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Allen Iverson to Chicago?

A.I. (whose suitors reportedly include Memphis and Miami), may well end up in Chicago when the dust settles: “The Bulls and Pistons may yet revisit Detroit’s agreement with Ben Gordon and instead investigate a sign-and-trade that would send Allen Iverson to Chicago. Discussions have not yet reached the highest levels of both organizations, but the revised look at how Gordon goes from Chicago to Detroit would benefit Gordon and the Bulls. Gordon would get an extra year, and thus more money, by signing with the Bulls and getting traded. The Bulls, who currently are getting nothing for losing him, would get Iverson — a fading future Hall of Famer who would get to finish his career in a major market as long as he’s willing to accept a secondary role. It’s a farfetched scenario, and not everyone involved would be on board — particularly the Pistons. The major sticking point would be how to sweeten the deal for Detroit, which would only consider such an option if it would provide significant cap savings.”

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  • eugene

    its sad to see allen iverson become a burden in the NBA hang em’ up Ivo youve done too much to go out this way.

  • sizzle

    please DON`T do this, rose & AI won´t work
    go to charlotte or miami
    but not chi-town pleeeeeaaase

  • elias

    This is kind of his last chance for a ring. And this is is how its going to end?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    WHOA. Allen Iverson and Rose would make a GREAT backcourt! You must be happy if this works out, Ryne.

  • LebronGOAT

    Word . Rose and AI would be beasts if Iverson doesnt go on ballhog mode.

  • GGG

    Thats just it…ballhogging is AI’s offensive system (contrast to RIP). Big Risk for Chicago.

  • rikson

    AI in Memphis – haha! He deserves better…
    But on the other hand: bad desicions will lead you to a bad franchise in this league!

  • me

    come on you guys,
    AI is just need a place to let him play the way he played. I mean, try put him with Bobcats,
    he might just go out and average 35 ppg

  • IllWill21

    AI’s actions this past season left me speechless…. its sad to see such a warrior act that way… it would be a good chance for him to redeem himself and set a good example for the baby bulls if he is humble

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    I’d love to see AI on the Heat.

  • lakers4life

    should iverson be all about winning right now?does he even care about winning?AT ALL?
    He should go to the CELTICS or SPURS OR RETIRE?…..


  • http://www.broy7.com nate the great

    allen iverson with with the heat?
    mhmm interesting.

  • #6marjon

    bad decision if anyone takes him now.
    he’s way off his peak and too stubborn to admit it so doesn’t pass even how he used to in his sixer days

  • LeMay

    No team will be better receiving AI. he wouldnt even make my friends city league team better

  • Carlos

    A.I averaged 15 shots per game playing 40 minutes a game last season for Detroit. So I wouldn’t consider him much of a ball hog. He filled a different role and decided to distribute the ball more because he had a lot of scorers around him. Rip shot more than anybody on the team, and Stuckey never passes the ball. He just drives all the time and never kicks it out.

  • Mo

    Iverson should do the right thing and finish up his career in Philly, where it all began….does he even want a shot at winning a title or does he even care? why not go back to the sixers, where brand should be healthy next year and try to lead the sixers back to the promised land…the sixers must still add a couple of pieces to even be considered in the same level as the magic or the celtics, but adding A.I. certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson


  • seven deuce

    I could see him working out in Miami, but if he goes to Memphis, call the National Guard. All hell will officially break loose.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I’ll be really happy next season, after Iverson has found a new team, when he gives the Pistons 50. And is a top 3 scoring leader. And leads his team to the playoffs. And quiets all the doubters.

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  • niQ

    judging by how he acted last season, i’d be surprised if he even plays another game. the only team he would be able to start right away would probably be Lakers, Golden State, Atlanta, OKC..hell even the knicks.

  • tavoris

    niQ, did you notice the first team you named are NBA Champs?

