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Presents of Greatness

Kevin Garnett was able to bring a banner too.

Kevin GarnettPhoto by Atiba Jefferson
Originally published in SLAM 113

When KG came to Boston before the 2007-2008 season, he stared up at the banners and admired Cousy’s, Hondo’s, and of course Russell’s hard work. Now he stares at the banners, recognizing his, and imaging another one or two hanging alongside it.—Tzvi Twersky

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  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Congrats to KG, but I don’t think the addition of Sheed puts them in any better shape than the Magic or the Cavs. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong though.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    this pic was my desktop for a lil while. sheed and kg MANNNN! it finally happened. sheed and kg, can they get a tv show? or a kobe doin work kinda thing?

  • Babygab

    2010 nba finals spurs vs celtics !!!

  • Momma No Like Cold

    They got two years then it’s over.

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  • RunningBrave

    He immediately knew he was in the presence of greatness and nothing less than a banner would suffice. The league caught a break with him being injured. They won’t be so fortunate this coming year.

  • http://www.redsarmy.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    one more wing player and we cannot be stopped

  • http://slamonline Negetivekreep

    1 more player? isn’t Bean town stacked enough already? If L.A. signs L.O. i think we’ll see a rematch of the 08′ finals in 2010. This time it will be more competetive with Bynum & Artest.
    KG is one of the greats of his generation, i hope he stays healthy this season.

  • Ed

    makes you wish that KG spent more of his years in Boston with Pierce rather than in Minnesota, and depending on the makeup of the rest of the team, they may have had some fun battles with the last of the O’Neal Lakers and the Spurs.

  • http://www.milliondollamindz.com/blog MillionDollaMindz

    ^ 16 Bars of the day

    Great post, love the piece.. mos def a repost..

    I am excited can’t wait for the Nba season to start,,so much balance in the NBA….I think injuries are going to be critical..

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  • Boston Baller

    Classic picture…. I want to see him sitting in the bleachers with 2 flags behind him after this season. That picture will be a classic and I’m sure someone will capitalize and frame it with “authentic” parquet flooring and sell a bunch.

  • Boston Baller

    PS. Someone give that idea to Antoine Walker so he can pay his bills.

  • Hussman25

    Nice pic… would have been a better one if done in “The Garden.” Would have had a more dramatic effect… Just my opinion….

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    one of my favorite SLAM pictures of the past few years, and I’m not even a Celtics fan.

  • Jacob

    the Celtics have this year and maybe 2 more years and then that window is closed, I hope they win at least 1 more

  • http://celticknightk3@aol.com CelticKnight

    As long as we stay healthy we have the 2010 banner #18 for our rafters! Hopefully we can win back to back cos this team deserves to win at least 2 more championships. Surely P.P. will have his numbers retired in the future but what about KG and Ray Ray?

  • http://ballislife.com Moose

    CelticKnight, KG and Ray will not have their jerseys retired. 21 will be forever untouchable in Minnesota. MAYBE Ray Allen in….Seattle? OKC? Whatever. But that’s a slight stretch. But as for Boston, they don’t have enough cred WITH the C’s to get to the rafters. 34 is done though.

  • http://slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    I believe that the Celtics will still have a tough road ahead of them, considering the Lakers and Orlando.

  • George B

    they will go back to the finals but LA will kick their asses

  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Gerwin

    Yeah, remember that one! One of the illest pictures even in SLAM. KG is always a good model. Anyone remember the picture with KG sitting on his G-class Benz? Classic also!

  • Homie

    I’m with Tarzan, this was my desktop picture also. Great pic!

  • Trevor

    @Moose, if we win 1 or 2 more championships and KG stays in Boston for the rest of his career theres a good chance his jersey will get retired.

  • Celtic Knight

    I remember Cedric Maxwell only played from 80-85 and he got his championship retired so it’s a possiblility that if KG wins one or two more I would demand that he gets his #5 retired!

  • Celtic Knight

    This here picture of KG looking on those rafters and retired numbers is priceless! I would hope KG get his number 5 retired here and his 21 in Minn.