Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 12:00 pm  |  14 responses

Hey Raja Bell, This Ain’t D’Antoni’s Offense No More

After taking a typically quick three last night, Raja was yanked from the game by his coach and watched the rest of the half from the comfort of the bench.

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  • Sean B

    HAHA first

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    I bet he won’t yank Amare or Nash.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Good job, Terry Porter. Although Raja probably could’ve helped with that perimeter defense that your team so desperately needed last night but at least you made a point!

  • Sparker


  • jaywhy

    well bench him and put Dragic/Nash on CP3 just made the team lose…

  • awesomepossum

    get out…Bell for Starbury

  • http://nbaukfan.blogspot.com/ mat smith

    never happened, just watched it and Raja had a steady 2nd half, Suns made too many turnovers but come on SLAM, get your alleged facts straight, dont be putting beef in a veggie sub….

  • Jake

    It was in the first half Mat.After watching last night’s game I can honestly say I’ve never seen a team that out of sync in my entire life.They need to get back to runnin and gunnin or It’s gonna be a long season in the desert folks.If you’re going to try and turn your team into the Spurs,at least get a roster that has some interest in playing defense.

  • http://nbaukfan.blogspot.com/ mat smith

    yeah I know, ive seen a team that out of sync, they are from New York, and this team beat the Spurs night before man ;)

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    @ mat smith: Shut your trap.

  • http://joebasketball.blogspot.com Joe

    Mat, i would finally consider eating a veggie sub if it had beef in it.

  • josesito


  • Flash

    terry porter and steve kerr sucks!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    terry porter might be this years doc rivers… he needs some zulu venaculor.