  • $tev3

    Russ- Thanks 4 that
    Teddy- I was gonna say that
    If he goes to Miami will he & wade clash?
    Is it just me or does AI just wanna play in Memphis cuz of Zbo?

  • Pardeep

    Okay enough with all this A.I. is done BS. 14 shots a game in 37 minutes and coming off of screens out of rythem is not what A.I. does. Michael Curry is fired for a reason right now. He couldnt fit one of the greatest players in history and top 4 scorers ever into an offence. Instead he let Rip who doesnt even have half a career A.I. does take more shots and do his thing. RIP was RIP but AI was not aloud to be AI. Theres some stuff we probbly dont no that went down in the locker room. But next year A.I. if he gets to be A.I. will shut up a lot of people.

  • Pardeep

    Oh and top 5 teams for A.I.

    1. BOBCATS (2001 all over again except better)
    2. RAPTORS (they need a scorer)
    3. SUNS (Nash,Iverson,Amare running. SICK)
    4. SIXERS (A.I wont have to avg 32 ppg cas they got better now so 25 ppg would be enough for 4th)
    5. MAVS(Dirk and A.I. preet good if they let A.I. do his thing.

    HE AVERAGED 27 and 7 with MELO im preety sure he can co exist with others too like Durant but if they let one of the greatest be himself he will provide for any team.

  • http://blurain420@yahoo.com Scott Carter

    If the Iverson/Gordon Chicago swap happens, it BETTER include something extra(draft picks?) for Detroit. The Bulls need this deal a lot more than The Bulls do. They have the upper hand right now.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    I just get mad when I see the “you can’t let player X walk for nothing!” false logic. That’s the kind of thinking that put the Knicks into the lottery (and the salary cap stratosphere) for a decade. Sometimes it’s best to just let a dude walk and keep it moving. AI would be a terrible fit in Chicago.

  • Big Kobe Fan

    AI is going to memphis

  • Judy

    Detroit and Denver really screwed AI. He didn’t even see it coming. He played great in Denver! I think he showed Melo by example what is looks to really play hard! I really love to see him play – he holds nothing back. Screw Detroit and Denver. Whatever team picks him up will be my favorite team!

  • niQ

    travoris, yea i did realize that. and i also think iverson is better than all the point guards the lakers have.

  • henry

    iverson to eurpoe?

  • Reebok Joe

    Iverson is still capable of starting for any team smart enough to sign him. He was a 25 pt 8 assist guy as the 2 guard in Denver for 2 years.
    He’d be a great fit with Nash in the backcourt. I’d personally think Cleveland is the best option. Mo Williams, Iverson, LeBron, Varejao, and Shaq.

  • http://www.nba.com JE

    There wasn’t really any bad blood between Iverson and the Denver Nuggets after he left, and I actually think they should try to work something out and sign him for the MLE. JR Smith can come off the bench, and Iverson has always been more of a shooting guard than a point guard. All the other contenders have gone out and added an extra All-Star caliber player, so why not Denver? And Yes, I’m serious.

  • http://kingakai.com Alpha-bet

    I think A.I. cares about winning, unfortunately..no team with a chance of winning to bend to get him, and A.I. doesn’t have the most compromising personality either. It’s weird to see an all-time great go out like it looks like he’s gonna go out, but he’s gonna put up monster numbers again and put a**es in the seats of some depleated franchise’s arena..

  • Minnesnowta

    trade tyrus “i want to be great but cant read” thomas for draft picks and sign paul milsap

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/482871/cj_king.html CJK

    If AI goes to Chicago then they lose everything they’ve gained (*chemistry*) with Rose so far. He has been a great player, but Iverson doesn’t fit with Chicago.

  • airs

    i love AI but….

  • Jay

    DA ANSWER IN CHI-TOWN IS A SWEET DEAL BABY!!! the answer and drose will have da record for most awesome plays in a season. LETS MAKE DIS HAPPEN!!!

  • Monstar

    Getting rid of Ben Gordon and picking up Iverson is trading one volume shooter for another.

