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Win Clippers Tickets!

Two seats to the season opener could be yours.

by Ryne NelsonFanRates

We deliberately left things vague in the first part of the FanRates ticket giveaway, giving no clues about where we’d pin the proverbial tail on the Western Conference map. If you guessed L.A., you were right. But this isn’t for the fans who don a ’09 Champions hat every day. This is for the fans who deal with being the No. 2 team in their own town (and, usually, much lower in the NBA rankings).

A pair of lower-level seats to see the Clippers home opener against the Suns on October 28 will go only to the truest Clipper fan.

The  rules for this contest haven’t changed. Complete the following steps in order to win:

1) Sign up for a FanRates account.

2) Tell us your favorite Clippers moment in the comments section.

Good luck, and may the best fan (other than Clipper Darrell) win!


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  • Daniel Dragicevich

    yeah the clippers, you’re so good

    watch out erverybody THEY COMIN 4 YOU

    I predict 82-0 season at the least

    maybe a ring on a good day

  • riggs

    we’re not masochists

  • Justin

    Wouldn’t it be just as easy to walk up to the ticket window and buy them? It’s not like there aren’t any good seats available or there’d be a threat of a sellout. Yeah, you win instead of pay but since the odds are so low anyway and the tickets you can still buy are probably better than the ones you win, I’ll take paying

  • Saku 39

    “Favorite NETS moment”. What?

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    My favorite moment in Clipper history has to be when LB came to the team to coach in 92 and put his foot in the a$$ of several Clippers players. So much so that they took the Jazz to 5 games before getting the boot in the playoffs that year. Back in the day the Clipper crowd at the LA sports arena was equivalent to the crowd for the nets around 1998 – 2001 when I was living on the East Coast. Very diminutive, but also very lively and happy with any measure of success the team was able to glean. Good times. Also, Rodney Rogers was a beast back then!

  • Taranvir

    MY favourite Clippers moment was in the playoffs of 05-06. The team worked really hard and displayed excellent teamwork. They beat the Nuggets in the First round. This was a very hard fought showdown. They beat the Nuggets 4-1. Then they fought a hard team in Phoenix. They did not give up! They only lost in game 7. It was a great game and great Clippers team.

  • http://ZachEllis@gmail.com Zach Ellis

    My favorite clippers moment has to be 05-06 season.. If your a clippers fan this was probably one of the seasons where you can say that the clippers finished with a better record than the lakers for the second yr in a row. This was also the first time that the clippers earned a playoff spot since 97. Sean Livingston really looked like he was going to take the pg position for the next season but injury’s kept him from doing that.

  • http://www.yahoo.com logues

    stanley roberts

  • onlyclipfanonslam

    I would want to win this but I already have tickets

  • Statik

    My favorite moment was back in 97 when Bill Fitch became (at that time) the coach with the most wins and the most losses which was pretty d@mn ironic but still a milestone. The Clips barely got the 8th seed to make the playoffs and got swept by the Jazz. I’m only 29 but I remember that cuz it was graduation year and my only consolation was that we lost to the WC champs…then I got to watch them got owned by MJ
    The 05-06 season was great, but Dumbleavy putting in Ewing who hadn’t played a minute all game to guard Raja Bell and watch him drain that trey to basically win the game kinda ruined it for me

  • JoNaBo

    My favorite Clippers moment was when I opened up my mailbox and I pulled out my Slam magazine featuring L.A. Familia AKA EB,LO,&D-Miles. Best Slam cover ever. Even though that team didn’t make the playoffs they were still one of my favorite teams of all time. They were so entertaining and fresh. Everything from pounding the headband to their hip hop influenced style and game.It’s too bad the word swagga wasn’t in style like it is today, because that is one word that suits them perfectly. In game though,of course it would have to be Lamar’s behind the head pass to D-Miles.That is one of the greatest plays that I have ever seen in the NBA.

  • dprski33

    Cuttino Mobley hitting the buzzer-beating 3-pointer against NJ back in Jan ’07. Sam Cassell drew two defenders and kicked it out to Cat. Sold out crowd, on TNT. Everybody went crazy. It was very cool to be part of a moment like that, especially after watching similar ones on TV.

