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Beasley’s Father is Gravely Concerned

Mike’s dad opened up about his son’s troubling situation: ‘It went from being fun to a job now,’ his father said of the transition from being the No. 2 overall selection in the 2008 NBA Draft out of Kansas State. ‘So I think the demands of playing 82 games, making appearances, I think is taking a toll on him. I was surprised, because I didn’t know that it was to this extent.’ He also mentioned the impact of the birth of his single son’s first daughter, Mikaiya, who was born in May…While Michael Beasley Sr. said he has yet to speak with his son — ‘He can’t have visitors or can’t nobody talk to him right now’ — he attempted to clarify perceptions that his son was involved with recent marijuana usage.”

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  • Ryan D

    Childs mind in a man’s body get well Michael.

  • http://www.facebook.com mat smith

    of course he is concerned, whats he supposed to say? “ahh well, he should cheer up, he is rich”

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Man up. No sympathy.

  • mj23

    “It went from being fun to a job now”. What a joke!! It’s unfortunate that these ball players don’t realize that it IS a job, and they are privileged to play a sport and also get paid millions to do so. Just as Vick has learned, playing in the NFL is not a right but a privilege. If you screw up deal with the consequences and be a man. People dream of being in their position, but these athletes take it all for-granted.

  • riggs

    well to be fair, the kid grew up knowing basketball was his lotto ticket, the shock that more is being asked of him for something he “plays” can take a toll on his young mind. not giving any excuses of course.

  • The Coach

    Father sounds foolish to me, how do you not know the extent of your childs problem. And duh its a job now, millions are invested in the kid, and like any ohter business, you need ROI, and minimal turnover..and Beasley mental capacity may have him at the 21st century Vin Baker. Many in league do dirt, but being foolish enough to post pics that you should review prio to posting is digging your own hole. Besides Beasley’s first comment about playing in Miami were “South Beach and cute girls” On Draft day an alert should of went off.. thank you Bulls for passing up on him…

  • LeMay

    and im sure u know this from experience mj…

  • tavoris

    Anton & mj23, do you realize that playing basketball JUST became a job for the young man about 10 months ago…I’m sure your first job (that paid you millions, nonetheless) was a cake walk…smh. Instant celebrity is a difficult thing to handle more even the most well-adjusted ADULTS, much less a man-child like Beas…

  • jfame24

    yall are trippin, i feel you beas. its hard to find a nba player that dont smoke pot. and its mad dumb hes bein sent to rehab for MARIJUANA, there aint a whole lotta that loves they kush that much and im sure b-eazy aint one of them

  • Enigmatic

    God forbid someone has to have a job and not just have fun! Beasely’s got no more pressure put on him than Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo. It’s all about how you handle it, and he can’t. Another year or two in college would’ve prepared him better for the NBA. Talent-wise, he was ready. But maturity-wise? Hell to the no. That being said, I sincerely hope dude gets better for the sake of his daughter and loved ones.
    And Tavoris, my first job, fresh outta high school, was as a US Marine. Where I could be shot/maimed/killed/all of the above at any moment, had a kid at 20 and barely got to see her, got paid about 21 grand a year, and (which the exception of being away from my daughter)I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! These NBA dudes talk about pressure….they don’t know what it is.

  • tavoris

    Enigmatic, take money out the equation, and see if you have more empathy. because

  • tavoris

    because while you did a wonderful thing by serving the country, there’s really no comparison. Also, Derrick Rose is in Chicago, Mayo is in Memphis…neither of which is MIAMI. Next to LA, NYC, or Vegas, there isn’t anywhere else in the country that is so full of opportunities to screw up.

  • tavoris

    let’s go back to Derrick Rose (love him) who got around the NBA’s age requirement by falsifying test scores. And OJ Mayo, who has been getting kickbacks since he was 16….puhleeze.

  • James

    yeah ima have to agree wit everythin tavoris said

  • Enigmatic

    How is there plenty of chances to screw up in LA or NYC but not Chicago? Especially when Derrick Rose grew up in Englewood on the South Side? And you’re right, there’s no comparison. My pressures were real, I’ll sympathize with a solder, airmen, Marine or sailor returning from overseas with PTSD than I ever will with some multi-millionaire NBA player fighting “depression”.

  • Enigmatic

    This ain’t about who’s the bigger knucklehead, and who’s a better member of society, I said Mayo and Rose have to been to handle pressure better than Beasely since coming into the NBA, I don’t give a damn what they did prior to that. If anything, Rose should be the one crumbling right now, but my man is standing on his own two.

