanted eyes thing… this is not a big deal even for them. is IS funny.
    calliang a black dude monkey its not funny.
    there is a huge gap here.

    and what about arriving at the beijing airport using masks, even though its proved that the air quality in NYC is 5 times worst?!?!?
    i don’t know which athletes did that, but they were wearing that blue, red and white and i really doubt those motherf*&^% do that in NY

    but everything is a political war for you guys. usa thinks that they can rule whatever happens in the world and u know what, nobody gives sh&^ for what u think.

    US had an edge, but 8 years of “him” and u are digging your own grave.
    politically and financially

  • Buh

    you americans allways judging the rest of the world following your stupid anglosaxon rules. The gesture in Spain IS NOT OFFENSIVE. Bombing free countries really offends the world. On the other side the thing with doping in usa sports is not if there is doping but when the technology will detect it.

  • silverselectjd

    Mendel, you do realise that the advert was for a courier company, photographed for the courier comapny and paid for by the courier company. Yes Li Ning are their apparel/ shoe sponsor, but check the photo, they are wearing Nikes!

  • Myung

    I’m Asian, and I think I can speak on behalf of nearly the entire Asian population (with a few exceptions, including the boss of Ni Ling) that what you said, Bruno (“this is not a big deal even for them. is IS funny.”) couldn’t be more wrong. I’m trying to figure out where non-Asians get off speaking on our behalf, telling us what we should and shouldn’t be offended by.

  • B. Long


  • http://indianz.com R3Z

    It’s getting old with all these pilgrims that straddle the fence when it comes to being American. I understand being loyal to your heritage, but as an imigrant, patriotism should be a high priority in thier life. The world looks to America when the Sh!t hits the fan everytime or we help no questions asked.Native Americans have the inherit right to be cruical, but those that jump off a boat should have to prove themselves otherwise America risks itself.
    As far as BASKETBALL just like LIFE, DOMINATE. That’s how the US rolls.
    On the American tip LOVE IT or GIVE IT BACK!!!

  • Jota Be

    American sport competitors indeed have already done racist gestures in the past, and not too long ago. In the athletism world cup in Japan, 2007, Americans who entered the podium did the militar salute as the anthem sounded. Having americans doing that in a country that has been militarily occupied by america is extremely offensive. Yet noone said anything.

  • Bruno

    oh Myung. ok. i should apologize than. but let me just understand.
    whats the problem of having slanted eyes?!?!?!
    and, as your people is known for that, as that beeing so caractheristic, whats the problem of someone playing in the Olympic games helded by China, play with that…
    and not play in a bad intention, but showing where they are…
    its not offensive when people call out that chinese is known by the replicas or the cheap work force, but it is offensive when they play with such caracterstic

    i really don’t see the point here, and i really don’t see any kind of offensive behave by the spaniards, very different than the masks by the americans.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Our world is so fuc*ed.

  • Myung Lee

    I cannot fully understand the plight of a woman in the work force or a black person who gets pulled over for no reason. As an Asian male, I cannot relate. For people on this site who are not Asian, to say what is and isn’t offensive to Asians is patronizing and desultory. Whether you grew up in the States (like I did) or elsewhere, when you see a non-Asian do that sort of action, it is rarely, if ever, seen in a positive light. To your point (and there may have been something lost in translation, Bruno), there is nothing wrong with having slanted eyes. This is how God made us, and we don’t see anything wrong with our eyes, thank you very much (well, I can’t speak for the thousands of Asian girls who’ve had cosmetic surgery done on their eyes, but that’s another topic for another site).

  • Myung Lee

    I think some of the disagreement that is taking place here stems from the fact that we don’t know the ethnicity of the person who’s writing his/her comment, and that leads to a lot of miscommunication/ confusion (not to mention some issues of writing proper English, which I actually have no beef with… those of you who are writing in broken English, regardless of if I agree with the content or not, are to be commended for having the guts to write your thoughts in English on an American site). The point of view of an Anglo, a native Asian, an Asian American, a black person, a native Spaniard, etc, is going to be different, and in some cases, we don’t know who’s who. Whenever the issue of race is discussed among just Americans, a website forum isn’t the best place to do it (it always turns into an angry name-calling game), and when you make a racial issue an international one, it’s just like injecting a shot of performance enhancing drugs into the body. Now, the mess turned messier. And that’s what we have here; have we had any sort of growth stem from this 3 day discussion so far?

