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Was Lamar Puff-Puff-Passing?

Now that Odom’s married to a reality television star, Star Magazine is very interested in his exploits. Which might land him in some hot water: “Could Lamar’s basketball career go up in smoke? At a Labor Day house party in Malibu, the Lakers forward openly lit up and — puffed away! ‘You could smell it — it was definitely marijuana,’ and insider claims. “It was really strong! Lamar was smoking and sharing the joint with other people.”’

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  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Gawd dammit.

  • gani

    oh no. i hope lamar’s mature enough to not return to his old habits when he was with the clippers.

  • rog123


  • Ken

    That explains why he always has the munchies for candy.

  • Vikturus

    Both Lebron James and Michael Phelps (Two of the worlds most amazing atheletes) had their share of marijuana-smoking. If Lamar lits it up once or twice on a party (which no nba player has ever done in the off season before ~_~) i don’t think it’s gonna kill his game.

  • josh

    More distractions for the Lakers… I honestly dont think this season is going be as amazing as some fans would try to lead you to believe..

  • Vikturus

    I don’t defend marijuana-smoking at all though, just saying that it has happened before and usually just get hyped up 2 much.

  • rog123

    Lamar odom is a dumb@$$. I guess the nba doesn’t perform any drug tests

  • http://www.twitter.com/novc216 novc216

    Oh Big Whoop!

  • dfrance

    @Vikturus I think you need to look up LO’s history with weed. This is a big deal for him.

  • Vuk

    wow he lit up a J, he needs to be hanged … it amazes me that people actually care enough to write something about this … stupid article so what if he smokes a lil ganja … yes he has a past history with the stuff but even that whats the big deal, i guarentee 80% if not more of the players in the NBA smoke the stuff and i really dont think the game of basketball would be any different in anyway

  • Shelton

    Dennis Rodman wore wedding dresses and it didn’t seem to distract the bulls…the game is played on the court for a reason and Odom was never known for being focused and consistent.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    How is this going to jeopordize his career? Such a stupid article by the Star. What…..is Stern going to go on a witchunt over this?

  • josh

    this sheds a little light on how dedicated Lamar is… thats also probably why he decided to stay in cali, cause of humble county and what not.. lol

  • gani

    LO’s been suspended before for violating the league’s anti-drug policy. if true, this could lead to another suspension, or even worse, he could get banned from the league like the birdman a few years ago. except if odom gets booted out now he’d probably be around 34 or so when he can apply for reinstatement.

  • sab

    i never understand why pro athletes would do this – just wait til u retire man, wtf…
    but similarly, i never understand the furore. so what?! nothing wrong with a cheeky blaze – it doesn’t hurt anyone

  • http://www.digitalthread.com AlbertBarr

    @josh: It’s Humboldt County…not Humble county.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    Why do they do it? The same reason everyone else does. Duh.

  • http://www.digitalthread.com AlbertBarr

    And don’t forget Mendocino or Trinity County…there are options.

  • iLL wiLL

    So drinking is okay, but lighting one up isn’t?


  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Stern could just ask him to take a drug test. If it was only that one time, Lamar is cool, but if he’s back to his old habits, well then he has a problem.

  • socal.s

    It’s Cali, maybe he has a medical card…. ;)

    Lakers are gonna win it all anyways…

  • riggs

    i have no idea why people make a big fuss about marijuana.

  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Gerwin

    Who cares?!

  • Oskar

    All of people making a big deal about marijuana have been brainwashed by the media. That is the stone cold truth. A weed high isn’t nearly as bad as being drunk. Plus, it’s a proven fact that alcohol does more damage to the brain than weed. look it up if you don’t believe me.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Co-sign riggs. At least he’s not lighting one up right before a game, now that would be a problem. On another note, he should’ve been more aware that the media would be hawking him now especially since he’s married to a reality television star…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    People make a big deal because it’s illegal.
    Whether it should be illegal is up for debate, the but the simple fact is that it’s an illegal and bannded substance for NBA players.

  • Clockwork

    A friend of mine can’t play unless he’s stoned, maybe LO’s the samw way?

  • josh

    Clockwork Posted: Oct.9 at 11:31 am
    A friend of mine can’t play unless he’s stoned, maybe LO’s the samw way?

    I use that excuse for work, video games, beer pong lol. Im not sure that it works for basketball lol.

