Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at 11:00 am  |  28 responses

Pat Riley Lets J.O. Keep His Headband

Crisis averted; now, if only this could stop him from getting hammered on so much: “O’Neal, 30, was not allowed to wear a headband in his first four games with the Heat, in which he averaged 12.5 points and 4.5 rebounds and shot 51.2 percent from the field. O’Neal has been slightly better since he got his head — and headband — into the games. He averaged 14 points and 8.6 rebounds in three games with the headband. ‘After wearing a headband for 10 years, you feel it’s a part of you,’ O’Neal said. ‘It’s like coming out of the house with no underwear. You feel naked. I appreciate [Riley] for allowing me to wear it.’”

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  • niQ

    haha what a way to get it back. it’s like coming out of the house with no underwear.

  • Zabba

    He sucked Riley’s dick first to get the ban off.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy


  • Gumdrop

    I thought this place was moderated…anyways, how are you liking the JO experience Eboy? I gotta say, as much as he didn’t fit with the Raptors I really respect the man’s defense. Thoughts?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    band aids and head bands are the big news in miami…

  • http://www.myspace.com/krisholliemakingmoney Dang I’m Nice!!!

    Wow Zabba

  • K

    I really think the Heat have a good looking future. I’m thinking Bosh signs with them in 2010 – and then you’re looking at a starting 5 of Chalmers, Wade, Beasley, Bosh, and an old but wise JO. Not to mention that you have to give credit to the coaching job by Spoelstra. It’s his very first year and he has them moving in the right direction already.

  • Josh D

    Why da hell was he not allowed to wear the headband?

  • Tuomas

    Saying this is about as ridiculous as the whole band-aid thingy would be too obvious. Saying Pat Riley is an old geezer (although way more flexible than Skiles) would be even more obvious. Way to prioritize issues.

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    Either we’re still operating on the assumption that the middle-class is scared of headbands (“What is JO trying to hide under there? I don’t trust him.”) OR Riley views uniform flair as individualism (yet the Band-Wade was fine while it lasted?). Either possibility is asinine.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Riley’s Lakers, Knicks and Heat have mostly (JO, Chris Gatling) never wore headbands . It’s just his way of trying to keep team solidarity, not insulting a players ability to have his own identity. In Jo and Gatlings case…I think it was allowed because their mishapen heads needed that coverup.

  • Tuomas

    I always love it when perceived no-nonsense coaches resort to nonsense. I sort of get the reasoning, especially the part about JO’s and Energizer bunny’s heads. Would still be nice if Riley resorted to, you know, actual ways of keeping team solidarity.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    So, does he sleep with the damn thing on? I mean, since it has “become a part of him”.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Ben

    O’Neal has the biggest forehead in the NBA. He should probably wear two headbands… or a skull cap. Actually, they probably don’t make hats in “pumpkin” size.

  • Adam

    hey does anybody know who david thorpe is referring to in this article?

    Years ago, I heard about a short little shooter (whose name is not important) heading into the 10th grade. I went to watch him play at a basketball camp that featured nothing but top-rated players, 16 and under. Most observers thought he’d be overwhelmed by the talent.

    He played well in his first game, but his team trailed by 9 with 50 seconds to go. However, he then made three consecutive 3-pointers, plus a steal, and suddenly the game was tied. We all stood slack-jawed at what had just happened. But the player acted as if he expected that ending.

    Two years later, he led the nation in scoring (50 ppg) and was a McDonald’s All-American. Two years after that, as a college soph, he was a starter in the NCAA title game. The kid was easy to write off, but he just kept coming, because he knew he had “it.” Those of us who saw that last-minute performance knew he’d end up being a difference-maker.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Ben

    He’s obviously referring to The Birdman, Chris Anderson. I mean, duh. C’mon.

  • adam

    haha,chris anderson is not a short little shooter and didnt play in the ncaa title game.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Ben

    Isiah Thomas maybe? I don’t think David Thorpe is old enough for that though…

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Ben

    How about Tony Delk?

  • The Starks Knight

    Stephen Curry?

  • adam

    i was thinking isiah but couldnt find his high school stats

  • adam

    David Thorpes Trivia question. Its Teddy Dupay. I looked it up. Averaged 45 a game in high school. started for florida in the 2000 title game as a sophmore and was a mcdonalds all american. THanks ben.

  • don

    if miami allowed Dwade to wear the band-aid, they should allow Jermaine to wear his headband. i understand the bandaid has its medical purposes but if the NBA didn’t ban dWade’s personal band-aids, i doubt he would have stopped wearing them. JO, get well man! you’re earning 20mill plus. !

  • don

    um who’s teddy dupay?

  • Jess

    haha thats good, it wasnt a good look without it..

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    TADOne Posted: Mar.4 at 1:16 pm
    So, does he sleep with the damn thing on? I mean, since it has “become a part of him”.
    ANd he probably sleeps with underwear on too…weirdo.

  • flash

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! sucked riley’s dick for a headband! Gatdayuumm!

  • ben maclean

    does it really f’n matter whether he wears a headband or not? i mean, c’mon, geez. the fact he averaged more points and rebounds when he wore a headband is a friggin fluke. it was planned man