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Who’s the M.I.P?

Unsurprisingly, folks in Indiana think it’s their guy: “Teams routinely send out little gimmicks trying to persuade voters…The Pacers don’t believe in doing that. They simply sent out a letter from team president Larry Bird explaining why voters should select Granger. Here are some of the highlights of the letter from Bird: ‘There are certainly the obvious statistics to support his consideration: he is sixth in the league in scoring at 25.3 points per game; he has recorded career highs in assists (177), blocked shots (90), free throws made (361), free throws attempted (409), free throw percentage (883) and 3-point field goal percentage (404). But there are also a couple of lesser known but impressive statistics on his behalf. He will become the first player in NBA history to raise his scoring average at least five points a game for three consecutive seasons: from 7.5 to 13.9 to 19.6 to his current 25.3. The last jump is notable as it required Danny in the offseason to work on many different aspects of his game to diversify his offense so he isn’t merely a jump shooter. Another uncommon statistic to note is that he is fourth in the league in fourth-quarter scoring behind LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.’”

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  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    I would give my vote to nbk.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Oh….I thought this was Most Improved Poster.

  • riggs


  • underdog

    In the first half of the season, Devis Harris’ MIP trophy seemd to be untouchable. Granger has a bright future in the L.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    I would’ve agreed with Devin Harris early on, but he’s struggled since just before the ASG. Still he’s shown some glimpses of beingone of the top {gs in the L.
    Danny is my dude though, so of course I’d love for him to win it.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    My typing skills have seriously regressed.

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Matt Bonner, Birdman, or even Durant.

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    @riggs, it doesn’t count if you were really good, then sucked, and now are back to being really good.

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Roger Mason

  • Pro

    Mo Williams?
    Just a thought
    If I had one my vote would go to Danny

  • RM

    Andrea Bargnani

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    Gotta be Danny or Durant.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ Moose


  • RarRayJr

    Danny Danger Granger

  • Sean

    Danny Granger, Its a no-brainer….

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    JJ Barea single-handedly made me not hate everybody on the Mavs. That’s gotta be worth something.

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com B. Long


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    I’d give it to Durant, but just barely.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    The Birdman

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    i’m opposed to giving mip’s to youngn’s. aren’t they SUPPOSED to improve? what durant is doing to me is just the natural progression of an überstar.

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  • mark

    Pops Mensah Bonsu

  • http://trulyhoops.blogspot.com Collin

    Granger is definitely winnnin that award

  • Jer Boi

    the devistator lol

  • vonkers

    Granger for sure

  • adams

    So the Devin Harris hypefest is over? Good.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    Rondo should actually get some consideration. he’s been phenomenol.
    And adams, Devin been up and down mainly due to injuries. But he’s gonna be one of the best PGs in the game for years to come.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBQEmmgDl9I Boing Dynasty

    Né Né.

  • adams

    I’ll take Rondo over Harris any day of the week. While Harris only does one thing well, there’s only one part of the game Rondo’s not good at. Devin’s only “improvement” this season has been playing 6 more minutes and taking five more shots per game than last season in Dallas while his shooting percentage is down. So no improvement there, at all, imo.

  • neaorin


  • neaorin

    I’m gonna go with Jeff Green.

  • adams

    Just for fun and because I took the time looking this up:
    Shots from very close range:
    Rondo .576 Harris .553
    close range:
    Rondo .35 Harris .41
    mid range:
    Rondo .44 Harris .37
    three point range:
    Rondo .32 Harris .29
    free throws:
    Rondo .65 Harris .82

    So even though Rondo is supposedly one of the worst shooters in the NBA, he’s not worse than Harris.

  • neaorin

    maybe because nobody pays any attention to Rondo…

  • vonkers

    Why would you pay attention to him when KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce are on your roster. He’s thier 4th option, and a pretty awesome one at that. Still he does fly under the radar because of the people he plays with.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    adams: Rondo takes way less shots then Harris does. Without Devin, their is no offensive game for NJ. If you take Rondo out, Paul Pierce/KG/Ray Allen will still do work.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    I am rollin with either Raymond Felton (who before developing back spasms at the end of the season was playing out of his mind), Danny Granger, Devin Harris, or maybe The Birdman.

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Me, BETCATS and the Birdman. That’s what I’m talking about.

  • http://mindyourbusiness@getalife.com Allenp

    Durant is a chucker.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    mo charlo mentioned my name, so mo charlo ftw

  • niQ

    either granger or bargnani

  • http://www.markyfbaby.tumblr.com MFBABY


  • The Last Kings Fan

    Granger, Harris or Spencer Hawes (long shot I know….)

  • jumpman3224

    Adams: Those percentages are not a function of how good of a shooter Rondo is. His FG% (.510) is higher than Ray Allen’s (.482) and he sure as hell isn’t a better shooter than Jesus Shuttlesworth. Rondo’s only taking about ten shots a game (average) and for the majority of those he is wide open because of all the attention the big 3 draws. Harris is the focus of his team’s O and doesn’t have the luxury of being open all the time.

  • jumpman3224

    Granger is the MIP though.
    Dark Horse: David Lee

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Larry Bird makes a pretty convincing argument.

