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Shocker: Allen Iverson is Unhappy

by Marcel Mutoni

Except for perhaps the most unreasonably optimistic of Pistons fans, anyone following the Allen Iverson situation in Detroit had to know that things would come to a boil, and that A.I. would eventually reveal how he truly felt about coming off the bench.

The pivotal moment happened last night, after Iverson clocked just 18 minutes in yet another Pistons loss to the Cavs.

The Detroit News has the quotes:

“How many minutes did I play,” Iverson said after he scored 11 with three turnovers in 18 minutes. “It seemed way, way, way less than that. Eighteen minutes? Come on, man. I can play 18 minutes with my eyes closed. It’s a bad feeling, man. I’m wondering what they rushed me to get back for? For that?

“It’s a bad time for me mentally.”

“I am just trying to get through it without starting a whole bunch of nonsense,” Iverson said, after initiating the conversation about his playing time. “I’m looking at the big picture. If I vent my frustration then it’s like, given who I am, I’ll be the one everybody points the finger at. I am just going to try to laugh to stop from crying.”

Two games into his new role, and the guy is already sounding like a manic depressive. Oh, and did I mention that there are less than 10 games left in the regular season?

Deee-troit Basketball!

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  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    This doesn’t bode well for their playoff chances now….meaning…..that they may not even make it in.

  • Ken

    They’ll make it, but no way do they extend their streak of consec ECF appearances. I feel like AIs only chance of a ring now is gonna be Gary Payton style, where he doesn’t contribute much and is really a bench backup. A little sad.

  • Melvin

    It is weird to hear that one of the greatest players in NBA history is not even playing half the game.

  • BxBaller

    Stuckey should’ve have been the one of the bench. Curry is easily one of the worst coaches in the league. Don’t worry AI, just 10 more games to go and you’re free.

  • http://slamonline.com Nw09

    Lmao at the sarcasim in the title…

    I don’t understand A.I. he didn’t want to remian in Philly because the team wasn’t doing well. Got traded to Denver where he felt he had a better chance in winning a title, then he wasn’t happy there. Then he got traded to the Pistons where he thought he had a shot at a title now since things aren’t going his way he isn’t happy there either. He’s acting like a spoiled kid, and he’s too good of a player for him to spend the last legs of his career going through this facade.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    Co-sign Nw09.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I feel as though Marcel was calling me out at the beginning of this post. Don’t make me come across that border Mutoni!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    They did put up a good effort last night though.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    yeah, no shiat, Sherlock. Icon of true warrior attitude and unstoppable scorer doesn’t want to be benched, worse benched and playing 18mins!!! This is such a mess. Why did they fire Flip again?

  • http://www.twitter.com/mansonovic Andy

    TAD, as soon as I read that first line, your name was the first thing that flashed through my head.

  • http://vnsny.org Spaceship Jay

    Iverson (and some other veterans in the League) are merely reaping what they have sown throughout their career. “Practice?! Were talking about practice!” You treat the game seriously, the game treats you seriously.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Flip had to go or they had to trade their core basically. He’s a somewhat solid X and O’s guy although he takes too much time to react to things on the court. But the guys did not respect him (especially Sheed) and he could not motivate them.

  • thesubwayconnection

    It’s sad, but sooner or later, he’s going to have to accept this role for anyone to sign him. He’s not going to be a 25+ ppg scorer forever.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    I love how he says that he’s not gonna start anything nor vent his frustations… while doing exactly that.

  • neaorin

    As an uninterested observer my takes are 1) AI is unhappy about playing time, NOT coming off the bench, and 2) it’s a good thing that he’s unhappy – would Pistons fans have appreciated a “meh, whatever” attitude more, from their best creator?

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson


  • Ben

    Curry is straight trash. Not man enough to coach this “Team”. Nobody is talking about Rip Hamilton who came off the bench but took all the shots and made the team lose. When Hamilton was out and Iverson was playing the Pistons actually won games. Hamilton never wanted to play with Iverson. In fact, I believe most of the Pistons directed their anger about losing Billups at Iverson, even if unconsciously.