  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig.com Chukaz

    My favorite moment in the history of the clippers was when they disappeared forever. On all seriousness the clippers could be the funnest team in the league this up coming season. They gonna loose a lot, since they the clippers and all, but they should be fun to watch.

  • Seth

    Hey Justin, have you seen the prices on FanRates.com? Also, have you seen the locations! Not bad win or lose in my opinion!

  • Double J

    My favorite LA season was in 2007, you know when Kobe Bryant went on a scoring foray with his crappy team dropping a huge stretch of games over 40 points and throwing in that big 81, oh wait…

  • Chris

    My favorite Clippers moment…

    I was extraordinarily excited when we got the first round draft pick this year. I believe it’s the first step towards a great competitive team. Too bad Sacramento :-) .

  • Chris

    Not sure if the email needs to be the same as the one we signed up for the account with:

    My favorite Clippers moment… I was extraordinarily excited when we got the first round draft pick this year. I believe it’s the first step towards a great competitive team. Too bad Sacramento :-) .

  • jcoll

    why would you want clippers tix?

  • jcoll

    oh, blake griffin.
    but apart from that?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    nobody has a favorite clipper moment. unless they prefer losing. they mean your least dreaded clipper moment i think

  • http://slamonline.com sultan

    My favorite Clipper moment was when they signed Baron davis and added him to team and also adding Marcus camby to the team the same year. This was my favorite clipper moment

  • Lou

    hahahaha who wud actually want those tickets

  • bingo!

    My favorite Clippers moment takes me back seven years to one fateful night in October at the Staples Center. It was during a free open scrimmage before the start of the 2002-2003 season. In lower-level seats I could never have afforded, it was the closest I would ever get to seeing my beloved Clippers in action, or so I would have hoped.
    Elton Brand was sitting out injured. Lamar Odom limped around in an ankle boot. Quentin Richardson was chilling on the sidelines head to toe in Jordan gear. Darius Miles was somewhere in Cleveland being the best former high school prospect they had at the time. And Michael Olowokandi was nowhere to be found (probably for the best). Aside from the athletic exploits of Corey Maggette, I figured the night hinged solely on the chance of catching a glimpse of newly-acquired-former-league-leading-assist-man Andre Miller anchoring the promising, young squad (most of whom were in contract years, no less).
    As the scrimmage began and progressed, my brothers and I couldn’t help but notice just how close we were to the game at play. Probably closer than we thought.
    Caught up in the excitement of it all, we watched as 3rd-string reserve point guard Keyon Dooling brought the ball up court and my older brother yelled “CROSS HIM!” Him being Andre Miller, you know, the guy we thought our whole season rested upon. Anyway, much to our surprise and delight, at that moment Dooling seemingly became possessed with the rock in his hand, putting it behind his back, between his legs, left to right, right to left– never mind who’s the starter; he was going to try his damndest to cross him! It didn’t happen, but we appreciated the effort nonetheless.
    Eventually the scrimmage came to an end. Highlighted by Corey Maggette not passing the ball, asking Q-Rich for his white and red patent leather Jordan IX’s (and him just smiling about it), taking a picture with L-O looking in the wrong camera, and hearing a small group of Chinese men cheer every time Wang Zhizhi touched the ball, the evening capped off with what I would consider my favorite moment as a Clipper fan. Seemingly signing everything put in front of him, Andre Miller took exception as my brother and I followed him from one spot to the next. Apparently not fond of people gunning for his ankles to be broken, he simply would not sign for us.
    Fast forward…the season ended with a losing record, Miller became a free agent, and my autographed Keyon Dooling rookie card continues to mean more to me than such an item should be worth. Therein lies the fate of the Clipper-faithful: trying to make the most of what it is you got.

  • serevei

    i would say a favourite moment but slam would have to pay for the airfares for me to actually go

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    @bingo! Did your brother yell “Cross him!” at the sixers-bulls game last season?

  • Jumpman9923

    My favorite Clipper moment is this, I uploaded it on YT:


    I literally inverted my mattress and destroyed half of the room after the shot. If you want to check my fan credibility, just search “ClipperNation14″ on google. I’m a local on mixmakers.net.

  • shantell

    favorite part of the clippers is how Blake Griffin and Chris Paul work so well to fulfill the best game they can.