  • Enigmatic

    Is. This. Thing. WORKING?

  • Enigmatic

    OK, how are LA and NYC places with so much opportunity to screw up but not Chicago? Especially when Rose grew up in Englewood on the south side? Take it from someone who grew up in the shadow of the city, there are plenty of opportunities to mess up in the Chi. And this isn’t about who’s the biggest knucklehead and whos an upstanding citizen, I could give a damn what Rose or Mayo did before they entere the L. If anything, Rose should be the one crumbling but my man is standing on his own two. Sorry, Beasely recieves no empathy from me. I’ll save that for the troops returning overseas with PTSD over some millionaire kid who shoulda taken another year year or two of college, or something, to get his mind right and maturity up to speed before going into the L. Y’all dudes crack me up, sure it’s hard being a millionaire 20 year-old (there’s no sarcasm, I really do believe it’s hard), but if everyone else can do it without crumbling under the pressures, so can Beasely! And if he can’t, he needs to regroup, which he’s doing and I applaud him for, but that don’t mean me or any of us have to sympathasize with him.

  • Enigmatic

    Sorry for the posts basically repeating themselves….comments weren’t showing up and I was getting heated.

  • tavoris

    so, is there a problem when someone goes to get help for a problem (Beasley), as opposed to ignoring it (Rose & Mayo) or making excuses for it (Bron)? I think that he’s done something VERY mature by addressing his issues instead of leaning on the omnipresent handlers and coddlers to make it “go away”.

    And if you don’t realize how gluttonous Miami is, then you didn’t spend enough time in Miami…warm weather, fine women, beaches, the best clubs and parties…show me a city that caters to the young and rich more than Miami, LA, NY, and Vegas….Chicago is a big city, but it isn’t even close to Atlanta in that regard.

  • tavoris

    Adn in case you don’t realize, most adults learn how to act like adults through experience. We’d like to believe that college prepares people for life in the NBA. Then again, Chris Duhon’s LOVE of the clubs is well-known (and he spend four years at DUKE).

  • tavoris

    Beasley wasn’t gonna learn how to act in Miami by spending four years @ Kansas…no way in heck. Miami is-and always will-be one of those areas that requires a HUGE adjustment. Dwayne Wade was lucky in that 1)he didn’t have nearly as many expectations, and 2)he was already married. but then again, Miami has kinda gotten the best of Wade too lately…

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Get well Mikey Winehouse, eh, I mean Beasley..

  • playboi

    Beasley has always been a primadonna. This is nothin more than a pr stunt after the photo pic. obvious. After the 30 day stint, i expect to hear how lucas “taught him maturity, and now he’s ready for the season.” BS. Anyone expect anything else?

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    @JFame24 ^^^ – Most NBA players HAVE smoked pot, but I don’t believe that most are currently weed smokers. The ones who toke the green stand out and underachieve eventually.

  • luv2ball

    In all honesty basketball has been a job for Beasley since 10th grade. D-1 B-ball is a job.

  • Enigmatic

    I never disagreed that Miami is a place that can mess with kid’s heads. It’s been pretty well documented how Miami can do that to anyone. My opinion still stands. Good on the kid for getting help, but that’s pretty damn weak that he needed it in the first place, and even worse that everybody has to know about it. In the end, neither your opinion nor mine matter, so it’s whatever.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    The cat should be moving in to a new apartment entering his jr. year of college, LEARNING. He is not ready for this type of lifestyle (as 99% aren’t who leave so early). He is a baby, a big baby, but a baby. Somebody needs to step up and realize NOBODY should go to the NBA out of high school, and 2 years should be the manditory time in college for people to grow up at least a little bit. Especially black people.

  • Enigmatic

    BETCATS, I agree 100%.

  • tavoris

    BETCATS, I agree with just about everything except the last 2 sentences. How about NBA teams take the time to get to know the players as MEN, so they can make informed draft decisions. To say that only BASKETBALL players shouldn’t be able to go pro after 2 years of school is discriminatory. And “Especially black people”? That’s just BEGGING to be ripped apart by anyone who’s justifiably offended by the assertion.

  • tavoris

    and playboi…the PR move was being in Houston at the “fake rehab” before he genuinely lost it-thus requiring the “real” rehab. Dude is actually really working on his issues. Nobody accepts the “troubled” tag on their name as a PR move. PR woulda been denying it was weed (or denying the authenticity of his twitter feed).

