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Carmelo Anthony in Spain, Day 2

Follow Melo during his first trip to Spain.

Ninety-six hours didn’t pass between Carmelo’s first and second day in Spain. We’re not happy to admit that’s how long it took to post Day 2, but with the holidays and some tech issues, time can really fly. Thankfully Chet Fiedler hasn’t stopped recording the news from overseas. We’ll post Chet’s photos and essays every 24 hours this week. Take a quick refresher if you need it, and read on with Day 2 of Carmelo’s tip to Spain.–Ed.

by Chet Fiedler

Carmelo spent the second day in Spain at camp. Kids from all over Spain and Europe traveled South to the City of Malaga for the Bancaja W.O.B. Camp that Carmelo is hosting—his first ever overseas camp. Although soccer is the No. 1 sport, basketball is a strong second and most people in the city of Malaga are familiar with Carmelo, especially since the streets are lined with banners celebrating his arrival and stay during the weeklong camp.

In fact, the kids at the camp were so excited for Carmelo, his security was swarmed before Carmelo even arrived.

The organizers had the kids sit around the three-point line to await his arrival. The excitement just kept building as their chatter got louder and louder. The fences surrounding the camp’s courts began to fill with people from the neighborhood who heard Carmelo would be arriving that day and were hoping to catch a glimpse of him. For the kids at the camp and the people of Malaga, an NBA star is an extremely rare celebrity.

As Carmelo arrived, the kids began to go crazy, chanting “Melo…Melo…” Carmelo entered the court and gave fives all around. Kids then had the opportunity to ask him questions.

Everyone’s questions were fairly simple such as, “Do you like Malaga?” “Si, si, si, “ Carmelo answered in Spanish to their delight. “Who’s the best player you ever played against?,” they asCarmelo Anthonyked. “Kobe,” said Melo, as the kids cheered and applauded nearly every answer he gave.

After the questions, Carmelo made his way around the camp playing a few minutes with every team.

Carmelo would take a pass, and dunk (at their request), causing cheers to explode from both teams and benches on the court. “The kids were all so happy, not a single one wasn’t smiling,” said Carmelo at the end of the day. I noticed Carmelo himself had a pretty big smile all day, especially when dunking on an eight foot hoop while he scrimmaged with the 6-year-olds.

The older kids did their best to impress him. Dribbling between their legs or behind their backs at every opportunity. In one instance, a teenager took advantage of Carmelo’s casual play and put it through his legs on the way to the basket. Quickly he became the hero of the day to all his friends. Carmelo just shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Carmelo played in the hot sun, pausing only for a few minutes to give a live interview to the local TV station.

That night he met up with Jacinto Castillo (the NBA scout, who we now realize is one of the most important basketball figures in Spain) for dinner at El Chinitas. Over dinner Carmelo was introduced to different wines from the region, its subtle differences and food pairings—and giving Carmelo a chance to indulge in his favorite food—seafood. At the end of dinner, Carmelo was asked to sign a special book the restaurant kept with signatures and notes from famous guests such as Nobel Prize of Medicine winner Severo Ochoa, and Lewis Hamilton, the youngest ever Formula One champion.

Carmelo wrote a nice note, along with his signature and the words Melo “Machine Gun,” in reference to a nickname just given to him the day before by a local.

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  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    Saw NBA Fanhouse has some more Melo pics up, holding court with the kids. Hit or miss. Some great, like the kid trying very hard to rip the ball from Melo while he just holds it up effortlessly. And a pic of him in front of a big bowl of Watermelon on the sidelines. Yeah. Less of the Spain! No National Team China photo op redux! Like that banner though. CARMELO – MAGICIAN

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    Wondering where part 2 was also, thanks for getting it sorted out Chet & tech crew.

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  • http://www.thedailydott.com michaeldott

    Carmelo the Magician, yes, he and the Nuggets were a disappearing act in the playoffs right enough!!

  • mumadone

    If by western conference finals you mean disappearing act, then yes.

  • omg

    Great to see Melo portrayed as a better image, he really is always giving back

  • Teri

    I’m so proud of Melo. He’s really come up, and I’m sure it was pure joy to make these children happy. Way to go, Melo! Love ya!!!

  • Jace

    I wonder why haters are still commenting on this article..

    melo’s doing something nice then bash him and his team for losing in the western conference championships.. tsk tsk..

    If you don’t have something good to say just let it in on yourself..

  • http://mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    melo “the machine gun”

  • The Ghost of Wilt Chamberlain

    A fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity for the children and something special for Melo which will have an impact on his life and views forever. As long as players do these types of things with genuine desire to do good, and not just for positive PR, than I hope more of these camps and events happen in the future. Melo just went up a few notches in my books.

  • dj

    Im glad to see that melo is doing this. people can really know what kind of person he is

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  • chintao

    ‘Melo’s a big kid. He’s so unpretentious. It’s nice to see somebody relaxing and enjoying himself this way.

  • wow

    check out thisismelo.com

  • harry

    man melo u the best i wish u could come to atlanta jst 1 time 4 the camp or mi school dunwoody high but prob kno ur not the one who read this but wont hurt to try but ya im 15 first yaer in high school ben workin hard tryin to make the freshman team i love basketball yo like i whatch the shot getin sick 4 you and the duncks been sick lol but ya holp i meet you 1 day or even play against you peace melo {dream higher}