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Can The Warriors Come Out And Play?

by Lang Whitaker

It was only 2 years ago that the Golden State Warriors threw caution to the wind and decided to play as faced-paced as possible. They beat Dallas in the first round of the Playoffs, ruined a SLAM cover, and nearly beat the Utah Jazz in the second round of the Playoffs. Since then, pretty much nothing has worked out. Baron Davis? Gone. Chris Mullin? Gone. Building around Monta Ellis? Nope, not after his moped (seriously) injury.

Yesterday was media day in The Bay, and while most media days bring a sense of rebirth and hope, according to Marcus Thompson in the Oakland Tribune, the Warriors yesterday did whatever they could to quickly quash any opening day excitement. Not only did Stephen Jackson reiterate that he’d like to be traded, but, as Thompson reported, Monta Ellis said there’s no way he and Stephen Curry can play together in the backcourt:

“(Management) says we can, but we can’t,” Ellis said. “I just want to win. We’re not going to win that way. … It’s different when you’re trying to compare me and Stephen (Curry), when you’re trying to go back to when me and BD (Baron Davis) were playing, it’s a different situation. You’ve got a veteran who’s been in the game, who understands the game, knows how to play the game, and he’s a big body.

“You can’t put two small guys out there and try to play (point guard) and (shooting guard) when you’ve got big (shooting) guards in the league. You just can’t do it. OK, yes, we’re going to move up and down fast, but eventually the game is going to slow down. You can’t do it.”

Wonder if David Kahn read that?

Either way, what was so recently a fun, happy-go-lucky team has quickly become one of the more depressing places in the NBA. It wasn’t only Monta on that moped, it was the entire Warriors organization.

But hey, all is not lost.

Wait, forget that, maybe all is lost, after all.

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  • Tommy Patron

    May be better to end in destruction (Just like Run TMC) than to stick it out and be exposed as mediocre. Both the Dallas-beating squad and the TMC team were exciting, but, how far were they really gonna go as they were?

  • Gym Rat

    Season hasn’t started and already I feel so hopeless as a Warriors fan.

  • riggs

    how bout you gain some effin pounds then monta

  • JoeMaMa

    Who gave Monta the juice?
    Don Nelson?
    Because that’s not juice.

    (thanks gerard)

  • fireman10101

    Monta need to chill out he just need to step up and play ball he collectin that check for a reason

  • tavoris

    trade then both (for WHATEVER you can get) and build around Anthony Randolph. Maggette can jack up enough shots for both of these malcontents. They’re gonna suck this year anyway…might as well develop the players that aren’t destroying team chemistry.

  • davidR

  • ItsDino

    Monta has big ears for Stack Jack. Trade them and Magette’s selfish @$$ for a true point.
    I was on the line, as far as optimism goes, for this season. But with Jack and Monta crying, this Warrior fan’s getting slapped with reality; The Warriors are gonna suck it hard.

  • don

    season haven’t even started yet and monta is already worried that curry might outshine him.

  • JB

    Blame Bobby Rowell for being hoodwinked by a guy who doesn’t know what the word “optimism” means.

    All in all, Monta has a point. He just went about it the completely wrong manor.

    The season is going to be a circus.

    Lang, you know Jack..or at least somewhat, given what I’ve read from you…do you think he’s capable of doing what he said? Which is that he can still go out and play hard even if he’s not happy with the situation.

    The season’s success hangs on the development of AR and the usage of Morrow. Curry is NOT going to start anyhow, not right away, no matter what poker face Nellie says. So Monta’s gripes before even had played with the guy are not really valid…yet.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I thought Monta made a valid point. We can question whether he should have said it, but nobody can really question it’s validity.
    He’s a midget and spindly, Curry is the same. How are they going to play defense? The whole “small ball” Don Nelson infatuation is wack. Don Nelson regularly stunts the growth of traditional big men, and he pretends this style is successful despite the fact he doesn’t win rings. Come on.

  • JoeMaMa

    Allepp, he may make a valid point, but how much do the Warriors have to pay this guy to get on the right page and be a team player? $66 million is very generous to this guy, and he goes around badmouthing them and acting like an irresponsible child. If he has a bone to pick about rotations, why address on the first day of camp to the media hordes and create dysfunction and discord? Not cool. I hope they Tinsley this guy now.

  • davidR

    i wouldn’t put this on the players. just take a look at the warrior organization as a whole the past few years, and it’s easy to see why none of them are happy.

  • Kujo

    i co-sign joemama!!

  • black pinoy

    man up monta.. the season hasnt started yet and your complainin already..hit the weights and stop blaming erone

  • tavoris

    he may be correct in his commments but come on, not on Media Day…that’s the one day that the team hopes (and expects) that you play nice-to get positive press. “Keeping it real” is sometimes misinterpreted to mean “speak your mind whenever a microphone is in front of you”, even when those tactless comments are destructive.

