Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at 12:05 pm  |  29 responses

‘Private Images’ Stolen from Baron Davis

Is it just a matter of time before TMZ releases these photos? “A laptop containing ‘a variety of private images’ of NBA star Baron Davis has been stolen and the athlete’s lawyers are threatening legal action if the material is published. Counsel for the the Los Angeles Clippers guard, a two-time All-Star and novice film producer, yesterday sent news outlets a letter threatening legal action over the personal photos, videos, and audio stored on the computer.”

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  • riggs

    novice film producer eh?

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I hope it doesn’t involve Steve Nash.

  • larrylegend

    i can imagine what kind of “private” images this are.

  • Ken

    I hope it involves Jessica Alba.

  • Clipp Show 714

    This is the last thing Baron needs right now.

  • http://djsklfl.com Jukai

    Close the comment section. There is NOTHING that can be said that TADOne hasn’t already said.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    I hope it involves Jessica Alba dunking on Boom Dizzle.

  • larrylegend

    Where’s Anton when you need him!?


    Jessica Alba can dunk on me anyday!

  • Fat Lever

    What if it’s just mad photos of various beards? Like a pic of Kimbo Slice’s beard, Ice Cube’s beard, etc. Kind of like the side boob episode of Family Guy, but only with beards.

  • Sirron

    Get yourself an external hardrive Bro.

  • http:///www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    I’m guessing he made a home video entitled: “Impeach My Bush: Baron Beard vs. Mini-Baron”

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    @ Anton: *DEAD*

  • http://www.sprint.com/pre dma

    hehe i just seen the dwight howard photos from his hacked laptop.. good god man. who’s next?

  • http://aol.com bk baller94

    yo u r ready know how they did lebron imagine baron davis this would mess up his rep real bad

  • http://slamonline.com J Dizzle

    TMZ are scumbags.. whether it’s them or not. Sucks for Baron.

  • Exist4eva

    somene had a Paris Hilton moment lol all of 3 seconds

  • chickydee

    What if its Baron nude showing his tiny pee pee?

  • LeMay

    i wonder if John Amaechie is in any of them

  • http://www.facebook.com/sesa.opas Sesa

    One thing that I know, Baron’s lawyer just learn how to spell or maybe he never uses Microsoft Word.
    What the hell is monies?

  • http://www.sprint.com/pre dma

    SMH @ Sesa. It means money. Plural. Proper.

  • Naiym11

    I secind that *dead* at Anton!!!

  • http://www.redsarmy.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Baron Davis, Mr. Marcus, Brianna Banks and introducing Blake Griffin in: “La Coc&fidential”

  • http://www.facebook.com/sesa.opas Sesa

    I guess I’m the illiterate ones. I don’t know money had a plural. My bad

  • Jeter

    videos of Nellie “spanking” Mullin out of the Bay Area

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    ha @ sesa…
    but not ha @ the American Education system :/
    more like a …hmmm

  • Son of Shawn

    What an offseason: AI without job, Marb(le) Madness on the web, Pitino´s Scandal, Reggie´s Scandal, Rubio´s contract issues, Baron´s stolen images(Teri Hatcher?, Jessica Alba?, Kate Hudson?,… Steve Nash?), and today is only Aug. 13

  • t2c.wah

    I’m not a great jumper but I’m sure I can kiss Jessica Alba’s rim anyday! lmao

  • http://djsklfl.com Jukai