  • treeboy


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Let’s see:
    - KEVIN DURANT (although he was good since his rookie season, he totally beasted it this year. But they don’t usually give MIP to a sophomore who was rookie of the year before… So actually, I’m not so sure.)
    - LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE –> He’s going to be one of the best power forwards in the league.
    - KEVIN MARTIN –> Seriously, when will this guy get recognized? Maybe if he plays through an entire season…
    - David Lee
    - Andrea Bargnani (he has a load of potential, even now)
    - Devin Harris
    - Nate Robinson
    - Aaron Brooks
    - Rodney Stuckey
    - Leandro Barbosa always deserves a mention.
    - Wilson Chandler (if not this year, eventually he will be recognized, either as MIP or an All-Star)
    - Al Thornton
    - Roger Mason Jr.
    ** Many of our league’s sophomores deserve mentions as MIP’s… I think the sophomores are an underrated draft class, and have the potential to be one of the best classes ever.
    *** What a great year for MIP, there’s a myriad of candidates. Our league is teeming with young talent right now, man… This might be one of the most competitive MIP races ever.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I forgot to add Rajon Rondo, too. And AL JEFFERSON. He would have been a LOCK this year if he stayed healthy. Get well soon big fella!

  • Jess

    hahaaha@ mark…i love Pops – hope hes back in TO next season. Bargnani has had a HUGE improvement, but if he doesnt get it, Id go with Harris.

  • http://web.mac.com/roaringred bbaby

    JJ Barea

  • nate the great

    Lamarcus aldridge. he has all star stats and does his job. Granger would be my second.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    I like the Jeff Green suggestion too. I think that if Bynum would have played the whole season, he would also be in consideration.

  • Quail

    it cant be Durant. hes only been in the L for 2 years. and he’s had good years for both of em. he’s gonna slowly improve every year until his prime is over in the far-away future.

  • Jose

    Granger is first for me
    Brandon Roy seems to be leading tha team so him at 2
    3/4 is Aldridge/Rondo on a given day
    and 5 wuld be Stuckey.

    wow. actually any of these guyz can get it.its up in the air.

  • Kozmic


  • wilz

    as I read this I had honestly completely forgotten about the “race” to the MIP.
    but seriously, I cant believe the raps org or at least announcers havent done more to camapaign for Barney, I mean, Granger should get it, but where’s the bargnani hype?

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    I was going to pick Von Wafer, but Granger will do I suppose.
    Can Boris Diaw win again? he has been putting in WORK for the Bobcats this year.

  • jj

    nene deserves it after havin a bum knee

  • jj

    nene deserves it after havin a bum knee

  • Josh D

    Devin Harris will probably win MIP but Danny Granger, Roger Mason, Kevin Durant, Nate Robison and Matt Bonner all have shots at it too

  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    I think the ship has sailed on Andrea Bargnani. I’m not complaining, but there comes a time when “potential” becomes “a level they cannot consistently play at.”

  • vonkers

    Nate Robinson sucks…if he were on a contender he wouldn’t be player. He has inflated stats because he’s on the Knicks.

  • DJR

    Agree that David Lee should get some serious consideration, but I think to win MIP you kind of need to take-over your team that season which is debatable for Lee – def had solid performances but so have many other players. Aldridge has been putting up solid numbers but still ROY is the obvious leader of that team.

    Danny Granger has owned the Indi this year – he should run away with it.

  • vonkers

    Harris and Granger are really the only two who should be considered. There have been alot of players who have gotten better, but those to are the clear frontrunners.

  • http://neworleansbasketball.blogspot.com Caleb

    Re: Devin Harris. It’s not just more minutes – dude is getting to the free throw line like a beast this year. 9.0 attempts per game compared to just under 5 attempts last season. That’s impressive, and a big reason for his bump in scoring. His FG% is weak, yes – but because of his ability to get to the line he’s still fairly efficient: 1.41 points per shot.

  • http://neworleansbasketball.blogspot.com Caleb

    Oh an my MIP goes to Rasual Butler, the Phoenix.

  • http://neworleansbasketball.blogspot.com Caleb

    If Devin Harris can get back to the efficiency level he was at in Dallas (46-49% shooting), and maintain this level of foul-drawing.. he could be a big time scorer.

  • Brar

    Bargnani. He’s averaged around 19 points, 6.5 rebs and 1 bpg in 2009

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    See? This MIP year is incredibly competitive. So many candidates. I also forgot to mention Von Wafer, who will probably win it next year if Houston keeps him, which they SHOULD. He should also get more minutes.
    And MIP doesn’t have to “dominate” your team. Boris Diaw won it without dominating anything. Congrats to him, I’m not h@ting.

  • http://www.basketballjerseyworld.com nba-jersey-king

    MIP – on recent play I would say Aldridge but I think overall it has been Granger, then Harris, then Rondo… darkhouse could be Gerald Wallace or Mo Williams.

    LIP – Deng, didnt do much then got injured – team is doing fine without him. Iverson, and Baron Davis havent been too impressive either with their new teams.

  • Andrej

    Rondo cuz he’s on a title contender and he’s one of the beat players on the team Harris always had the skill but he just dident have the chance to show his skills on the marvericks and I mean who else on grangers team cud have been the leading scorer no one in my mind

  • larrylegend

    besides doing a horrible job as gm, i would agree with lb on this…

  • larrylegend

    rondo is a good choice too, so is harris, but durant shouldn’t get it. he was a starter right from the start.
    i think granger fullfilles the mip more than anybody else, he worked is way up and on top he was an all-star this years…maybe this will be hold against him for some reason.