  • Clark

    I feel Monta’s pain… His comments are absolutely right. Him and Sjax just want to win, and they are the only ones who have the courage to say that Nellie is ridiculous and not going to win. It must suck to have a higher bball IQ than your coach. I am sure it is frustrating…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I feel like his contract is irrelevant.
    He got asked a question, he answered it. I figure you either answer the question, or refuse to talk about a topic. I hate these lame generic answers. Tell the reporter “no comment” or answer honestly. And if I agree with your answer, I don’t care how much money you make.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    @Tavoris “When keeping it real goes wrong.” Dave Chapelle

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    Small ball never works. Never. Ever. And don’t even try to pretend that Orlando played small ball when they had a monster playing center and BOTH of their forwards were 6’10. Playing outside-in might work but small ball never does, you will eventually get killed on the boards and just punished on the block. Ask the Cavs, it’s not a coincidence they brought in Shaq and 2 wings with size.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    I don’t think Monta said anything controversial here, really. When every player and their moms questioned Terry Porter’s decision to focus on defense (the nerves!), it was cool with everybody. It’s really about the players’ reps. Steve Nash and Grant Hill can question a coach’s decision all they want, not Monta. Steve Nash can say that he would like to play in Toronto and NY, Grant Hill can say that he would like to be the GM in Orlando, but Stack Jack can’t say that he would like to play for a contender.

  • TADOne

    Free Steph Curry!

  • tavoris

    why does he-of limitless athletic ability, but menial PG skills-even have an idea of who he can play with? I may be the only one who doesn’t see Ellis do anything but run fast…and while Curry isn’t the athletic marvel, he has a higher basketball IQ already.

  • Donovan Phelan

    Why can’t Monta be like Dwyane Wade? He needs Tim Grover to be his personal trainer and gain like 15-20 pounds of muscle. He will not make it in the West with the skin and bones body.

  • http://slamonline.com niQ

    So is Monta’s new name Negative Nancy?

  • COLT6

    The Warriors beat Dirk and the supposed-championship bound Mavericks because they played excellent defense. As with the GS team of today? You know you can’t play 2 combo guards at the same backcourt. Drafting Curry was the wrong move for Nelly. It has disaster written all over it.

  • ktokyo

    At least Monta’s telling it like it is right away. I hate it when guys tow the party line and lie through their teeth knowing things aren’t gonna work out. The truth always comes out in the end. Now we don’t have to go through the whole rigamaroll (however you spell it) only to end up right where we are now.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Toeing the party line is fun yo!The company line,sometimes not so much….(I love it when somebody butchers,draws and quarters the Engrish slanguage)

  • dma

    i’m not a fan of monta ellis. baron davis deserves half of his paycheck

  • JoeMaMa

    His contract is relevant because it shows the amount they’ve invested in him. They’re looking for a good return: community work, leadership, and ideally, not f*cking sh*t up on the first day of camp. Can’t he at least wait for a week of drills before he decides the season is a wash? I mean, they won’t make playoffs, but they’ve got a young core of talent and with the right attitudes they can get places in a couple of years.
    It’s almost as though Rowell, Nelson, Cap’n Jack and Ellis are having a f*ck up contest, and everyone is losing.

  • Solon

    effffff. Another looonnnngggg season ahead….

  • davidR

    tavoris, you must not watch a lot of warrior basketball with all statements you made in your last post. and Z, you bring up a very good point about basketball rep. steve nash can question the isht about terry porter’s coaching moves, but it’s allllll bad if monta doesn something similar? i’m sure monta’s gonna ball out when it’s time to play, but he has a lot of good reason to voice his displeasure. yall act like nellie has nothing to do with all the warrior controversy appearing in the past year.

  • davidR

    i mean really, monta telling the team not to draft a pg doesn’t really affect me in anyway, but how do the warriors respond? not only do they draft curry, but they ALSO trade FOR acie law & speedy claxton! other off-season signings? devean george and mikki moore. do i even need to bring up all the players that got sent away from the team in the past 2 years? as the new appointed leader of the team, try being happy with that.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    “Its a great time out.” No it isn’t. 1-888-GSW-Whoops. Nellie wants to be the new Al Davis, lording over a franchise until you pry it out his cold dead hands.
    Throwing out Bellinelli and Crawford for bottom barrel scrapings in return = season ticket sales explosion no doubt! Crawford already under Nellie’s bus had to go but not for such a swindle, and a drafted potential-still hasn’t been given a shot-to-grow player gone so quickly? He’s wasn’t Notorious Pat O’ Brien, Marco had tools to work with.
    LeBron and Kobe, Durant, and everybody again (Ryan Bowen) will have some career games in the Arena in Oakland next season. Thanks Oracle.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    Or hey, take out the dash and its been 1888GSWHoops, “whoops” the whole time. Subliminal almost.