    The media has always been trying to bring down AI. Had he ever gotten the type of HYPE Lebron is getting he would be recognized as the best player since MJ. Even without the hype he has changed the game based on sheer toughness and ability. What he has accomplished at his height is unheard of, but the Pistons organization as a whole doesn’t know what respect is. Next, he never wanted out of Denver. Denver won with him and is winning with Billups. It remains to be seen how far Billups is going to take the Nuggets. Don’t believe the Lakers could sweep them again? They could. It wasn’t just AI’s fault, Karl is not a very good coach (look at the way he utilizes Melo).

    Rodney Stuckey? He was dubbed the next Baron Davis but I don’t see nothing of this. He’s not a point guard anyway. The best true point guard on that roster right now is Bynum.

    It was strictly a business decision to trade for Iverson. Dumars knew it wasn’t gonna work, AI needs a defensive minded taller guard to complement him. They shoulda traded Hamilton and Stuckey instead of Billups, then they would actually have won some games. I am curious to see what happens after AI goes to another team and torches the Pistons next season. He still has it.

    This is the way our society works. Use ‘em and throw ‘em away. Karma can be a b*tch though! One thing I have to say though, it is unprofessional behaviour of Iverson to vent the way he did yesterday.

  • http://allanzuss@yahoo.com Mendel


  • guru/stats guy

    nw09 knows nothing about basketball and should only comment on curling

  • suns2strong

    The man is pure, unadulterated magic. i dont understand why you sit a man like that. there has to be a happy medium somewhere, but apparently that is a little to hard to find.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton


  • tayo

    About time he spoke up because letting these guys run the team into the ground and then blame him for it was getting kind of tiring.

    Keep your head up AI, you’ll be in complete control come this summer and you can put all this foolishness behind you.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    Wow, people will defend Iverson through thick and thin. Gotta love ‘em fans!

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    where’s he gonna go in the summer time? Golden State for a huge pay cut?

  • vtrobot

    god love the guy, but can the fans please not vote him into the ASG next year unless he’s actually still playing like one? chemistry can be a real b*tch.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    Missing the playoffs could be the best thing to happen to this team.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    ben is saying that iverson is the best since mj therefore ben is saying that iverson is better than shaq, duncan, kobe and lebron therefore ben is an idiot. / i do agree that this is a bad fit and iverson can only play like iversonL: dominating the ball. i mean, they knew who he was. but i call it like it is: he’s b!tching about it already when he had said that he wouldnt.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    I don’t think AI ws “unhappy” in Denver, they just sucked with him and Melo.

  • Cizzo

    Told yall Iverson is was and still is a cancer the Pistons only got the rest of this month too live after that ???????????

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    Also, I think AI might be deusional. He’s getting OLD, and the impossible stuff he used to pull off has become impossible for him now as well. Not to mention he’s coming off of missing a bunch of games, with a back injury that is supposedly still lingering. Also, the fact that he “could play 18 minutes with his eyes closed” could be pasrt of the problem, he needs to go hard every second he’s out there (like he used to)he’s become so spoiled thathe thinks, no matter what, he should be getting 38-40, he needs to take advantage of what he gets and make it so that Curry CAN’T keep him on the bench.

  • http://www.nba.com JE

    I might get chastised for this, but what the hell. At the relative-beginning of the season, when I still thought the Pistons had a chance at competing at least as good as before, I believed that either AI or Rip should come off the bench, in order for Stuckey to play the point. As well as he played in the playoffs last year while Chauncey was injured, I didn’t expect the team to lack as much as they did when the trade happened. I thought by the end of the season, Detroit would be a top 3 seed in the playoffs–but in order for that to happen, Stuckey would have to run the point. All that being said, maybe Stuckey should have remained the sixth man after AI got here. They wouldn’t be title contenders by this point, but I do think they’d be a lot better than they are right now.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    USA Today’s Detroit headline: “Allen Iverson wants more chances to be mediocre”

  • http://slamonline.com/ Double R

    So much for doing what’s ask of you for the betterment of the team. Iverson wants to be the first player in history to come off the bench and play 48 minutes a game

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    This is probably the first time anyone has dropped Machine Head lyrics in an Allen Iverson topic.

