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Brent Barry on Bruce Bowen: ‘He’s a Very Dirty Player’

by Marcel Mutoni

Now that he’s no longer a part of the San Antonio Spurs organization, Brent Barry can afford to be a little bit more honest about his former teammates. And if you are to believe the folks who broadcast Houston Rockets games, “Bones” thinks Bruce Bowen is a godless, soul-sucking vampire.

OK, so maybe he didn’t go that far, but he reportedly doesn’t think too highly of Mr. Bowen’s defensive tactics. From SpursReport (via, BallHype):

“That’s probably the least that he (Bowen) has hacked McGrady since they’ve been in there,” commented Worrell.

“Bowen’s a little befuddled by the call,” followed Bullard. “But we’ve talked to Brent Barry, who played here in San Antonio for four years about Bruce Bowen, and he says ‘You know what? Bruce is a very dirty player.”

Of course, the fact that even the people who played with Bowen think he’s dirty isn’t a big surprise; hell, if you fed his current teammates enough drinks they’d probably admit it, too.

And while this made for great TV, Brent Barry might not be so appreciative of the broadcasters revealing his true feelings next time the Spurs and Rockets face off.

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  • http://slamonline.com polowthaJon

    Also Breaking News: The Spurs are old!

  • Magic fan

    1st! – I agree

  • http://slamonline.com polowthaJon

    oh yeah, 1ST!

  • Magic fan

    dang, second!

  • drew

    thank you brent barry for pointing out the obvious

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    Hey Matt Bullard, stop snitchin’. Thanks.

  • http://SavvyJobseeker.com Roxanne

    Bruce Bowen is an unbelievably dirty player. I’m amazed that nothing has really been done to rein in his dirty tactics.

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Bruce Bowen: “Bones is weird. One time he kissed David Stern.”

  • Sdfigits

    I always knew there was a reason Brent was likeable, even as a spur,

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    “Co-sign,” said Steve Nash’s testicals.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    “Word” said Amare’s Achilles heel.

  • KiddFan5

    “true dat” piped in vince carter’s ankle

  • Steve

    Wow, second-hand gossip from a rival’s commentators about a player’s grudge with an ex-teammate… seriously? Guess it’s easier than real journalism. * rolls eyes *

  • Gumdrop

    Those two announcers might not consider themselves to be journalists, but I’m doubting that Barry would have wanted that publicized. That’s a bullcrap move outing Barry like that. If he had wanted to be on the record saying that his former teamate is dirty I’m sure that he could have found a reporter.

  • Gumdrop

    That said, I don’t think that it comes as a surprise to anybody.

  • mike

    I’m sure Brent didn’t appreciate Bruce helping him get his championship ring either.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Breaking News: Barack Obama won the election. (i.e. what else is new?)

  • jaywhy

    in other news, Magic Johnson has announced he has HIV… it’s a sad day in the world of basketball…


  • EC

    Bowen just likes it rough, and men

  • Roger Dorn

    I thought the jump-kick to Wally Sczerbiak’s face was a dead giveaway.

  • Steve

    Guess this Mutoni guy makes a (in)decent living writing “Bowen is Dirty” articles. He has at least three of them either on, or linked to, this page.

    We get it. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel to get mouth-breathers to love you for hating the guy that shuts down the top scorer of 29 of the 30 teams in the league.

    Nevermind the fact that Bowen has hardly ever been penalized for all the supposedly “dirty” plays (except for kicking Chris Paul after Paul punched him in the nuts). No, that’s just because the NBA loves Bowen, or the Spurs, or it’s a Conspiracy. Yeah, that’s the ticket, a Conspiracy… we’ll get a small-market team that most people say is boring, and we’ll make them the most dominant team of the decade! We’ll make millio…uh…at least twenty bucks!

  • http://www.ravingblacklunatic.blogspot.com Allenp

    Russ is right.
    That’s an outrageous display of snitching. That’s Kobe-level snitching right there.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Steve: Do you really believe that he didn’t try to stomp on Amare’s achilles? Have you seen the videos?

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    Steve, or maybe this Mutoni guy has been posting all kinds of NBA news for along time now, which is his actual job afterall, and in the past has included Dirty Bowen plays, so when you open this article, it shows you similar articles posted in the past about Bowen. If you go click on one of his shaq article, guess what its going to show you? Shaq links! Amazing.

  • riggs

    well, not brent needs to wear a cup, ankle and knee bracers and a face mask just in case next time they match up with the spurs.