  • Myung Lee

    To those who have been bashing Jason Kidd for speaking his mind on this matter because he beat Joumana when he was on the Suns, who exactly is allowed to speak out on these sort of issues? Which country and which team has a roster full of players without any trangresson or folly? Is only a perfect human being allowed to give his opinion on anything? While I don’t condone wife beating AT ALL, I’m not sure how that has anything to do with his stance on the matter. Personally, I have a bigger issue with how far his game seems to have slipped in the past year than anything regarding his personal life.

  • Guzman

    It looks like nobody took a minute to read the reasons of that pic and who was behind it.
    Li-Ning, the Chinese brand, ordered the pic for its marketing campaign. And the Spanish Basketball Federation is the oldest international business mate that the brand has overseas. Here there are just some bunch of haters who dont have anything else to do than criticize.
    What kind of people use such a poor arguments like talking about things back in the 15th century, or saying that just because a bunch of idiots call monkey a player all Spain is racist (generally, in the stadiums, if someone insult that way a player the rest of people in the crowd is going to take him down directly to the authorities… and those incidents happen only twice a year maybe). But of course, you are not interested in knowing all of this cause the only matter here is feeling big men by criticizing the others… why dont u do it by setting examples. That is the highest path. This is my last comment in this article.
    I also apreciate the way that some people try to make the… let’s call them haters, understand than that is not the way. But this is like talking to a wall. WORTLESS.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    I thought it was a courier service that ordered the picture? And what the hell is going on with the Spanish Tennis team doing the same thing? Are they sponsored by Li Ning too? And why were they doing the slanted eyes thing at a dinner party? This second picture is much more disturbing than the first one to me.

  • Myung Lee

    Guzman, I appreciate your post, and I think most of us DO understand that Li Ning wanted that photo as part of the their advertising campaign. You make a lot of good points, and I think it IS unfair to call a country of millions racist because of the actions of a few. That being said, just because an Asian company ordered something to happen doesn’t necessarily make it right with Asian people. This company does not represent all Asian people, just like the few hoodlums in the crowd don’t represent the country of Spain. I can’t speak for all Asians in this case, but speaking for one (me), I can say that I’m very insulted by Li Ning’s decision (whether it was Li Ning or just the photographer). You DO realize that Li Ning doesn’t speak for the billions of Asians in this world, right?

  • Guzman

    Yeah, I got that Myung, and I thing they shoukd have had more touch with it. And think it was very inapropriated taking that pic, but not racist for God!!. it does not mean more than a mistake that since it was done without any bad intention… should be taken the same way. Some of the tennis players, after a dinner, took a pic kind of same back in APril before playing agaist China. The tennis federation had the pic uploaded in their webpages so that gives you the idea that the pic was not hidden… so we dont feel that was be doing anything wrong. That does not mean that they want to ofend them. It just shows how uimportant and just humorous is that thing in Spain. It is the same that when Japanese or Chinese tourist come to Spain and like to take a pic infront of a bull statue doing like they are fighting it… so that could be interpreted as we all are bullfighters or something, but that does not bother us cause we understand it is done without any bad intention. I have a lot of friends from Asia and they actually found funny the pic although dont understand why did they take it. So do I.
    If you want to know why the British media is taking this issue that important you need to know that they are totally against Madrid as a candidate for hosting the next Olympics… and suporting Chicago. And by doing this they are trying to blow it up.

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    I don’t think anybody has offered an explanation for why the tennis team thought it was a good idea. The basketball team, sure they could have just been doing what the sponsors told them. While that’s not smart, that makes sense. But, why was the tennis team making this gesture at dinner in April beofe a match against China? What are they trying to say? If they are getting ready to have a match against the Chinese, what does this picture mean? I don’t understand the idea that this was “all in good fun.” Why is it good fun to pretend like you have slanted eyes? What is the joke? Why is it funny? Nobody has explained this yet. Humor has a purpose, what exactly was the purpose in this humor?

  • Myung Lee

    I’ve been asking the same thing, Allenp. Everyone keeps saying it’s all in good fun, but I don’t see the humor in it. I hate it when people have to break down a joke for you to understand it, but maybe it’s such a high level of humor that someone DOES have to actually break it down to mortals like you and me.

