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Elton Brand and Those Pesky Trade Rumors

by Marcel Mutoni

During a chat session over at ESPN.com this week, Chad Ford said that Elton Brand is being dangled by the Philadelphia Sixers. The roadblocks, according to Ford, are his poor play thus far and that gigantic contract of his.

The press in Philly had little choice but to track down Sixers management and Elton Brand himself for comment. They did, and here it is. Courtesy of the Daily News:

Sixers president/general manager Ed Stefanski said he does not comment on rumors, but a source familiar with the Sixers’ situation insisted that Stefanski had made no trade-related calls involving Brand and that he had no interest in dealing the player he signed to a 5-year, $79.8 million contract during the summer.

Brand confirmed that Stefanski had spoken to him. He seemed comfortable and at ease last night as he approached the third game of his return after missing 16 games with a dislocated right shoulder suffered Dec. 17.

“Anytime there’s speculation, and as you get close to the [deadline], that’s when you know it’s a business,” Brand said. “I’m just here to win, to play my heart out. I haven’t been in a lot of [rumors], and I know that if we were 30-10, this wouldn’t be the case. I understand where it would come from, even if it’s from a fan, a chat session, e-mail.”

Crazier things have happened, of course, but it would be pretty shocking if Brand were traded. The fact that this is even being discussed in the first place tells you all you need to know about the Sixers’ season up to this point.

Good thing there are 38 games remaining to right the ship.

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  • Ritchie

    Who would want him?

  • scott

    Remember when everybody had Philadelphia as a 4 or 5 seed. That seems like light years ago. The Brand signing was horrible they are a much better team with him out of the lineup.

  • Tommy Patron

    Bring him back to Chicago. I’d roll the dice on Brand, no question.

  • ENDS

    Everyone said they’d be better than Orlando Clevland atlanta, hows that workin’ out for you Illadelf? Wouldn’t it be Ironic/hilarious if he got traded to the Clippers? I dont believe in Karma, however…

  • k1d cRush

    elton brand is a joke… he cant get bak to those days of 20,10

  • AnDy21

    i heart u gabriel duarte from san elizario high school whose sitting next to me right now!!! <333

  • AnDy21


  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    You can’t blame the Clippers for wanting to trade Brand. I mean, they’re not going anywhere with him.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I’d take him. You can keep the contract, though.

  • k1d cRush

    ha ha that andy 21 sounds gay!!!!

  • AnDy21

    kid crush is gay too!!! he’s my woman!!!!!!haha

  • k1d cRush

    yea right… i dont even know himm… haha i think you got the wrong website buddy… this aint homos online…. this is basketball…

  • AnDy21


  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    Iverson for Brand still makes the most sence.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    IMO, The contract makes him unmovable. Well, maybe Dallas would be dumb enough to take that on… I’m sure that Brand’s struggles to come back strong in a new system are going to cost Carlos Boozer a few mill.

  • The Seed

    I think Cleveland should trade for Brand, and finally have a low post presence, plus Brand wouldn’t have to do all of the scoring and rebounding.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Internet truth: Commenter references to “homos online” and things that “sound gay” are inversely proportional to public perception of commenter’s IQ. File that knowledge for future use, kids.

  • rapsfan43

    brand for jo

  • ciroqobama

    I just read this comment thread and I want those 5 minutes of my life back. co sign Ryan

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    Elton Brand for Baron Davis for AI for JO. Then repeat. It’ll just be like simming a season of NBA 2k9.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hemantsbeats what

    He did have six blocks yesterday off the bench… maybe he can fit into the uptempo system after all? I think in the long run they would be better off trading Dalembert and starting Brand at center.

  • Keith

    Ryan Jones is g*y.

  • niQ

    Bring him to TORONTO!

  • http://www.kayceonline.com/blog/ Kevin

    i don’t want him in Toronto..

  • http://www.kayceonline.com/blog/ Kevin

    nor do i want Marion.. i’m not saying Jermaine O’Neal is the solution, but i’d rather keep him than bring in either Brand or Marion..

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    No one’s trading for that contract unless they’re already over the cap. Not until all the ‘Bron/Wade/Amare pipedreams come crashing down anyway.

  • justin

    i agree wit ciolkstar. mark cuban is a mental retard with down syndrome

  • http://wherethenbareallyhappens.blogspot.com Collin

    if iverson was traded for brand, brand would be a perfect fit for detroit, he and sheed would be beasts, and rip comes back into the starting lineup, i really hope a trade like this happens

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Hi Collin. One problem: That contract is for 5 years. For a player that has been injured for the better part of the last 3 seasons. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • http://wherethenbareallyhappens.blogspot.com Collin

    oh yeah, forgot about that

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I’ll love elton, but I just don’t trust his health.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Trade him back to Chi! Elton and Donyell Marshall for Joakim Noah and the expiring corpse of Larry Hughes. The Sixers get ’10 capspace and another energy guy, the Bulls get their first legit low-post scorer since Tom Boerwinkle retired.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    The Bulls already had their chance with him. Who the hell is Tom Bullwinkle?

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Basketball Reference. Also, I like that the only roadblocks to trading Brand are his contract and his play. Oh yeah, and his injury history. Other than that, he’s an easy guy to move.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    The only roadblocks to Chad Ford being a brilliant NBA analyst are his reporting and his writing.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar


  • Rico

    Boston should trade Garnett for Elton.

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    Elton Brand for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. Except banks is such an enigma but this trade would not be so bad. The Sixers can still run while they rent the most productive-fastbreak-wing that can’t dribble or pass in the league. Can’t make them worse then when they have Brand. And Pat Riley has been tryin to get his mittens on Brand since Elton came in the league.

  • Rico

    Pat Riley has a man crush on Elton Brand. Unfortunatley it’s not because of his b-ball skills.

  • http://nba.com Big J

    Philly really gave Brand a five year deal wow but if it was more like 2 or 3 years I would want the Cav’s to trade for him but 5 years really that’s just awful

  • Jose

    i would probably approve of brand for marion if it was for like 2yrs. not 5(brands contract)

  • http://thestartingfive.net Michael Tillery

    Iverson is coming back home :)

  • lobo

    brand for antawn jamison. i’m not sure if the contracts match up, but both just signed big contracts in the off season. Wizards definitely need a legit traditional big man at the 4 and antawn plays further away from the basket thus spreading the floor a bit more for the sixers which suits their offense. Trade helps both teams

  • albertBarr

    wow, lucid and well thought out trade lobo…except for the contract, his play and his injury history…the Wiz don’t need more big men with health issue

  • Orlando Woolridge

    Come back home EB, the Bulls need you back. I’d take Elton with one arm and no legs over Noah. Like Russ said, throw in Hughes and its a go. Damn it Pax, just do something!

  • http://NBA-DL.COM NBADL

    Hey Elton, hang out with me!

  • Will Lee

    for Mcgrady please

  • Flash

    marion for brand! or marion for JO!