  • riggs


  • http://slamonline.com RV

    and i think there’s overreaction on both sides of this, Barry is pretty blunt when he talks, he may not be outspoken, but when he says something he’s not going to be sorry he said it, he’s smart enough and has played long enough to know how the media world works. Also, he didn’t say Bowen tries to hurt people, or cheats, you can be dirty and still play within the rule for the most part, so i don’t think saying it was a big deal for him, or even Bowen. I’m sure he’s told Bowen himself plenty of times.

  • Steve

    Are the Shaq links ALL about Shaq trying being dirty? No. Does Mutoni have ANY articles about Bowen being the best perimeter defender in the league for half a decade? No. And once again, this is not “news” this is second-hand gossip from a rival’s TV commentators about a player’s grudge with an ex-teammate. And I am almost certain that Barry NEVER walked up to Bowen once (much less “plenty of times”) and said “You are dirty”!

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    Well Steve, maybe if Bruce Bowen would stop being a dirty player, articles like this would disappear

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    Steve, now you’re saying its a “grudge”, how would you know that? Do you seriously think Barry has never told Bowen? Even if he was half-joking, i think he’s said it to him AND in front of him. I don’t think that means either of them took it as offensive, its like Rodman, i’m sure the bulls thought he was crazy, but he was THEIR crazy guy. And half of shaq’s links are probably about Kobe and ass tasting, Mutoni just posts whatever makes the news, that’s the point of The Wire.

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai
  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    I hope my comment makes it through moderation extra fast

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Do they only learn what ‘off the record’ means in journalism classes ? Way to go in getting inside info, Matt. And then journalists wonder why athletes don’t want to share their views… He could have said something like ‘even past teammates of Bowen believe he’s a dirty player’…

  • Jackie Moon

    I think Brent meant that Bruce does not take showers after games.

  • Steve

    Well I’m sure Bowen will be fine with it since you said Barry was only joking. Please let Jukai know that Bowen was also just joking in all those videos. Thanks.

  • ciolkstar

    “Dirty” = Crafty
    “Bones” = Terrible in clutch situations
    Barry is a humorous guy though, this sounds like a joke taken out of context by dumbed down homer announcers.

  • ciolkstar

    Also, Chris Paul has more “nut punching” and the like on his resume than most of his fanboys would like to acknowledge. And Nash is much worse than Chris Paul, anyone remeber Nash purposefully tripping and INJURING Felton after Felton blew by Nash(and his horribly disfugured neck)?

  • http://twentythreenine.blogspot.com Russ Bengtson

    I’d love to hear the conversation the next time Bullard and Bones talk.

  • http://slamonline.com Josh D

    Well actually he is a funny guy and this probably what he would say for a joke,in fact,he sent Fabricio Oberto a picture of him with Luis Scola with the words “I’ve finally found an Argentine i like” attached

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    Steve, I’m sure Nash/Francis/Paul/Allan/Parker/Crawford/Stoudemire/Szerbiak found the joke realllllllllly funny. I hate the douchebags that try to defend this guy.

  • http://slamonline.com Josh D

    Go to NBA.com find the GM Survey click on defense and look at the question best perimeter defender and right at the top you’ll see the name Bruce Bowen

  • Steve

    Well I’m glad they got the joke! ‘Cause, you know, some people just hate. I know all of San Antonio has a fantastic time at the Championship parades every other year. Good times…

  • Jesse G

    You might see him at the top of that list Josh D, but if he didn’t get away with the hacking he wouldn’t see the court at all. That’s the dumb thing about the nba whoever gets away with the most are considered the best defenders.

  • Buffalo Brave

    “Holla” Yelled opposing center’s face


  • The Promise

    Besides Spurs fans (idiots I mean), who likes this guy? I mean really? Who?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ Moose

    Hold on, Bruce Bowen plays dirty???

  • Steve

    Bowen’s job is to shut-down the opponents best player. If anyone besides Spurs fans (geniuses I mean) DID like him it would mean he wasn’t doing his job.

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    I never implied i thought he was joking, I said he’s probably said it in front of him, even if he was only half-joking. Its like flopping, you think the Spurs don’t always crack jokes about Manu flopping? Its a way for them to acknowledge it, yet it won’t be taken seriously by the media, so its as if they didn’t believe it. They all know he flops, but flopping doesn’t break any rules just like standing under a shooter doesn’t either, to the outside world both of those things are seen as criminal activities, but to the teammates its just a way to gain an advantage within the rules. Now that Bones is not on the team, he can speak more freely and say it in public, “yeah he’s dirty”, just like he’d probably say “yeah Manu flops”, but you don’t say that stuff while you’re on the teeam to the outside world because you want to continue to gain that advantage as a team.