  • https://twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    I’m surprised anyone around here knows Machine Head.

  • Nas

    melo & AI didnt SUCK together – they won 50 GAMES last year and arguably with the new NENE & Birdmans contributions they would be where they are with billups – AI and the pistons won like 8 straight when RIP was out and vice versa so obviously the problem is that THEY cant coexist together and stuckey is NO BILLUPS

  • Nas

    by the way curry SUCKS!!!!

  • jp



    ai is a warrior and will get through all of this..lets just hope he doesn’t go to the damn Celtics to win a championship..he needs to win won with his old team (MY TEAM) the 76ers baby!

  • T-Dub

    Curry is not a good coach, I mean the man can barely form a sentence without stuttering he was only made coach because JoeD liked the man. And when JoeD made the move for Iverson, AI had to realize that there was already 3 All-Star players on the team and Stuckey was the point. So he should of known his minutes were going to be dramatically reduced. And from my understanding of him, coming to Detroit was to try to win a championship no matter what, even if it was off the bench. The top reason the Pistons are not playing well is that Stuckey, AI, Prince, and Sheed just dont play hard on D. I’m not saying Prince isn’t one of the best Defensive players in the game but, they just don’t hustle. They let people take open shots with nobody trying to contest the shot until the player leaves the floor and they just stand around more or less. AI, Prince and others make a play here and there but the other 45 minutes the team plays weak D. The bench players are the only ones I see putting 100% in the game and leaving nothing off the court. With the best bench in the league I think we should always have a couple of them out there, and always running the court. Wear down the team with only 7 or 8 players with our 10 or 12. I like Curry the player but its just like Matt Millen, he’s not good at running a team and being the man. AI should just suck it up since he makes over a quarter of a million a game and the fact that if the Pistons dont make the playoffs he only has 10 games left. And if they make the playoffs and he is a team player then the Pistons are a contender.

  • dp#1fan

    Been following the Pistons for years, and this is the most out of sync I’ve have ever seen them. Bynum & McDyess are pretty consistent, but everyone else need to step up their game. With all that talent we have, players need to check their egos & play ball.

  • Hussman25

    What this is telling ALL OF YOU is that A.I’s clock may finally be winding down…Coaches and GM’s and Owners are tired of this… and so am I; I lived this through 10 yrs in Philly w/ him and now Detroit and Denver see why we had to divorce him. It’s sad to say because I think we all love to see him play with his passion and love for the game, but he forgot it’s about 5 not about 1 (also his new # which possibly should have been his whole career) this is not a bashing of the man and his game… it’s a reality check… AI it’s time to ride off in the sunset… If he is starting to feel like a journey man, then GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!@!!!!

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/ Michael NZ

    Of course, the guy is all about winning blah freaking blah. Do anything to win etc etc. Um, yeah as long as it doesn’t disrupt my stats. As long as I don’t come off the bench. Ultimate team cancer, I’d be p*ssed if my team were to sign him next season.

    Funny how people talk about him signing with various teams next season ‘to sell tickets’. Not to improve the team but ‘to sell tickets’. Seriously?

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  • giogolo

    Pick a team East or West that would really need iverson’s services right now at starting 2 guard or gonna give him heavy minutes at least.
    Anyone..? and explain please.

  • person

    The kings need him lol. then again, they need anybody

  • larrylegend

    AI could have become one of the greatest point guards ever to play, well, he choose to be a shooter…

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Sigh. Glad we did our cover story right after the trade. It sold pretty well, too, so at least AI knows SLAM readers will always have his back.

  • Pic

    I still feel like if they get that 7th spot, they’ll be able to do some damage versus a young Magic team.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    The plain and simple fact of the matter is that AI can still play 32-35 mins a game… and he should be doing just that. Just not on a team like this. He should get out next season, look at all the teams that suit his style of play and just get back to IRONMAN basketball. He can put his little ‘Ironman’ suit on – all his little arm bands, pads, lycra sleeves – and just get out there, take his 20-25 shots a game and love it again.

