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The NBA Finals Didn’t Impress Paul Pierce

The self-proclaimed “best player in the world” thought this year’s championship round was kid’s play: “Lakers vs orlando. Looked like a german sherperd vs a poodle that’s ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    first … did he mention he was the best player in the world from a wheel chair? Then stand up and realized how drunk he was when he said that? And if he was referring to Orlando being a poodle … what were the celtics this year?

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    By the way, first.

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    that poodle defeated the (injured) rottweiler, and kicked Cleveland’s ass too. Especially in beating Cleveland, I wouldn’t call Orlando a poodle. Stay classy P-Square!

  • http://Slamonline Jsoto

    Celtics! 09/10 CHAMPIONS BABY! thats wassup P2 for MVP!!

  • jumpman3224

    If this magic team is a poodle, the Pierce era celtics pre-kg and allen were basically a gigapet dog. Also, didn’t the Magic beat them (badly) in Boston in game 7 this year?

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Ah Paul, Paul… you’ve been watching too much “Shaq-TV”. Keep it quiet, lose about 10 pounds (so you can take it to the rack with more ease and defend better, and not look like you are gonna puke at the end of games) and come back strong next season.

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    I wasn’t aware Rottweilers ran crunch time plays for Glen Davis.

  • danksy

    Paul Pierce what was that? sorry what? hey? Shhhhhh the F up.

    Lakers baby

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Actually Kevin, they do (in the form of Rajon “mean streak” Rondo)

  • http://www.simplykateasa.blogspot.com KBlair2689

    His arrogance is annoying. Does he not realize he didn’t win a championship until KG and Ray Allen got there?

  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy

    hell yeah, shut da F*CK up, paul aka best player on the wheel chair

  • LeMay

    I hate idiots. Magic beat a KG-less defending champion team. Coach Ron Jeremy is the master of panic like Shaq said. LA only won cuz they get every call and it would hurt the precius ratings if they didnt and Kobe would probably want traded again if they lost. What a team. Pierce owned kobe last year so laker lover enjoy this championchip while u can…O yea and Kobe should only have 3 rings. Proven fact that Donaghy fixed game 7 of the 03 series vs Kings.

  • http://slamonline.com B. Long

    When he says the Celtics will be back in 2010, doesn’t he just mean KG will be back in 2010. Because the rest of the Celtics were here this year, right?

  • LeMay

    By the way KBlair. DO u realize kobe couldnt win without shaq til he got Odom and Pau in a trade that should be investigated?

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Or maybe KG and Allen didn’t win a chip until they teamed with Pierce. Chew on it.

  • truthteller

    LeMay, LeMay, LeMay!!!! Relax. Don’t say everything that’s on your mind! You don’t want people to know that you’re an idiot, do you?

  • http://www.simplykateasa.blogspot.com KBlair2689

    LeMay, I am entitled to my opinion, just as u r. had another team made it to the finals, and kobe referred to them as pierce did to LA and orlando, i would still find it childish, so what you think is irrelevant to me.

  • Bruno, RJ

    PP is a ridiculous FRAUD.
    that finals mvp for him was PATHETIC.
    C’s are NOTHING without Garnett.

  • ka

    hey p squared, tell me how joakim azz taste

  • http://www.slamonline.com Blinguo

    He must have printed up some “Anything is Paulssible!!!!!!” Championship shirts in advance with no refunds on the deposit or something, thinking he could copy KG’s now famous line if he was in the finals and miraculously won but putting his spin on it by incorporating his own name. Twitter one liners used for articles?! Ok on the Kevin Love reporting that didn’t get him in trouble about coaching carousel, but not this one of which any Paul Pierce fan can’t even enjoy here and only get yelled at and a riotous ruckus of a comment section of Lakers/Celtics debate.

  • http://slamonline.com celtsfan

    str8 celtics….the big 4,pierce,garnett,allen,and rondo the mr. triple double…in your face laker fans

  • Jdn41

    f the celtics its 20 10 year of the BRAND lets get em sixers

  • Ricky

    celtsfan…Kobe, Pau, Odom, Fisher the 2009 NBA Champions…in your face celtics fans

    Have fun waiting 20 years for another championship!

