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Does LeBron Speak Russian?

Jay-Z and a billionaire Russian for bosses? How can King James possibly resist?! He can’t. (Oy. The summer of 2010 somehow just got more nauseating. Thanks, Russia!): “Once LeBron James meets Mikhail Prokhorov, the superstar’s sightline will reflect an unprecedented visage. When offering a global vision of business and basketball, here’s an NBA owner who can look James in the eyes. Russia’s richest man is 6-foot-7 with an air of cool and a tenacity of the streets. For James, there’s a chance that Prokhorov won’t seem like a stranger from a faraway place but rather a reflection of himself. Together, they are creations of their own industry and connected through a need for global conquest. All along, James has craved something bigger of basketball fame and fortune.”

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  • TC


  • LeoneL

    Is it all about the money LeBron?

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    No he does not speak Russian.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Klav

    BK STAND UP!!! Now introducing your BROOOOOOOKLYN NETS!Starting at forward, number twenty-three Lebron James!!!!!

  • neaorin

    I guessed the Yahoo writer’s name before I clicked on the link, just by reading Marcel’s excerpt. Do I get a cookie?

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    The Nets are now tied, if not ahead of, the Cavs in the 2010 LeBron race.


    He speaks Russian in French.

  • http://www.manutd.com Z

    This is terrible journalism based on nothing at all. Pure speculation. No inside information, no leads. Being a basketball journo is quite an easy job these days. If you don’t have anything worthwile to report on any groundreaking idea, mail in a column about LeBron in the summer of 2010.

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    Haha Shine. I bet no one else will get that.

  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig Chukaz

    Wouldn’t it be sad if the summer of LeBron got killed by a Shawn Livingston type injury. I hope it don’t happen, but I can see everybody associated wit the Knicks praying every night so that it won’t happen

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    Z, I know what you mean but you can’t blame the guy for writing it. Everyone was already thinking about their chances of landing LeBron if they move to NY.

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    By their I mean the Nets.

  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig Chukaz

    Dude, I just read a lil peace of the article and the dude called the Russian the most dangerous mad in basketball. Did this guy ever hear of this one guy that plays for the Lakers? I can’t remember his name, but I think he wears number 24. What’s that guy’s name?

  • http://claydefayette@yahoo.com CDef28

    Chukaz it’s way too early for the Kobe love. This is coming from a huge fan of his, but we don’t need to spark a Kobe-LeBron debate in every post

  • vic21

    Lebron barely speaks English. Fortunately so does Mikhail Prokhirov

  • Gerard Himself

    Klav: I might come of as an ass here, but no. 23 is retired by the Nets…. sorry. (I know you couldn’t have known that haha, again, sorry)

  • http://www.slamonline.com Klav

    Gerard, I know you’re a Nets fan, so obviously I had my ass handed to me. LOL Whatever man, I’m from SoCal, so I’ll let my knowledge speak on behalf of that and not for the East Coast teams. I still find it really interestsing/random how you picked the Nets as your team considering you’re in Europe.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Klav

    And hypothetically, if LBJ does go to the Nets, wth would his number be? 24? LOL UHHHH OHHHHHH…

  • riggs

    lol @ SHINE

  • Gerard Himself

    Klav, there is some sort of reasoning behind it though, why the Nets are my team. But I’m a guy who just can’t tell a story short and simple, so let’s save that for another time….

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    With all the Euro soccer & Russian oligarch comparisons, it’s worth remembering that Chelski haven’t won their league in three years.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    so are you trying to tell Bron NOT to sign with the Nets, Farmer?

  • http://www.okayplayer.com Doyouwantmore

    There is some serious ball-polishing going on with this article.

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty aka make it reign aka flightschool aka the ghetto Kornel David

    Chelsea hasnt won their league in 3 years? Okay, Cleveland hasnt won anything since Jim Brown was throwing b!tches off balconies.

  • la huey

    I’m with you, Z. Hoop journalists (not SLAM ones, of course), should just find a summer job during the offseason. Most of these rumors and speculations are created within their own circles.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    These rumors are getting really annoying. I want LeBron to come to New York City, but this whole notion of making him a world icon seems ridiculously fabricated and phony. The NBA is clearly trying to make LeBron James into the figure that Michael Jordan was (and still is to an extent), even if it means ruining the game itself. And if this this bull continues, we might as well be watching WWE–we won’t be able to tell the difference.


    Why dosnt bron come to west coast because if he comes to cali there will be some conflict amagin if he went to the clippers

  • Mack

    To me, the Nets of 2010 will be like Cavs Lite. If LeBron goes there, he gets essentially the same team, but a little worse. Devin Harris is faster than Mo Williams but can’t shooting like him. Daniel Gibson looks like a younger version Rafer Alston. Delonte West is about the same as Courtney Lee but smaller (and admittedly dumber.) Anthony Parker is a better bench player than anyone off the pine for Jersey. LeBron is the starting small forward for either, so looking at the bench, I would say the Nets have a slight advantage in depth, but with LeBron playing, good luck getting burn, Jarvis/ Trenton/ Simmons/ T-Will. The Cavs 4 spot is WAY better than the Nets (Anderson Varejao, Leon Powe vs. Sean Williams, Eduardo Najera, Josh Boone?) I won’t forget Yi because I think he’s talented, but he’s not an impact player yet. At Center, you have a star in the making in Brook Lopez, but he’s pretty much in the same build as Zydrunas: long arms, 7-footer, solid rebounder. Brook can become the shooter Z is, but he’s nowehere close and Ilgauskas (IMO) can do anything Lopez can aside from run the floor. THEREFORE CAVS ARE BETTER THAN THE NETS, I HAVE ANALYSED POSITION BY POSITION. Email me @ MackMavs@live.ca if you want to post something long or more significant aimed towards me.

  • Mack

    Oh yea I left Shaq out because my analysis is based on 2010 off-season stuff, and I HIGHLY doubt Shaq returning. If he does, the Nets might be a better option

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    No, but I can.
    Test me, b!tches.

  • DrJ

    Here a little quote about this russian billionaire:
    At an annual two-week Christmas party for the Russian rich at the French Alpine resort of Courchevel in January 2007, he was arrested for allegedly arranging prostitutes for his guests. After four days he was released without charge.

  • Gil

    Lebron James could be the first american player ever to defect.
    He needn’t learn russian, all he has to say is “da”.
    Cleveland or Brooklyn ? Lemme think…

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Blinguo

    LeBrussian his shoulders off. More Jay-Z Bron fandom from old songs!

  • Josh D

    Jay-Z and rich Russian Billionaire running the nets?That would be a good sitcom