  • Truthsayer

    Li Ning did NOT direct the shoot. It was for a racist Spanish freight company and it’s totally racist.

    They should suspended at the very least. I am against the capital punishiment but this is a very strong case for it.

    This kind of anti-semitic and anti-sinic activities can not be tolerated.

  • Winslowalrob

    Myung, you do not speak for all Asian people, don’t even try. I understand where a lot of people are coming from in claiming it is racist. But get off your high horse and pretend that YOU are the one people have to placate. Li-Ning does not speak for the “billions of Asians” in the world, but you do? Sorry to come off like a prick dude, I just get annoyed when people essentialize race. All Asians are not the same (and who qualifies as an Asian? Russia? Iran? India? Do you mean east Asians? What about southeast Asia?) and anyone that has lived in China would realize just how much diversity there is in the country amongst the provinces and the cities. You are right in that, if a joke has to be explained, it is probably not funny, but there are a lot of Asian people that would not be offended by the picture… they just happen to live on the Asian continent. Maybe an ABC would not like it, and that is understandable, even if I do not agree with it, but a mainlander? I think Guzman is right in breaking down WHERE the indignation came from: the British press trying to screw over Spain. The way people talk about racism though allows ANYONE to accuse others of being racist, so people are having some kind of oppression olympics about Spain and the US while not realizing just how racist China is… it ain’t easy being dark unless you play basketball, that is all I am going to say (not to imply that China is an evil country with evil people, quite the opposite actually, but that different people can get hated on in a lot of different countries, nobody has a monopoly on racism). Long story short, any company that would willingly sponsor Damon Jones (Li-Ning what the HELL where you thinking?) cannot be trusted…

  • Myung Lee

    Winslowalrob, you make some good points, but I’m pretty sure I was careful about my posts by saying I was speaking for myself and not speaking on behalf of all Asians. When I did say I was speaking for Asians, I said I was speaking for some (including many of my friends and my wife) who don’t frequent SLAMonline. If you think I’m on a high horse, then sorry you feel that way but I don’t think I need to apologize. I felt like I was trying to find a middle ground between the offended and those who are defending the actions of the Spanish team. I wasn’t attacking anyone nor using foul language. But if that rubs you the wrong way, what can I do…

  • Myung Lee

    But one point you DO make, and this is where I was wrong… when I did say I was speaking on behalf of nearly (I purposely included that word) the entire Asian population, I should’ve been more specific. You’re right; I wasn’t thinking of people in India or Russa, et al. I was referring to East Asia. I should’ve been more specific. Sorry.

  • maki

    Truthsayer says:
    Li Ning did NOT direct the shoot. It was for a racist Spanish freight company and it’s totally racist. They should suspended at the very least. I am against the capital punishiment but this is a very strong case for it. This kind of anti-semitic and anti-sinic activities can not be tolerated.

    wow!!!whats the name of the company???let’s bomb the main building!!!hahaha…what does all this have to do with anti-semitism??come on man…relax,breath…hahha…totally racist ummmm well…it is a waste of time to try to talk with someone like you

  • Winslowalrob

    My bad for sounding so confrontational Myung, I know where you were coming from. Shoulda done more editing.

  • Myung

    All good, my friend.

  • chintao

    Just for the record, it does appear that Chinese were offended by the photo. Spain was booed lustily by the home crowd in its game against China. Also, the photo shoot was not for Lining apparel. It was for an courier service. Chinese people were not involved in the shoot. Finally, I have to disagree with J-Kidd. Asians are fair game. Their unwillingess/ineffectiveness in confronting offensive/discriminatory behavior makes them easy targets. I can’t recall an incident in which someone lost his job or suffered otherwise for a racist jab at Asians. If Spain had done the ad in blackface, well then….

  • maki

    david stern has sent a letter to the 30 teams of the nba forbidding them to make any kind of contact with the iranian player ehadadi becaus of the bad relationships bet their governments…well where is the double standard now mr.kidd?do americans hate all which smells like arab or muslim mr kidd??….

  • chintao

    It would be interesting to note how much of a role (if any) Stern’s Jewish heritage played in the Ehadadi edict.

  • Andrea

    It was a little funny in my warped mind, but yeah…racist. Kidd’s right, America would have been all over the news if we had done that. Big bad US.