    I’m thinking Dallas. Particularly if Kidd heads somewhere else next season. It would mean Jason Terry gets ALOT less shots…but he’s a poor man’s AI anyway.
    I’m thinking Phoenix. This would only work if Nash is traded for a defensive minded guard to offset Iversons traits of wandering the passing lanes (Eric Snow made his career on defending the PG that AI was meant to each game…). In PHX AI can run and gun and find the occassional runner for an easy assist, his numbers would get very very close to 22 and 11 in PHX – he would look reborn and probably take in practice once a month or so!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I’m thinking Houston. Houston are a team of stat mongering afficionardo’s – if there is ONE TEAM out there that could CALCULATE a way to make the supreme ISO-player work for them it’s Rocketown! If the T-Mac experiment/dream is over and Yao would still get his 1,000,000 votes for the allstar weekend regardless of his statline then AI would look good in red and gold. He would have RONRON and Battier as soldiers out there. Ron Ron dreams of playing with a fighter like AI and Houston needs an allstar calibre guard that actually has the mental desire to PLAY through an injury!?
    I’m thinking New York…. See Allen Iverson is actually a MATURE version of Nate… (that was weird to say…) again, it would be a situation where his stats would explode under STAT-KING D’Antoni, and he wouldn’t be expedited for not playing lock-down D.

  • http://www.nba.com JE

    Oklahoma City would be the best fit for Iverson, but I doubt he’d want to go there at his age.

  • Ashley

    Iverson is nothing but a spoiled kid. The Pistons play a lot better without him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s lucky to be getting 18 minutes. He hasn’t done anything for the Pistons. Don’t get me wrong…he WAS at one time a great player, but he isn’t that player anymore.

  • anjoe

    bring him back to phili!

  • ole dirty marmot

    OK,so now nobody cares about if ANN Iverson is unhappy about this?Selfish……

  • ole dirty marmot

    suns2strong Posted: Apr.1 at 11:06 am
    The man is pure, unadulterated magic.

    Somewhere,David Blaine is doing a double fist pump while saying,’YEAH!!Suck it,Criss Angel!’

  • ole dirty marmot

    By the way,Kyle Lowry looks like Mase.As in ‘Even if I die my ghost will still haunt you’ Mase.Just an observation.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    17:20 tonight and one-for-eight from the floor in a loss to the Nets. Man.

  • http://www.nba.com JE

    Maybe…just maybe….he could work for the Charlotte Bobcats?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Iverson should NOT come off the bench, he’s way too good for that. Get out of Detroit and come to a real team, please Iverson! 18 minutes? That’s bull.
    Its funny how people forget what Iverson’s done, and how good he really, really is.

  • http://jimrogers-investments.blogspot.com/ SOFOKLIS SCHORTSIANITIS

    @Teddy….:your deep understanding of this game is truly amazing….

  • http://jimrogers-investments.blogspot.com/ SOFOKLIS SCHORTSIANITIS

    I ‘ll say it once again: if the cartoon’s business advisors are smart, they will retire him as soon as possible (an injury would be a good excuse for “the true warrior” image they have build for him )in order to protect the only impresive bball related thing that has remained in his resume: scoring averages (ineficiently inflated that is, but the kids don’t care-understand)

  • Blinguo

    He is laughing through it, check the Yahoo! photo:
    (that link + comment better not be longer than this ALL CAPS Iverson hater ^ I did SHIFT+ENTER as well)

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  • tk- AI has lost his ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

    The reason, which is obvious, curry benches him is bcuz he plays zero d. He’s strickly offense and the pistons need stops. He’s just a selfish spoiled brat that doesn’t like to be disciplined for a lacking ability! ‘NUFF SAID!

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    I was waiting for Spanny to kick a man when he was down!

  • donlaker

    barkley, pat ewing, karl malone, iverson
    all champions without rings , please somebody
    get allen on the” title ring gravy train” like
    ;, gary payton,mitch richmond, of course
    a.i wants a ring ,and i dont think boston or the lakers or the cavs or the spurs will let him start because they all have decent point guards
    who wont give up starting,, a.i. is a liability on defense

  • Tyquan

    I mean that would really suck if the Pistons don’t make the playoffs? I mean that would be bad on so many levels. Say what ya’ll say its not all AI’s fault, ya know cause there is no I in team!?

  • vonkers