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven deuce

    Not trying to be shady, but in all the time I’ve been bombarded with info about Mike Beasley this is the FIRST time I’ve ready anything about his dad being involved in his life.

  • tavoris

    BETCATS, for every player that isn’t mature enough to handle the pressure, there is another one that more than gracefully handled it. How many NBA All-Stars played in college four years? Duncan, Roy, West, Nash, Granger. How yany didn’t play in college or played just one year? Bron, Garnett, Howard, Bosh, Rashad Lewis, Kobe, Amare, Yao, Dirk, Pau. Let’s not even get into how these “student-athletes” are USED (their compensation-scholarship-is in no way compensatory for their contribution to their schools) by the NCAA.

  • tavoris

    Seven Duece, that’s because Beas actually doesn’t have a relationship with the man..your non-shadiness would actually be warranted.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I think more nba guys smoke weed then most think… Dont wanna be the rumor starter but ive seen Sheed in Portland clubs smoking cigarettes.

  • RedRum

    Should I comment??? nah… I will live it to the fan boys like Jukai and BETS to have their say.

  • luv2ball

    Betcats – I don’t think it is right to say that as an 18 year old (legal adult) that you don’t have a right to earn a living. While I agree that young kids are a tad immature for all of the other thing that come with an NBA lifestlye, I feel that telling someone that they can not put an orange ball in a hole for millions of dollars because they are 18 is asinine when we have 18 year olds that can put bombs on airplanes, control submarines, drive tanks, etc. Holy run on sentence batman. Anyway, I think the players union should have a better support structure for younger guys coming into the league (and not this one week intro to NBA crap). Not everyone needs to or should go to college (Rose, Mayo, Bron) and don’t make me get started on the NCAA. But I will say that the NBA instead of making a 19 year old rule, should just have a better support structure program for younger guys coming out of the league. I think taking .25 % from every players earnings (kinda like union dues) would pay for it.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry


  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven deuce

    BET – those are valid points, but how many jobs have that type of system set up? True, having plenty of millions and no guidance can be a recipe for disaster, but honestly, the percentage of players that crash and burn because of it is minute. I’m not saying “Screw ‘em”, but I am saying that a bit of responsibility and true self assessment by the individual (as well as the MANY people involved with said person) is needed.

    The myth of the curse/blessing has helped many a soul keep coming up with excuses instead of solutions. Hopefully, Beasley is on his way to figuring out how to be a bette person – however he defines it.

  • luv2ball


    Baseball has that system setup in their minor leagues. The younger players in the minors stay with a host family. Also, the military has this setup as well. In the Air force a young person gets to their first duty station they are enrolled in the First Term Airmen program; they have to graduate successfully from this program before they can start work. The program lasts about 1.5 months. Also, they are assigned a Sergeant that mentors them for the duration of their first year. I think a lot of the issues can be mitigated in the NBA if the older guys take some of these younger guys under their wing. Granted sometimes the young bucs don’t want to listen.

  • http://Slamonline.com Niyagirlfresh

    No these young players road the coatail on into the NBA and thought the experience was gonna be exactly like it was being in highschool or college. Remember the lil saying about the NBA standing for “No Boys Allowed”. Beasely thougt he was going to go into the league, party, and do all of the things he was doing before without any strings attached, It doesn’t work like that. The veteran players will tell you how the many seasons take a toll on your body, and how hard it is to stay at the top of your game as you age, I have so much respect for player like Kareem,Reggie, Stolckton, Jordan and Kobe who’ve substained and played at high levels until they retired(or retire), 82 games for 13 seasons isn’t a easy task. If Mike is already tired of it now and he’s still a baby, then just imagine how he’ll be by his 5th ot 7th season. The NBA isn’t a playground yes the money, cars and groupies seems like a fairytale dream to some but it’s not like that you actually have to “work” your butt off. If not there’s the door, ask some of these waived athletes or the one’s let go.

  • paris-dakar

    The non-stop crying party for a 20yo multi-millionaire is getting old. Was there no one in his life who understood the realities of economic life enough to tell him that signing an eight figure contract was going to require some responsibility of him?

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    I’m a fan of the idea that the NBADL (n.b.a. development league) should be entirely for guys leaving college or high school for that matter, give them an opportunity to play with a measure of ‘nba’ style exposure and pressure.
    This might be coming out of left field, but why are guys leaving college early purely for money, fame and prestige when it’s obvious that ALOT of these guys can’t handle the very thing they greedily strive for?
    Surely you should FINISH school, let alone finish GROWING UP before you get on the world stage??

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