  • http://- tomasson

    wade & iverson!!!
    this would be perfect. please, iverson, go to miami.
    chi-town woulden’t be nice. AI, you are the best!

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    They probably would be out of the playoff picture by Jan. but he’d SELL A LOT OF JERSEYS!

  • melzaih dia

    A.I is still pound for pound best player in the league STILL. What kobe is doin now iverson could hav been done. he jus didnt have he support and management as kobe does. Its crazy how the league is tryna play A.I tho…..i would much rather see em in charlotte wit coach brown and mj….and watch him score that 34 a game at age 34 and go out as the assasin he is….ayo lets get it A.I….i got some shoes designs for u 2….reebok tryna front 2

  • Enigmatic

    As a die-hard Bulls fan, I DO NOT want to see this happen. I’d rather lose BG straight up. Getting AI would be subtraction by addition….

  • http://www.slamonline.com richie rich

    Iverson u my favorite player and i want u to get a ring so i think u should go to the heat with d wade cause u could still average 25 ppg

  • chazz michael michaels

    smooth criminal! break it down CMM…
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  • http://www.hoops-insider.de OO

    Imho, there are only a handfull Teams out there that would fit to Iverson.
    #1 Charlotte – Coach Brown and oh yeah look at the rest of the Roster…

    #2 Lakers – Phil knows how to handle big ego’s…

    #3 Suns – Up and Down Baby.. But he wouldn’t have the Ball in his hands all the time..

    #4 Celtics – Premium Backup for Pierce, Ray or Rondo

    #5 Cleveland – Lesser Minutes but Shaq and Lebron can be the key to his first Ring

  • Quail

    some of u are thinkin of this all wrong. Iverson wouldnt fit into as many teams as he used to be able to. I would say charlotte, minnesota, or memphis would be where he would be best.

  • jose

    No!Iverson is still a volume shooter…i dont like him going to miami. 1 or 2 yrs ago mybe id say yah.but now…..not so sure

  • Jeter

    The only teams Iverson should be in are those in the cellar (Clips, Grizz, Kings, The Chinese National Team). They dont have identities, so Iverson dont have to fit (because he will refuse to), most likely they arent good with attendance (for some reason, AI sells tickets) and, well,he can just jack ‘em up all he wants because he’s AI. They arent winning anyway so, what the heck, right?

  • Jeter

    One more team. Phoenix. Since Steve Kerr is in full focus to destroy that once-proud franchise. This proves that he may be in the Suns payroll but Steve Kerr still “plays” for San Antonio.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Kirk is going to get ZERO touches.

  • vangelis sandris aka boy sanchez

    i don’t care where he goes.
    i just want him to get a ring!
    he’s the only player in the L right now who REALLY has to have a ring!
    why? because he REALLY deserves it!!

  • #CelticsFan101

    I luv A.I. and i am a big fan of him. I’m sure he is desperate for a ring, and he deserves 1. But he has to accept the fact that he will have to be a role player………and if he is, then a lot of teams would be interested in his services. Maybe he could come to boston as a back-up for Rondo? Who knows?maybe it could work

  • marvin

    i heard he will end up in cleveland

  • marvin

    he going to go to cleveland

  • http://Yahoo KeJuan

    Iverson is my favorite player n always will b. I jus want him 2 win a ring n score like he used 2 or even avg 20 points or more. Im da biggest A.I. fan n dis whole world(no homo). My whole game is based on A.I.’s.

  • Dieguetti

    Why is everyone wanting AI to start from the bench when he is the man and plays better than any other player? You cant put no chump ass bum instead of AI c’mon man. Guys are nuts now a days. I pray to God that the answer gets a fat hook up.

  • ceocolem

    A.I is one of the best to ever play the game- stop giving sympothy he’s gonna be who he wants he will be great where ever he goes- a future hall of famer- man him and rose-mmuhm what a site to see

  • Ruben