  • Homie

    re: Clockwork & josh:

    To quote Phife Dog “Money please, I get loose off of orange juice”

  • LObaby

    Hell yeah.. Now pass that ish to the right LO! But naw on the real tho, who gives a shit, they’re making such a bug deal out of this… A little ganja smoking isn’t going to hurt anyone… I wonder how dumb ppl are going to feel about making a big deal out of stuff like this when it gets legalized

  • LObaby

    Hell yeah.. Now pass that ish to the right LO! But naw on the real tho, who gives a shit, they’re making such a bug deal out of this… A little ganja smoking isn’t going to hurt anyone… I wonder how dumb ppl are going to feel about making a big deal out of stuff like this when it gets legalized

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    It shouldn’t be illegal, anyway. While I highly doubt that he gets high before a game, I have met people who play better when they are high — although I can’t imagine that myself. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to smoke a joint before every workout session because it helped him focus and channel his energy. It effects everyone differently.

  • http://realcavsfans.com Anton

    Khloe will prove to be inconsistent in bed, but Lamar will still love her based on a vague sense of potential and versatility.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I mean, he did marry the ugliest Kardashian. Is anyone surprised??

  • sab

    lol. i tried playing squash (racketball?) after a joint once, man, that wasn’t fun. can’t imagine ballin’.
    Allenp – well jeez, thanks for stating the obvious. plenty of illegal stuff happens every day, but people let it go because, who cares? “Lamar seen jaywalking”!!!
    but no, it’s drugs, so that means it’s drama, headlines, furore. c’mon, the reaction should be “strange lifestyle choice – a professional athlete choosing to adversely affect his health. well, whatever” and move on….

  • onlyclipfanonslam

    @TAD she is the fattest one for a reason..duh. I remember when LO was in the rankings and someone said that he was a character guy. I quickly dismissed it and reminded how absurd LO is when it comes to having good character. We stood by him, still he turned his back on us and he bashes us every chance he gets. Would a guy with great character talk bad about his friends and employers of his past? Would a great character guy (especially one as public as he is) put his family, employers, team mates, and fans in a precarious position? This isn’t an argument about weed being bad, but it is illegal and he SHOULD know better to not be publically smoking.

  • http://www.yahoo.com logues

    that explains his inconsistency, hes only good when hes high

  • http://facebook.com/jasennielsen jbn74sb

    At least he passed it. Kobe would have burned that whole thing up all by himself…

  • JB

    Are ya’ll that dense or ignorant? I personally don’t care if he smokes weed all day every day, however, he’s fully aware of the NBA rules and testing mandates. So if he openly sparks up then he’s a fool and worthy of losing everything because clearly it doesn’t mean that much to him otherwise he’d hide it a bit more.

  • dfrance

    It’s not whether it’s a big deal in the public’s eye or not, its the fact that marijuana is ILLEGAL and banned by the NBA. Lamar, who just happens to be an NBA player AND has been punished a few times for violating the leagues substance abuse policy, could get a 5 game suspension if he gets tested and caught.

  • MR4U

    It’s basically legal in LA. Takes 5 minutes and 150 bucks to get your medical marijuana card. He probably has one.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    nice one, Bodie.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    I don’t think khloe is ugly…

  • LeoneL

    at least he’s passing…

  • http://thegoodpoint.com Sam Joynt

    Leave the man alone. Anyone who seriously cares needs to blaze one themselves and relax.

  • dfrance

    co-sign JB

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Lamar Odom had well documented problems with marijuana early in his career and has said it affected his performance. He has been suspended for drug use. I’m not sure where he is on the substance abuse cycle in the NBA, but it’s quite likely that another positive test could result in some problems for him.
    Thus, him smoking weed is not just “jaywalking.”
    Now, is it the worst thing in the world, nah. But, the way the news works is that if you are famous and you commit certain crimes, you get a lot of attention.
    All of y’all saying “Oh, this is just so stupid, I can’t believe they are writing about that,” are acting like you’r not aware of a the simple facts of life. Thus, I stated the obvious since some of y’all apparently missed the obvious.

  • anti-crust

    weed can be drug tested for a while….stays in system longer than other types of off limit drugs/medications…well NBA just uses urine test, so at least Lamar is safe by shaving his head, cuz testing can find it in your hair, and for some people with long hair,,,that has been growing for a while…it’s findable in the hair…..

