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A New GM for the Clippers?

by Marcel Mutoni

Mike Dunleavy’s reign of ineptitude could soon be coming to an end. Some of it, anyway.

Word on the street is that Donald Sterling is looking to bring in a real GM for his bumbling franchise, and one of the guys reportedly being considered has a long history with the area.

From the Boston Globe:

Several NBA sources said the Clippers are quietly considering relieving coach/general manager Mike Dunleavy of his GM duties and bringing in someone else. Rumored candidates include former Heat GM Randy Pfund, a former Lakers coach, and ex-Lakers and Grizzlies GM and Hall of Famer Jerry West.

Jerry West is seemingly only interested in joining terrible franchises at this point in his life. Hey, to each his own, right?

Because of his contract – and also because Clipper fans have apparently not suffered enough – Dunleavy isn’t expected to lose his coaching gig for at least another season.

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  • http://WWW.Yahoo.Com The Kandi Raver

    If jerry west made the grizzlies into a decent team he can build the clippers. pfund im pretty sure he made the 06 heat team that won the finals but then again any GM is better than Mike

  • bulldog

    I hear Elgin Baylor is interested.

  • L33tSauce

    Free the Clippers from Dunleavy.

  • anjoe

    ITS BEEN YEARS.free the clippers.. stop dunleavy..

  • Melo Man TO

    i think its been proven that theres only room for one franchise in LA and its not the Clippers.
    they need to be moved. (vancouver or seattle?)

  • tenorca

    Nobody can build the Clippers into anything except, maybe, a steaming pile of excrement. It’s a scientific fact.

  • mike

    Maybe they should go without a GM for a while. What’s the worst that can happen?

  • mike

    No wait! Bill Simmons tried getting the Milwaukee job, maybe he can get this one. He’s already a season ticket holder.


    The Clippers never should have been allowed to move to LA. Orange County wants them, I think, and the Honda Center (formerly Arrowhead Pond) is still in decent shape. I’m sure they would have a fan base there because OC people are idiots. Pfund was about the worst coach in Laker history. The 2 other recent ones who were bad were Rudy Tomjonavich, who (darn) wasn’t ready for the pressures, and Frank Hamblen, who just let things ride out til Phil came back, that wasn’t his fault…Pfund got the job in Miami due to the “nepotism” with Riley….it was funny when he was Laker coach, even tried to have that cool Riley look with the slicked back hair….Vancouver and Seattle both deserve teams as well, but I think if you lose once you didn’t do something right and shouldn’t be hand fed….I think Vanvouver will always have a bandwagon fanbase, and that Seattle would fair better because they’ll get to use the Sonics team name…

  • martin

    Vegas, baby

  • L33tSauce

    They could move to Delaware. lmao

  • Jack

    They should move. Not saying they couldn’t be a good team like most of you here, but they’ll never have as many fans as the Lake-Show. How about a move to San Diego? Still in Cali, but not in LA.

  • Static

    uh, they came from San Diego…bottom line is money…Sterling has loads of it and won’t spend it, Dunleavy’s a pawn who hasn’t run the team right ever as a coach or GM, and they still have to shell out cash to attract somebody to be serious after the whole Baylor mess. Jerry West is the only one in that list who has the credentials to do it but working for Scrooge might not be worth headache

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