  • natbuck

    Paul Pierce has nothing to complain about since technically he and his comrades (the Boston Celtics) lost to “the poodle” Orlando Magic in other words if they wouldnt have made it to even the Conference Finals they would have gotten destroyed by the Cavs. Best player in the world my ass. He couldnt do it by himself or with Ray Allens help the only reason they won last year was because they had one of the best defensive players, Kevin Garnett, so im sorry but the true best player in the world right now is Kobe Bryant. Pau isnt the greatest defensive player but him, lamar and bynum sure held there own.

  • Rusty

    When did he proclaim himself the best player in the world? i missed that

  • PJ

    The truth must be out of his mind. What a jerk. The Celts, with or without KG, had no chance in hell of beating L.A. this year. Nuff said.

  • andrew

    The concept of championships being tainted is utterly ridiculous. There could be a reason every year that someone else should have won the chip because of suspension/bad officiating/injury/eating bad chilli dogs. If you want an asterisk next to every series that was not the rightful match-up in the Finals, prepare to asterisk every single year/season/championship that any team has ever won, ever, anywhere. Teams that make it to the finals and win are the champions, regardless of whether a better team didn’t make it.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Thats why I can’t stand the Celtics, because PP finally has some success and he acts like he has been winning his whole career, PP you have had one succesful year with KG-THATS IT!!!

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    Didn’t the Lakers beat a healthy Celtics team twice this season.

  • http://www.youtube.com/tripledouble TripleDouble

    Twitter is f*cking lame… “I just took a sh!t, I thought I’d feel better but my final egg broke off.”… facebook, twitter,… all f*cking lame.

  • Joe A

    @Michael: Yeah the Lakers beat the Celtics twice, but one of those games was lost thanks to some very controversial calls. Also, the magic swept the Lakers in the regular season so we see how much that means.Gotta love the pseudo-Laker fans,Pierce is basically saying a healthy Celtic team can win it all, which is similar to what Laker fans were crying last year, “Oh, if we had Bynum it would’ve been a different series”. And when did it become a bad thing to be confident? If the lakers lost to the rockets this year, wouldn’t you laker fans want kobe to guarantee a championship the next year?

  • http://nbainchina.com NBA China

    Lakers beat Boston without Brynum in that ‘controversial’ game.

  • The Cool

    Andrew said it how it is, and thats all that should have to be said. Champions are champions, regardless if another team’s star gets injured and ‘would have’ won… being a good player/team isn’t good enough to win a championship, part of being great is the ability to stay consistently healthy, thats part of how Jordan was so great, imagine if he got injured all the time, nobody would say boo about how great he was. That’s almost invariably why Kobe>T-Mac, even though talent wise they were pretty equal in the early 2000s.

    And would people STFU about ratings, don’t you realise that if Kobe got every single call (though i agree he does get some phantom calls, but everybody does, refs aren’t perfect, he just has the ball in his hands more often than most players, ergo his amount of phantom calls is magnified, but if you looked at percentages, its probably relatively even across all players…except maybe Ron Artest…he’d get ejected with a flagrant when most wouldn’t get a foul…I digress…. what I was saying was if Kobe got every call, and the lakers swept the finals by 20per game, do you think the ratings would not suffer? as opposed to a hard fought 7 game series between say the Jazz and Heat, where every game was close, and was well played and well refereed…which would have better ratings?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    Pierce may be an arrogant douchebag, but he is absolutely right that last year’s Celtics would have destroyed both of this year’s finals teams.

