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Shaq: Not a Kurt Rambis and Mychal Thompson Fan

You stay classy, O’Neal: “Shaquille O’Neal called fellow former Lakers players Kurt Rambis and Mychal Thompson ‘horrible players’ during an appearance on the Mason & Ireland Show. The Cleveland Cavaliers center even admitted he didn’t know much about Thompson’s game (he helped the Lakers win back-to-back titles in 1987-88), but O’Neal was particularly harsh with Rambis, who played for four Lakers champions, and was an assistant coach in Shaq’s L.A. tenure…Asked about Rambis as a coach, O’Neal had nothing to say at all. He also hung up, called back and said ‘That’s what I like about him.”’

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  • http://www.facebook.com mat smith

    “helped the Lakers win back-to-back titles in 1987-88″ like Ty Lou helped them?

  • http://lastknickstanding.blogspot.com Bryan

    That’s funny.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    I have a feeling Shaq had no idea who Mychal Thompson was when he made those comments.

  • kobesbestfriend

    Kobe can voutch for shaq on this 1…Rambis sucked as a coach and player!!!

  • CP

    @mat Smith
    Really.Thats like saying Saša” Vujačić helped them win the tittle this past season.

  • henry

    speaking of former lakers, i watched nbatv the whole weekend and i didnt realize how nasty byron scott was. he might have been an underrated posterizer

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Shaq Fu this a Kazaam article.I am tired of the Big Witness can we get him in a protection program in Alaska for turning on folks.

  • Sarah

    I never liked Rambis either. Of course I wasn’t even alive when he was playing most of his games, but still.

  • zabba

    You stay classy, Big Diesel. Seriously, I hope Rambis wins coach of the year just to get Shaq to shut his fat mouth. The Big Lardass needs to learn how to respect the people at his work. Stan’s a terrible coach and coached terribly during the finals…but there are ways to criticize others and Shaq doesn’t know the first thing about it.

  • monkeyball

    Rambis and Thompson were role players on championship teams, like John Paxon for the Bulls, Leon Powe for the Celtics, and hundreds of guys like them. Sure, they can’t take the credit for leading their squads, but basketball is a TEAM game, and one role player can destroy the chemistry of a contender. Sure, Rambis was no Kobe, but give some respect to professionals who do their job and take the elbows to the face in the process.
    Shaq’s an ass.

  • CDef28

    Monkeyball you summed it all up greatly with that. How does Shaq know he’s a terrible coach? According to him, the only coaches that are any good are Pat Riley and Phil Jackson. There are what, 30 teams in the league? Jackson and Riley can only occupy 2.

  • Tommy Patron

    @mat smith-When the Lakers won in ’87 and ’88, Thompson averaged about 10 and 5 in 25 minutes per. He helped a lot more than little Lue.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign monkeyball.
    Co-sign Tommy Patron.
    There are times when Shaq does something cool and it makes me laugh and sort of like him. Then there are times when he can’t shut up with his big@ss ego and it gets really annoying. Just like Sports Networks playing Shaq’s Jabbawockey dance like 800000 times after the ASG.

  • http://slamonline Negetivekreep

    All i know is i’d take thompson over Elden (butterfingers) Campbel, And pre Sacto ‘Floppy’.

  • http:///www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    In 1776, the peasants revolted against representation without Shaqxation.

  • http://Egotastic.com MIchael

    Mychael Thompson>>> Shaq. Well off the court at least.

  • http://Www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Kurt winning COY? Yeah right, he sure did an excellent job last time took over the LA coaching Gig. The day he wins that award is the day Leboom signs in Greece.

  • zabba

    Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie thinks he’s got a shot at the COTY award.

  • juicemane


  • chintao

    Shaq is never afraid to showcase his ignorance. Rambis was the only guy on that Laker’s team who was willing to do the dirty work of getting tough rebounds and defending. He took alot of pressure off Kareem. Indeed, it might not be a stretch to attribute some fo Kareems longevity to the fact that he had guys like Rambis and A.C. Green (virgin alert) around him. Rambis was kind of like a half a Charles Oakley out there — and as we all know, half an Oak is better than a whole of many of the players in the L right now.

    Mychal Thompson was not great, but he did present a credible scoring threat down low. The bottom line is that he was good enough to play with the guys around him. These days, that may be more than can be said of Shaq, whose ego seems too big to play with anyone around him.