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Championship or Bust for Orlando?

According to Rashard Lewis, a title is the Magic’s sole aim this season: “Rashard Lewis stood up and addressed his teammates the first day the Orlando Magic gathered this season, delivering a message that gave the happy-go-lucky session a more serious tone. ‘It’s championship or bust,’ he said. It was a fitting way to begin a pressure-packed season with such high expectations. After falling short in the NBA finals, Orlando is hoping a series of offseason moves — highlighted by the addition of Vince Carter — will be enough to bring the franchise its long-sought first title. The defending Eastern Conference champions are stacked with four All-Stars and a deep bench. But with so many new players, the overriding question entering this season is will it all work?”

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  • D12FSU

    Yes…yes it will

  • memyselfand9

    what else is the option after you went to the finals and inexperience basically cost you the title?

  • NUPE

    No… no it won’t. Cleveland is much improved this year and has closed the match-up gap significantly. I think the Celts also are too much for the Magic. So, they will have a good season and make it to the second round of the playoffs is my prediction for the magic.

  • LA Huey

    front runners…

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    You know, every team is Championship or bust this season.

  • http://www.basketball247.co.uk Greg Tanner

    It’s so hard to call this season.

    Orlando, Boston, Cleveland, LA…anyone of these teams could win. Right attitude from Lewis, though.

  • Vikturus

    L.A, L.A…. Why is everyone sleeping on Nuggets, (healthy) Spurs and the Matrix improved Mavericks… The Western playoff results aren’t set in stone just yet.

  • ClydeSays

    They’re getting Nelson back, which is good. But losing Hedo for VC feels like a step back. Vince plays even less D and isn’t the ball handler, passer, rebounder that Hedo was.

    Spurs & Nugz could make some noise in the West.

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    It ain’t my fault you can’t hang
    Maybe this ain’t yo game
    Hoops is about heart & hustle
    If you like taking PED’s maybe you should wrestle

  • rainman10

    People sleep too much on VC’s playmaking ability. Also it wasn’t just losing Hedo and adding Vince. It was losing Hedo, Skip, Battie and Lee…and adding Vince, Barnes, Anderson, Bass, and veteran J Will. Ya they got better.

  • RedRum

    They downgraded by essentially giving up Hedo for VC… they are loosing Hedo’s clutch, 3p shooting and ballhandling, nothing of which VC has. They were able to stretch the floor so much with Hedo and Lewis, 2 great 3pt shooters.

  • Yesse

    Lol no way.From the east its Boston or Cleveland.Im still pretty confident, that LA will repeat.

  • tavoris

    why does everyone think Turk (after 2 good seasons) is better than Vince? Dudes, Vince is/was/will always be better at every aspect of the game than Turk. Turkoglu’s J MIGHT be a smidgen more consistent than Vince, but that’s negligible when you also have Nelson, Lewis, Anderson, Pietrus, and Barnes to knock down shots. Vince is a SUPERIOR passer to Turk (put up almost equal assist numbers with far LESS playmaking responsibility) and most of all, a bigger threat to draw attention away from Howard.

  • dma

    i love hedo, but vince is much better. vince is clutch when it matters, and this season for him will matter. 65 games.

  • gomez

    this seasons going to be very interesting to watch..

  • Jumpman-post

    ay yo Tavoris i agree on the VC thing and you have to remember that the only reason why turkoglu was good was because of S.VanGundy offense and turk just happened to fit in the offense. VC is gonna dominate the 2 or 3 position this. i dont know about a chip you know wit Cleveland and Lakers, Boston etc. I’ll just have to watch this season Damn this is gon be a hell of a season

  • South-African-hoodsnake

    Why is everybody hating VCs stroke?? Dude is gona be top 15 in 3 pointers made by seasons end

  • Don

    forgetting how vince shot the lights out of a certain game in a playoff series vs Iverson? and who says VC can’t pass?

  • http://slamonline.com MagicfanNYC

    First let me say this, if you think for even a moment that turk is better than VC, you don’t belong on this site. Second, as a Magic fan who watched most of their games from last season, I can tell you that turk is turnover prone, lazy in the first half of games, takes bad shots galore, and his Dis more then suspect. Granted VC might not be the best defensive player, he is superior to turk in every offensive way possible, save maybe passing, but even that is yet to be seen considering turk had so much more weapons then vince did last year. Also, if you think that boston is better and deeper then us your kidding yourself, their old. Their best pickup wasnt sheed, it was m. daniels from indiana, which i have NO clue why his offer wasn’t matched by the pacers. And as far as the cavs go, their a joke. I don’t understand how when bos and cle bring in new players, their going to produce right away and they got better, but when orlando brings in new and SUPERIOR players, then chemistry is questioned. Everyone is high on LA, bos and cleveland, and thats fine. Keep sleeping on the Magic, see what happens.

  • Shem

    These guys wont even make the east finals.

  • Ivander

    @ MagicfanNYC :
    If you think you can relate to Hedo by calling him turk I think that YOU don’t belong on this site! You may have some points in what you’re saying but without his clutch shooting the Magic wouldn’t even have made the finals last year.
    I agree Vince is a better player but you shouldn’t disrespect what Turkoglu has done for the Magic, and I’m far from being a fan of this team!!

  • tavoris

    magicfan, the Pacers didn’t match Daniels because they want Brandon Rush to take those minutes. With Granger and Dunleavy also getting minutes at the 2 & 3, there was no room on the roster for a player that is good enough to demand 30 minutes a game. I agree that he’s gonna do good things for Boston (taking PG responsibilities from Eddie House might be the biggest).

  • NUPE

    The east is going to be fun to watch this year. Every game will make a differnce. Cavs, Celts and Magic will certainly end up as the top 3 for the playoffs. Whichever is #1 will have a somewhat easy time until the eastern finals because #2 and #3 will battle it out with each other. The lakers are the clear favorites in the West, but the Spurs are better than what people think. I just don’t believe the Nuggets have the talen to beat the Lakers.

  • Randy Brown

    I don’t see any way that the champs don’t come out of the West this year

  • ENDS

    Y’all waiting for me? I’m with d12 fsu. We gotta takeoff all this year sleep on us if u must, we’ll make u respect cause u have to

  • http://Slamonline.com MagicfanNYC


    I say turk for short, i mean no disrespect and to be honest I don’t know why you would point that out, but whatever. And I don’t care about how many clutch shots he hit last year, what did he do the 3 quarters befor that? As i stated before, i watched the games, and witnessed hedo fall asleep on D, mis shot after shot after shot, then hit a game winner and all of a sudden ALL is forgiven. Look, part of the reason we won games with hedo is he created matchup problems, but he was only one half of the equation, rashard spread the floor enough for him to do what he did. Not only that, i believe that now we have enough talent to no longer be in need of unorthodox matchup problems. We can play traditional lineups and compete with the likes of the Lakers and celtics….Like i said man, sleep on orlando…oct 27th will settle our differences….