  • LeMay

    Celts haters. Pierce said in his mind he feels like the best player in the world. So does almost every NBA all-star. and its easy for the lakers to win when its 8 on 5. Celts 2o10 champs. F LA and their rioting fans…boston fans never did tht…classy LA

  • jessdogg

    the bottom line is…a healthy boston celtics would beat la, orladndo and cleveland every day of the week in a 7 game series,

  • KoBynum716

    the evidence is there. celtics without KG wont go anywhere. pierce is not even CLOSE to being the best player in the world. michael redd and tayshaun prince repped our country before pierce was even asked to play (not saying they are better, but just sayin). i hope to god the ‘rotweiler’ celtics make the finals again next year so the lakers can EMBARRASS them and show them who the best player in the world really is. pierce is fugayze

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/fear/ Freedom Fries

    Whether or not you like Paul or the Celts, he’s right – the finals were a big let down. Nothing came close to CHI-BOS series. Oh well c’est la vie baybay

  • http://thesportsdiaryonline.blogspot.com Roy

    What Freedom Fries said, I agree. :D

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Rottweiler Celtics haha.


  • jumpman3224

    rusty: he said that last summer after winning the chip

  • Duiduidui

    He isn’t even the best player on his own team. Why can’t he just be classy and give both teams their rightful respect … No wonder he got slabbed 7 times.

  • Phil

    Paul, the world of basketball doesn’t revolve around Boston- contrary to what the Chowda heads say. The Big 3 of the Celtics are old and decrepit.

  • Harry

    Players who make statements like Pierce, are obviously insecure. Truly great players don’t have to puff themselves up. Pierce doesn’t even rank in the top 50 of all time. He is a very good player, but great? He’s won ONE championship because a guy named Garnett was stolen from the Timberwolves. Otherwise Pierce would be out in the first round of the playoffs, as was true in the many previous playoff years. Remember he was ready to retire before KG showed up.

  • hodgy

    The Celts lost in 7 and could have won with what like 7 players. The best player out and the next best player that could have guarded Rashard Lewis (Leon Powe). erkins played Howard better than anyone straight up and we had to back him up with a 6’7″ Baby Davis who also did well. The Lakers actually aren’t that good. Orlando made Gasol look great! Remember last year – a pansy. Celts SHUT DOWN Kobe last year. Maybe Orlando should have watched some films. I WAS rooting for Orlando being the underdog the the HIGHLY FAVORED Cavaliers but now in retrospect I kind of wish the Cavs would have won. Then we would have seen the LAKERS lose again and we could have seen some more Varajo flops. ANyways, PP is right!

  • jsmallz

    i hate that eveyone is saying the team is just garnett. come on every player stepped up.but come on has any team ever played on a 2 bigz rotation and won a championship.Glen davis is a ok player but to have him start in the play offs.the fact is if perkins or davis fouled they would have to come out.moore was not going in the fact he no idea was going on.leon powe is the other guy that should of been thier.fact is the celtics had injury season unlike last year.the only injuries being mentioned is garnett”s The C’s dont get enough credit.paul pierce can still be a amazing closer.if u watch the games he compares to the best.not gonna say hes the best.but come on if u won a championship with mvp honnors any of u would say the same thing being so happy.evey great team that has won has had more than one good stand out.even jordan had that.plus La be prepared to be rono’ed again lol that kid if he just would develope a shot could do so much more. hes just one of the top 3 point guards if not 4.lakers are good i gotta admit that but for this celtics team to be considered a good one they have to win more than 1 ring.all paul pierce is doing is holding him self to a better standards of what he needs to do along with the whole C’s team

  • HighYE

    Lkers vs Cvs … who won head to head this past season? Lkers won two. Gave Cavs a lost on Cleaveland on a tough road trip. Lakers also up two over the Cs!

  • Guam

    hawks got 2009/10 for suuuuuure

  • Boston4lyfe


  • Boston4lyfe

    Looked like a german sherperd vs a poodle that’s ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10.” HONESTLY. Spelling sucks…and the sentence makes lk no sense. stupid loser learn how to write and get a REAL STORY out MORON!!!

  • Joshua

    Now that the Lakers signed Ron Artest, I think you can officially upgrade that status from “German Shepherd” to “Rabies Crazed, Starving Pitbull” one which will EAT anything in the way.

  • you dont need to know

    when the magic beat the celtics, wasn’t half the squad injured? k.g., powe, scalabrine, that’s all of our power fowards itself davis, then they had to heavily rely on pierce, ray ray, and rondo, so it’s not like pierce was wrong, with out them in it, it sucked

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