  • http://www.ojhoops.blogspot.com the baconator

    When I was a Spurs fan a couple years ago, I was convinced as well that Bowen wasn’t dirty, just really good. The second I stopped liking the Spurs, I realized I was completely wrong. Bowen certainly has the skills to be the best defender in the league, and when he plays honest he’s amazing. But it seems like the older he gets, the tireder he gets, and the dirtier he plays

  • Marcel Mutoni

    steve, i’m with you. that mutoni guy is turrible.

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    Mutoni, I’ve had enough of your haterade!!! Take that stuff to DIME!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Oh flopping, like how everyone says Manu is a flopper (even though he is really only 32nd and behind Nash, Bell, etc.), but it was Barry’s fault that the Lakers foul on his 3 point shot in the playoffs was not called because he didn’t “sell it”. Of course the NBA did eventually say it WAS a foul after it was too late to fix. The same way they eventually got around to proving it was physically impossible for Fisher to make that shot in .04 seconds. Gotta love the Spurs hate!

  • Steve

    Thanks, but you might want to change your name, Marcel.

  • Tommy Patron

    Matt Bullard comes across as having being extremely pleased with himself at all times.

  • arodz

    From Bruce to all the Crockets fans, allow me to extend the middle finger to you. ALL of those Bowen haters would LOVE to have him on your team. BTW: Bullard reported this as 2nd hand information. How do we know he didn’t make it up? Oh yeah, Scoreboard!!!! Go Spurs Go.

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    what happened to the video? Looks like its been changed, now bowen is a “great defender”.

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    ah nevermind, i guess that’s the next vid, but did the heading change? No mention of Brnet barry now.

  • Steve

    Haha. The video has 2179 views and ZERO people agree enough to say they like it.

  • http://AllAbout-Penis-Enlargement.com Jukai

    Sorry, I really WOULDN’T want Bruce Bowen on my team. The Suns have turned whiny and floppy enough as it is, if Bowen was there, it’d be Spurs 2.0

  • Steve

    I agree we wouldn’t want the Suns to win a Championship.

  • http://slamonline.com RV

    zero people liked ALL of the videos on that site combined. It doesn’t mean anything.

  • Steve

    It means nobody liked it. Maybe they didn’t like the other ones either, but they damn sure didn’t like this one!(it’s set theory).

  • Luke

    You’d think that professional athletes would be able to stop whining at some point and man up against Bowen. So what if he hacks? Grow one and play that tough back.

  • Albert

    I find it funny as hell that the Rockets TV crew say that it’s common knowledge around the league that Bruce is the dirtiest player in the game. REALLY?? Maybe those idiots should look on their own team for the guy wearing #93.

  • Mark Z

    Brent, Ask anyone Artest has guarded if they think he’s a dirty player. Guess what the reply will be?

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    jaywhy says:
    in other news, Magic Johnson has announced he has HIV… it’s a sad day in the world of basketball… wols
    Someones always gotta bring THAT up….

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Luke says:
    You’d think that professional athletes would be able to stop whining at some point and man up against Bowen. So what if he hacks? Grow one and play that tough back.
    Hey Luke….he doesn’t get the ball on offense, just stand on the wing waiting for an open trey….he’s not too flash at the free throw line apparently…maybe a little “hack a bowen”??

  • Mo

    ciolkstar, Chris Paul only has one nut punching incident. In college. It’s sad that you seem to always look for more. He definitely doesn’t set out to purposely hurt guys the way Bowen does. Paul had that one college incident but if people listened to you they’d think Paul punches nuts every game. A**clown.

  • Mo

    Bowen has had just too many “incidents”.

  • Tim

    hey, losers, we have 4 championships in 10 yrs. Go suck it, queers

  • youngmuggsy

    Kobe’s the dirtiest player in the league, but I guess when you score 81 points people tend to overlook things like that.

  • Bran

    “I concur”, commented Wally Sczerbiak’s face.

  • Frank

    Don’t all of you wish he was on your team? I will tell you who is dirty–Bullard–one of the worst announcers in the business.

  • Star

    Oh Please!!! Dirty is more appropriate with names like Garnett,Shaq Daddy, Kobe….These guys set out to hurt other players. Just a few of the most dirtiest players in the NBA

  • tbnl

    Kobe Bryant said it best: “I don’t think he’s a dirty player at all, he’s gotten a reputation that’s not merited”

    Okay, on one hand we have a future hall of famer in Kobe, one of the all-time best…………on the other hand we have a nobody like Matt Bullard and a coat-tail rider in Brent Barry.

    Who ‘ya gonna believe?