  • http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3445/3357407353_c868c2d95c.jpg larrylegend

    burn one down…nice 1

  • chibi

    Is this a HOAX/photoshop job?

    The picture/story isn’t on the Star Magazine website.

  • sab

    i totally agree that it’s stupid of Lamar to do it. as i hate the Lakers, i’m finding this hilariously funny. but maybe that’s cos i’m high right now…
    but i hate the way “the media” overreact to weed-smoking. c’mon, there’s more important things to worry about…

  • ENDS

    You have to be high to marry Chloe. Does anyone else feel this is all just one big publicity stunt? Lamar wouldnt speak of the Marriage cause E has exclusive rights to that information ? WTH

  • Heals

    Ha, what a joke he is, dude gets up in a press conference years back crying about his problem with weed and now you can easily see the smirk on his face in the photo. Enjoy teh circus Laker fans…

  • NUPE

    hmmmm, famous basketball player lights it up in front of media etc. how is that not news worthy or not a big deal? if you smoke or not, it’s against federal law, even if he has a medical condition it’s still doesen’t fit into federal law or the NBA’s abuse policy. This can also get him suspended from the league – impacting his career and the lakers chances at a title (he is an important part of the mix). This is a big deal that can have big implications and at the least shows how reckless his decisions are that along with wifey adds to the circus they are going to face this year. Hopefully next time at least he’ll be smart enough to light it up in private.

  • sab

    it might be newsworthy, but it shouldn’t be a “big deal” – it should be “player gets fined for being stupid”, not “player might have smoked weed wow!!”

  • ab_40

    ohw my gawd an nba player smoking herb. those players are dumb for doing that in public

  • http://www.digitalthread.com AlbertBarr

    It wasnt in public…its just that the paparazzi dont care about private property or space

  • NUPE

    he was at a party where paparazzi could take pictures – seems like public space to me. maybe this is good for him, just like phelps. you get caught where you are on display for others and you learn to be more private with your stuff. anybody in the public-eye has to be careful because it will be reported to a level well beyond the average joe. not saying it’s right, but it’s real.

  • http://myspace.com/brandnew Bryan

    The kardashians are all bloods anyway the way they spell all their names its obvious.

  • Yesse

    Yes he was, but he wasnt passing it.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Flashback

    I’m more shocked that so many mofo’s up in here get caught up in tablois stories. Foucken enquiring minds should suck on a d1ck.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    Come on, am I gonna have to say it? Am I?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    This is OBVIOUSLY a sign that the NBA (and Darth Stern) have it in for the Magic. After unexpectedly topping King James in the ECF last year, the Magic get the hatchet job of a ten game suspension levelled in the off-season. Meanwhile the NBA’s golden franchise has it’s #3 banana smoking ganja in public and nothing happens.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    Sorry. But someone had to do it.

  • Shem

    WHO CARES? hes like anyone of us. He eats too much candy or smokes a blunt and this is news. Seriously, hes just like you and I and a shaq vs la finals would be good especially with lebron going for his 1st ring

  • http://jaredmintzisthetruth.blogspot.com Jared

    A) It’s the offseason, wanna take a guess at how many NBA’ers burn during the offseason?
    B) It’s LO…you think this dude straight up gave up the herb? No shot!

  • nut

    hey at least he wasnt rude about it and shared with his fellow human beings

  • josh

    The reason this is a big deal is because it helps shed light on his character and commitment to his team. Smoking weed is not a big deal; I do it every day, and it will probably be legalized soon enough anyway. What people SHOULD take from this is how he obviously does not care how this could affect his teammates. This was an extremely selfish thing for him to do. If he gets suspended (not saying he is going to) it is going to have a huge affect on the Lakers. He should be thinking about his teammates and not just himself. NBA players are payed a TON of money to play, and part of the deal is following SIMPLE rules and guidelines. If he wants to toke up, do it around people you can trust and close friends, not at a party. There is going to be a lot of distractions for the Lakers this year already, LO is adding to the problem with his selfishness and disregard for his teammates and the commitment that he has with them. LO you need to grow up and learn some priorities. I can toke all I want cause I am not affecting anyone but myself, but its not the same for pro athletes.

  • vic21

    Lamar likes to laugh sometimes. So what?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave
  • Buschfiya

    Federally in the States weed is illegal, but from state to state the laws can be quite ambiguous, really smoking a joint is like having a beer or two its really nothing at all. On another note Charles Oakley a few years ago when he was in the league spilled some inside knowledge about the NBA stating that at least 60% of the players like to play stoned. Regularily blazing before games. Good job boys!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I actually kind of agree with Dave that the Orlando Magic rising up to contendership has left the NBA Bosses majorly pissed off.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Last year, the whole playoffs were hyped around Kobe Vs. LeBron, or the Lakers vs. Celtics. But the Orlando Magic beat them BOTH! Ahahaha I’m kind of rooting for the Magic now. I just hope our NBA doesn’t turn into the WWE in ten years.

  • lou

    Weed is illegal, alcohol isn’t. That being said being drunk and being high theres not much of a difference. You got the money buy a bottle kick back and do you, or every person that posts here should write a letter to their representative and try to get it legalized, then the nba’s drug policy will change to. Until then why not blaze at home. You can take the dude out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the dude. Your a millionare and a celebrity and now you married another “celebrity” smarten up, they have marijuana pills that you can get a script for.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Co-sign Lou.
    Although, what does being hood have to do with lighting a spliff?

  • http://illinoishsbasketball.com Daniel Poneman

    1) How can it possibly shock Stern in any way that LO smoked bud, after Josh Howard’ openly talked to the media about hot most NBA players smoke in the offseason.

    This dude just got MARRIED. He cant light a blunt at his Honeymoon? You all need to grow up and get the hell out of his life. Send him a congratulatory email on his marriage.

    2) Whoever went to that magazine and told them about this should get their ass kicked. That person sucks.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    My line about the Magic was a joke.
    Seriously, though, I would totally expect that LeBron James could have a thousand dollar a day coke habit in the off-season and nobody is ever going to say _anything_ to the dude. In fact, the ‘off season’ might not even matter in that sentence. LBJ getting nailed for drugs would do the league more damage than rumours of LBJ toking up in the carpark before tip off, wouldn’t it?
    Plus, the highest profile suspension in recent years was Birdman – and his mother’s interview on ESPN made it sound like his habit was so obvious he may as well have been wearing a Royal Trux t-shirt with ash-holes in it.
    I mean seriously, how’s Josh Howard’s pee fist day back on the job?

  • David

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t an “up to his old habits” kinda thing. Odom probably has never stopped smoking weed since his last infraction. I may be wrong, but didn’t he once say that he wasn’t going to stop. He just has people following him now because of his wife. And it doesn’t really matter anyways because weed should be legal; and people puffin before they hoop goes back a loooong time and is prevalent all the way from high school, so i’m sure it’s not gonna stop in the pros especially since these guys throw their money around anyway.

  • David

    And he probably dos have a medical card in which case he can smoke in california as long as the DEA doesn’t run up on him…and as long as he doesn’t fail any drug tests (which he wouldn’t be the first to pull that off) than people should stay out of his business.

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.net donlaker

    the lakers and 420 go hand in hand
    kareem was a pot head , so was worthy, and they won many titles lamar /lebron have been known to light up a few kush berry swishers , so at 420 today
    im ligting up some purple and yellow kush to celebrate lamar and khloe hooking up and blazing fatties at the maibu party(kevin garnetts house or reggie millers)

  • funkoc

    C’mon, let’s be honest. He has his ring; and does someone here seriously think this will affect his game? I think Lamar is mature enough, and there are mature people who smoke weed on parties.

    Moreover, if the nba checks his blood based on this rumor, this tells more about the league’s credibility than Lamar’s.



  • Ali Saadat

    NO LAMAR, NO!!

  • ClydeSays

    This is news? Who DIDN’T know he was he was a ‘head?

  • Buschfiya

    Like Charles Oakley said 60 to 75% of these NBA mofo’s play high and play better high.

  • http://nextgg.com DMC14

    I thought this was public knowledge, at least in the basketball world. But seriously he gotta be carefull now.

  • http://illinoishsbasketball.com Daniel Poneman


    You haters are ignorant

  • http://illinoishsbasketball.com Daniel Poneman


    GREAT ARTICLE Charles Oakley on weed and Sterns comments

  • NUPE

    What really makes this new is the fact that he got caught. Doesn’t matter what % of other players do it, only matters that he got caught and that its against NBA rules and federal law.